June 2nd, 2014 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “sly”

  1. I was as sly as a fox. As I slipped behind the old log cabin, I was sure that Mr. Johnson couldn’t see me. I crept as quietly as I could and was only a few steps away from the shivering little dog. I could almost reach out and touch him, but I new that I had to get closer. I saw a light turn on inside of the cabin, and I froze. There was a shadow inside of the window, and as I heard the floor boards creak and the window slide open, I dove for the dog, but I was too late. He was gone.

    By Sydney F. on 06.03.2014

  2. The sly fox wriggled around the trees of the forest. He walked along the river, with light feet and say a rabbit. He sneakily, slyly, slithered up to the rabbit, but the rabbit was a sly one too. He jumped over the fox and ran as far as he could. The sly fox ran after him, slithering and thinking of good traps for the rabbit until he ran into a tree. He was sneaky, slippery, and flaming. Orange and sly, he ran up the tree, jumped from tree to tree until he caught up to the rabbit. He destroyed it.

    By Tobe O. on 06.03.2014

  3. The sly fox was a vixen. Sly as a vixen. There are a lot of things going back to foxes. Sly is when somebody is swift and cunning, like a fox. Ghosts are sly, too! Being sly is awesome, and I know that from experience. Foxes are cool, and so are ghosts, and they are both sly. How sly would a ghost fox be? Probably impossible to catch. Ghosts are swift, cunning, smart, and sly, just like foxes.

    By Nomadic Dragon on 06.03.2014

  4. I have no clue what sly means.

    By Zach F. on 06.03.2014

  5. What does sly mean? I do not really know but I think it means quick. I think that because one time I saw a line in the diolauge “The sly rabit ran across the field.”

    By Jacke8 on 06.03.2014

  6. It was a very hard and bad time for my family. We were starving. This time is also known as the “Great Depression.” I have to act sly and fast to get food. My family needs to steal it. It is the best way to get food but it is how my family gets it. It is what it is. I have to be as sly as a fox. I steal the from a food mart five minutes away from our house. No one has caught me, at least for now.

    By Lillian F on 06.03.2014

  7. I imagine a boy who is a super secret agent that has two identities. He is a very shy boy at school and behind the scenes, he can fight villians and save the world!

    By Mrs. Ott URL on 06.03.2014

  8. h

    By Zach F. on 06.03.2014

  9. The fox has many mysteries about it. It is mainly described as sly, mystic, and reserved. Though foxes are common, they aren’t seen very often. This is because they are nocturnal and rarely come out during the day. Since they aren’t seen often, most do not know how they sound. A popular YouTube video, made by Ylvis, explains how the public lacks knowledge on what the fox really says. Most of these sounds are irrelevant and are used only for entertainment through song. The fox is a very common animal that hides in the shadows from the public.

    By AHE91201 on 06.03.2014

  10. Sly is when you sneak or get to something. Sometimes you can use this to get around someones idea of thinking. For example if you want to get something you can be sly about it and bring it up in a good manner. This is how you can get what you want. You could tell your parents about something that can benefit you that is cool and say how it is cool and then say “can I get it” and now your parents will think it is good and have a good idea about it instead of not knowing what it is. Also someone who is sly can be some sort of detective. If you are detective you have to be sly about getting around and getting information without letting people on to you.

    By Owen I on 06.03.2014

  11. The sly and evil witch lured in Hansel and Gretel with the delicious smell of Baked Goods and other candies. The kids soon found out the witch wanted to use them for her potions.

    By Dennis on 06.03.2014

  12. Like a fox. You’re quick, nimble, and silent. Creep under my skin.

    By Kristina on 06.03.2014

  13. ok

    By Fruit on 06.03.2014

  14. Lewis

    By Fruit on 06.03.2014

  15. The sly look on Regina’s face was equivalent to a scruffy fox squinting too hard in the sunlight. When she showed me to the corner table of her restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice how well-lit the ceiling was, yet how dark the space seemed to be. I could barely even see the autographed portraits of random celebrities strewn across the walls.

    “First things first,” Regina told me after she briskly ordered the house Merlot. “We talk about your script. Then we eat.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.03.2014

  16. Sly Mr.Morning racing with the sun. 60 seconds left and then done.

    By Maymunahrose on 06.03.2014

  17. He looked at me sideways, a sly glint in his eyes. “Only you would think of something that foolish, my girl. I suggest you come up with another solution.”

    By mrsmig on 06.03.2014

  18. i get sly about how i handle my emotions, just like my more emotional swings slyly say to me, ‘you have no control over this. you can’t handle it, but don’t let anyone else know.’

    sly. slytherin. seriously.

    By Alex Light URL on 06.03.2014

  19. Sly as a fox. That’s the only thing he could manage to describe him as. No other personality trait could be seen over the glare of his cleverness, the way he always wanted to go underground in order to say anything. He hated that part of him – there were far too many secrets involved, and it never ended in anything positive. Slyness was not good, not in his mind.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.03.2014

  20. I didn’t know what to say. This person was being so ignorant of anything around him and had no knowledge over the topic, yet he still insists on arguing over it without any sources or intelligent comebacks. Why?
    “Well, you see,” he said. “I’m a sly bastard, and more smarter than you are, so you might want to re-think your dumb opinion like the stupid bitch you are.”
    We need a new plague to get rid of idiots like this one.

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.03.2014

  21. The sly fox slipped past the guard dog while the dog was looking at the chickens. The chickens were squawking to alert the dog of the sly foxes presence.

    By Lee on 06.03.2014

  22. sly when I think of that word I think of jacob taking Tonys car without permission. It is a word that describes doing something deceptive I think. I have forgiven him for it though and for taking advantage of our good nature. I know we all make mistakes.

    By shellan on 06.03.2014

  23. When she sneaked into my dorm room, a small noise escaped from the lips of my room mate. She adorned black fish net stockings, a tight red dress and scarlet lipstick. My room mate said he’d never seen a woman as sexy as she. I only just found out about the documents she stole from my bedside drawer.

    By d a n a on 06.03.2014

  24. The scent of tobacco filled the room. It bit at my nose, and I shook my head to force it to clear. I could feel smoke clinging to my hair.

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.03.2014

  25. Julie was one a beautiful girl, inside and out. She loved being with her family, going out with friends, or simply staying at home and watching a good movie. Until she met May, a seventeen year old girl who lived on the streets. All May wanted was a little happiness in life.

    By Katie on 06.03.2014

  26. i just met sly person… such a tricky person. cant stand it!!!!!

    By meow~~ on 06.03.2014

  27. The sly fox crept around the corner of the henhouse. Would he get caught? No chance, he thought, smiling to himself as he entered. But then…the henhouse was empty. Every hen was gone. Not a feather, not a peep. Empty nests. The fox paused in confusion. Was this a trap? An alien abduction? He was sure as he’d slunk around the corner he’d heard them cackling, and now, nothing.

    By Kelly on 06.03.2014

  28. The sly fox jumped over the lazy dog. He didn’t feel bad about it, or especially interested, it was just an obstacle on his way to the next meal, the next trash can he’d knock over in search of a tasty half sandwich or rotten banana. He knew the dog was lazy, and honestly he though it might give him a little joy in life. He always sat and watched life pass him by, and this time it went over him.

    By Daniel Gale-Rosen on 06.03.2014

  29. It was the look in her eyes. Something about it kept me… it kept me locked on her face. I couldn’t look away, no matter how hard I tried. I didn’t want to look away. I knew she was up to something from the first moment her lip curled up as she smirked at me, and she had me hooked. I had to be a part of it, whatever the “it” was… whatever SHE was. No matter how dastardly and disastrous it… or she… could be. And it all started with that look… that sly look and that spark in her eyes.

    By Claire on 06.03.2014

  30. Everything
    About him
    Turned her into this person.
    She did not mean to evolve like this.
    But the thought of him
    Now scared and repulsed her,
    Making it inevitable
    For her to be anything,
    Other than sly.

    By Chevaugne on 06.03.2014

  31. Sly Cooper was the first thing that came into mind, It was this game where it combined stealth and thievery which was one the best games made for that genre.

    By Jeff on 06.03.2014

  32. Sly… why do I always relate this word to a fox? I don’t even know what it means, but I know it has something to do with a fox…

    By JOhana on 06.03.2014

  33. Sly … Like wizards and witches in SLYtherin, sly people are manipulative, wily and deceitful.

    By Leanne on 06.03.2014

  34. Sultry


    By Cicely on 06.03.2014

  35. He was a sly fox. Cunning as a serpent, it snuck into the alleyway looking for food.

    By Ericia on 06.03.2014

  36. sly?
    what is sly?

    By Fahmi Jasni on 06.03.2014

  37. The sly fox sat in his tree hole. He was happy being there. The darkness calmed him. It brought him peace and serenity. A calm before the storm they call it. Patience is the virtue of the great. The fox was thinking all of this as he watched the little bunny rabbit walk by.

    By PranavNair on 06.03.2014

  38. Sly sounds like fly. A sly fox can’t fly nor can a fly fox can sly. What is life?

    By Ajay on 06.03.2014

  39. as sly as a fox
    the con man is sly and cunning

    By Jeslin on 06.03.2014

  40. Sneeky sly me!
    “Why did you do that without my permission?” I asked
    “Hakuna Matata” He replied.

    By Muhammad Adli on 06.03.2014