June 4th, 2014 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “stalling”

  1. She couldn’t stop stalling when it came to just admiting the facts. If she let those three tiny words escape from her mouth, everything would be over for her. At least, that’s the way she convinced herself it would turn out. Instead of saying it, she’d make all sorts of excuses and find a way to run. That’s what she was best at, after all – finding some way to run whenever she felt like she needed to.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.05.2014

  2. stop
    things stoped
    things that don’t move
    The business are stall

    By Amanda on 06.05.2014

  3. she was stalling because her father died
    today I’m stalling, I have receveid a sad new about my job, I need to relax a little bit

    By Amanda on 06.05.2014

  4. “Quit stalling!” growled Evelyn, waiting impatiently outside Avi’s bedroom. “If you take too long, we’ll be late for the show and miss the chance to see the first act!”

    Avi groaned as he buttoned his vest. He knew how important the play was to Evelyn. He also knew that the reason she was watching it was a stupid one. Ralph, who played the lead, was an alleged studmuffin – but he had never been interested in Evelyn.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.05.2014

  5. it’s not putting your horse away
    more like putting your life on hold
    keeping your thoughts out in the cold
    taking your sweet time towards going home
    or saying what’s really on your mind

    By James Foster URL on 06.05.2014

  6. I don’t know how to tell him.
    He’s only here because I don’t have any other options.
    I’ll keep stalling as long as I have to.
    It hurts me more than it hurts him.
    Trust me.
    When it’s time it’s time. Until then.
    I’m sorry

    By whitney on 06.05.2014

  7. “I don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “I think my car is stalling.”
    He turned his head to me like I knew what the problem was. “It’s probably and elf messing with your engine. Pull over and I’ll check it.”
    He pulled over and I got out of the car and opened the hood. I asked for a flashlight and he tossed me one from the window. “Thanks.” I said.
    I dug around a bit, looking for something that might be the cause of the problem with the doo-hickey because neither of us had any idea how cars worked, but when I pulled out a cap of come sort, a little body sprung out of it. I stared at it while it crawled out. Looked like an elf.
    “Sorry,” he said in a squeaky voice. “I dropped my burger in there and I didn’t want to lose it. The car should be working fine, move along.” He waved his tiny hands at me, took the cap from my hand, and closed the thing. I closed the hood and went back in the car.
    “It should be working now.”
    “What was wrong with it?” he asked.
    “Eh, some food got stuck in there.”
    “Srange.” He started the car.
    “I’ll say.”

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.05.2014

  8. Stalling. That moment when you reach exceedingly, painful anxiety of being judged. So you stop, but only for a moment. Or maybe when you fake it. You try to pull a curtain over the inevitable. Yet stalling can never last long enough to hide your truths, or your lies.

    By Cera on 06.05.2014

  9. So quit stalling and start writing! You’ll always find a million lame excuses. If you say you’re a writer then why aren’t you writing? What’s the matter, you hate your hobby? Pretty weird.

    Go on, get with the program. Show your stuff. Let’s see what you’ve got.

    By chipschap on 06.05.2014

  10. what a strange little thing this is
    to be stuck on the freeway
    every breath i can’t exhale
    anxiety car crash i can’t forget
    without you my life’s complete
    stalling in a place of deep regret
    why didn’t i take surface streets?

    By matt m on 06.06.2014

  11. i wish the words would pour out from my chest
    but i keep them locked because i am selfless
    because i would rather let my insides corrode my outsides
    than to let us rot from the outside in
    anyone would call it a sin
    but i just call it

    By Lily on 06.06.2014

  12. Oh no. I’ve done it again! I wish the word changed at midnight so I wouldn’t keep making the same mistake.

    By Alexandra on 06.06.2014

  13. Stalling means preventing something from happening.

    By Cynthia Coleman URL on 06.06.2014

  14. She walked up to the doors, slowly turning around, waiting if he will make any more sounds. She stalled for a bit, but then grinned, everything is calm and nice. He is on the floor, face down, and slowly a pool of red blood spreads around him. It has been done, she stalled it for so long, but now she stalled one last time before she closed the door forever

    By Ivan URL on 06.06.2014

  15. yawning tired bleary-eyed i look for more life and lose it to a doona
    i just want time out to think

    By Georgia on 06.06.2014

  16. Stalling.
    Resistance to start.
    Dreaming of completion.
    Fighting with commencement.

    Resistance to start.
    Unable to concentrate.
    Fighting with commencement.
    Is it fear or apathy?

    Unable to concentrate.
    Dreaming of completion.
    Is it fear or apathy?

    By Haddie on 06.06.2014

  17. “Quit stalling,” she mumbled aloud, but she remained rooted to the spot. The shambles of her mother’s room – the bed piled high with clothing, the rambling piles of paper and books, the dirty dishes – overwhelmed her and filled her with dread and sorrow.

    By mrsmig on 06.06.2014

  18. Agnes was extremely proficient at stalling. Having been repeatedly assured by her mother when she was younger that she did not, and never would really fit in, she found it best to ensure she never finished anything that might afford her a place of rejection anywhere.

    By Erica on 06.06.2014

  19. Poor internet connection gives us all sorts of problems, my web searches keep stalling.

    By Nanadu on 06.06.2014

  20. To be completely honest i have no idea what this word means and id love to get another word that i do understand, at least have a quite good understanding of. why do i not get other words

    By Alva on 06.06.2014

  21. Stalling was the word on 6/4 there was no word for 6/5 and here it is 6/6 and the same word is still in use. I need new words. I crave them like the hummingbird crave sweet nectar from the flowers. I devour them as a black widow spider devours its mate. I protect them as a mother lioness protects her cubs. I cry to thee as a baby cries to its mother for comfort and care. I cry for words more words. New challenging words to feed my senses and sooth my hunger. Help me. Feed Me. My mind waits in anticipation for my next daily ration.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.06.2014

  22. Writing: wait stop think, stalling is not going to make it come any quicker – any better. You need to be creative; charge forward; not back-words . waiting for it to come to you. Write what you want to happen what you need to happen. Free write. Freely write.

    By Freedom on 06.06.2014

  23. TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK. Time slips, people wait. Again. Again. Again.

    By narestars on 06.06.2014

  24. What is stalling? What I’m doing because I don’t know what to write about stalling. It’s a easy thing to do with some people, but others can see right through it. It’s a useful skill to develop at any rate.

    By Mike on 06.06.2014

  25. She was stalling. He knew it, but he didn’t know why. Did it have to do with the enormous carboard box that stood in the corner of their apartment? The one that was the size of a refrigerator box, and that he was 83% sure hadn’t been there the day before? He watched her blue eyes dart back and forth between it and his face, the nervous smile playing on her lips in a way that made him want to laugh.

    By Bethany Adams on 06.06.2014

  26. Are you still stalling? This seems like yesterday’s prompt. Perhaps it’s because I wrote at a late hour yesterday, and in the Hawaiian time zone that might already have been past midnight in oneword server’s time zone.

    I dunno, but here I am again with the same prompt!

    By chipschap on 06.06.2014

  27. i want to go see lorde in october in berkeley, but i’m not sure i REALLY want to. friends want to, and i love lorde, so i want to tell friends yes. i did see her recently in oakland… anyway, i’m stalling on giving my friends an answer.

    By Alex Light URL on 06.06.2014

  28. I didn’t know what stalling was until i lokked for it in the dictionary. Perhaps what I did was a clear expample of stalling. As far as I understand it has to do something with delay. I didn’t have the chance to look at the expamples…

    By Marisol on 06.06.2014

  29. “Quit stalling, Pete. Get to the point.” Ella huffed, crossing her arms.

    Pete rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Okay, fine…my point is…well…will you marry me?”

    By Blue Iris on 06.06.2014

  30. milk-thistle, chipmunk, a swooping fly
    you delight in each
    My Stalling Stallion
    leg-tickle, snort grunt, a gliding stride,
    you decline to reach
    My Stalling Stallion

    By hayden turnwood on 06.06.2014

  31. pace the space of the room back and forth to and from here we go, my angel where are you going where are you going stop right there i’ll have to report you to the authorities police police i warn you i’ll have you arrested my bench, my bench, my bench
    i want it i want it i want it pace the space back and forth to and from stop go

    By Robert Stinner on 06.06.2014

  32. I was putting it off. It was approaching fast, a giant steam engine with an ear-blasting whistle, a warning, and I was trying to set it off its rails. I could not put its breaks on. I could not stop the collision. I could only stand there and try to distract for a moment before the ultimate contact.

    By daisy URL on 06.06.2014

  33. Well, I’m supposed to be writing about the word stalling, but I really have no ideas. You know who would have ideas? My great uncle Charles,. He was a really neat guy. He served in World War 2 and did some really cool stuff.

    By Jayce Fryman on 06.06.2014

  34. He can’t see this. He can’t. Nothing will ever be the same. No more apple pie life if he so much as glances this way. ‘Dear can you get me a snack?’ I ask. He nods and doesn’t turn around. Thank god. He leaves to fulfill my request and I hurry to whip the blood off my hands.

    By Maggie on 06.06.2014

  35. Sitting on a chair
    with clammy hands
    and a lost smile
    i glanced around,
    trying to stall myself
    from walking into
    the room.

    By linda on 06.06.2014

  36. It’s easy to stall on something you’re dreading. You don’t want to deal with difficulty and hardship. And yet, you can put off doing something you want as well for the very same reasons. You know what the end result is — you want it. But you don’t want to work for it, or maybe you feel like you don’t deserve such a happy ending.

    By Ashi URL on 06.06.2014

  37. Some people say it’s annoying. Some say it’s weird. I say it’s a great form of art. There is an inevitable thing about stalling. It can either hold back pain, or make you anxious. It depends. Are you the stallee or the staller? Who knows? We all stall sometimes. We stall death. No one really wants to die, but it will happen one day. We try to have fun and keep our minds away from death until then.

    By Anna on 06.06.2014

  38. I’m pretending that I can’t see the slow
    of time
    as I type the first words I have written in years
    is it years?
    have I waited that long?
    how long did I ignore that steady
    of time
    as I let other things
    my hands.

    By Beebee URL on 06.06.2014

  39. Quit stalling, he said, she said
    Wait, I said, or you said,
    Who said, what said,
    The room said, to whom said
    Quit stalling, they said!

    By Intuition on 06.06.2014

  40. Escape or abandon, to run faster than a heart can carry, all objects packed and ready to relocate. He will never see it coming. Through the kitchen and out the window throw away the domestic version and do away with this apparent bliss. Calling for a new start because you’ve stalled in the current

    By Ben on 06.06.2014