March 11th, 2009 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “sixteen”

  1. I think Sixteen years old is a most wonderful age. I had a lot of beautiful memories at this age. Now I’m 20 years old. I wish I can return Sixteen years old right now!

    By Thuy Nguyen on 03.12.2009

  2. when i turned sixteen, I realized i had long passed the first kiss that is supposed to be had. I had done many things I wasn’t proud of and was well on my way to being an adult. Thats what abusive parents will do to you I suppose. I had already moved out, but it didn’t matter. I enjoyed the kisses I had then, and enjoyed them for many years after.

    By Sara on 03.12.2009


    To move.
    To act.
    Being on time.



    By PINKY on 03.12.2009

  4. i was watching movie on the internet this afternoon when suddenly my aunt rang the bell. She came by to our house and we had so much fun.

    By melinda tjoe on 03.12.2009

  5. i was watching movie on the internet when suddenly my aunt rang the bell. She came by to our house and we had so much fun. We talked about her sixteen birthday.

    By melinda tjoe on 03.12.2009

  6. Sixteen and a half seconds.
    Time goes by, clawing and breathing.
    Rapidly flowing.
    Can’t stop.
    An object in motion stays in motion.
    No other force there.
    Too bad.

    By Stephanie Preising on 03.12.2009

  7. when i was sixteen i thought i became an adult.but after my birthday i felt a really hard i thought time had come.

    By bobo on 03.12.2009

  8. think,green color,quick,space,time,need to finish,fun,different colors,type,red,speed,big space. done,

    By MARIA ERNA BAUTISTA on 03.12.2009

  9. omg!! all the things that I think with that word! hahaha just make me laugh… there is a lot of things! A lot of fun with my friends and classmates! a lot of, funny thing we did, I will never finish this exercise if I start to tell you… hahahaha was just so funny that part of my life, like that they we were to a party and we start to do our homework and everybody just laugh, because that don’t happend too often hahaha

    By Liz Medina on 03.12.2009

  10. sixteen is a number in also i remember when i was sixteen , sixteen friends , 16 houses , sixteen people to help, sixteen tools ,sixteen cows , sixteen sports cars

    By julio maceda on 03.12.2009

  11. i remember on my 16th birthday my mother had this idea to throw me a suprise sweet sixteen party but she put this girl who lived on my block in charge of the the party, and she ended up inviting all of her friends, not my friends, so the big day arrived and we were all supposed to meet at the pizza parlor and there’s my neighbor standing by herself with a balloon looking pathetic and my mom saw her and her face dropped, ‘surprise.’

    By lisa on 03.12.2009

  12. “16
    For me when i saw the word sixteen,I remember my high school days.Those are the days you go out for party,clubing and make fun with your friends.Also the time you were curious about everything.

    By Alfeo Kison on 03.12.2009

  13. When I was sixteen, I didn’t use to think in the way I think now. Maybe it happens because people grow up. As I am today, I think some of what I did in the past were so stupid.

    By Brenda Tjoe on 03.12.2009

  14. Sixteen — the age at which you know everything. Twenty-one — the age at which you know nothing.

    By Joseph Leff on 03.12.2009

  15. Sixteen.

    I was sixteen when I was given freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted…

    Sixteen was the age when I was king of the world.

    Sixteen was my age when she died.

    I’ve learned a lot since I was sixteen.

    By Inoc on 03.12.2009

  16. Sixteen, it’s coming in 6 months, I’ll be expected to drive, to be stupid and reckless, the world will be my oyster… with which to kill myself.

    By Emerson on 03.12.2009

  17. Sixteen candles, what a great movie. Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and of course who can forget, “the donger need food”! Ah to be sixteen, pimply, insecure and worried about whose popular again.

    By the donger on 03.12.2009

  18. A perfect square of a perfect square. Can a number get any more perfect, honestly? It seems theoretically astounding, but when paired with “years old”, sixteen can be a drag. Sixteen… too old for innocence and carefree fun, but young enough to have infuriating restrictions and responsibilities. Sixteen, the paradoxical number.

    By malls on 03.12.2009

  19. There are sixteen reasons why
    I never thought to tell you
    everything I always thought
    I should-

    sixteen little whys to
    avoid ever being as
    happy as the ones
    who never count
    those sixteen ways

    By Stephanie Harper on 03.12.2009

  20. Sixteen candles was the movie playing on the vcr when my best friend came out to me. It was me and Michaela and Christine, over at Christine’s house because her mom didn’t care about housecleaning and things were comfortable there, with food in the cupboards for scrounging. It was dark.

    By grrlpup on 03.12.2009

  21. When I was sixteen…
    My life changed forever
    My whole future was altered
    My friends were there for me

    When I was sixteen…
    I realized what I needed
    I became the true me
    I was born anew

    When I was sixteen…
    My heart broke
    My friends loved me
    My heart began to heal

    When I was seventeen…
    I was loved by a boy
    I became whole
    I loved a boy

    By Nick Matherne on 03.12.2009

  22. sixteen candles on my seventeenth birthday.
    my parents forgot again.
    minor detail: my actual age.
    my cake had too many sprinkles, not enough light.

    By mira on 03.12.2009

  23. Sixteen candles is a movie I have never seen and dont really want to see despite the hype Harold gave it in Harold and Kumar. I mean he was really givin er. Tone it down son. Ah well I guess he got the girl. Maybe this movie is worth a look.

    By Matt on 03.12.2009

  24. sixteen vegetables fell an what about it
    I will just only have to wash them again
    just a thing
    anything else
    does it really matters
    what if they were my friends
    I wouldn mind
    I dont really care
    I have made myself this way
    I like it..
    The lonely approachable
    endless way…

    By lyann on 03.12.2009

  25. sixteen was group homes and rehab.
    it was a year ushered in by late parents and nothing special, working boyfriends and absent friends. I was alone that day.
    so much that year I wanted to be left alone.
    they probed me. made me think about things, sixteen shouldn’t think about.

    By sara on 03.12.2009

  26. sixteen years old, sixteen years ago, sixteen ways, sixteen cents, sixteen dollars.

    By Amanda Chidiac on 03.12.2009

  27. at sixteen, they varied in experience.

    she liked cocaine

    he liked his disney film collection.

    By georgie on 03.12.2009

  28. at sixteen, they varied in experience.

    she liked cocaine

    he liked his disney film collection.

    By georgie on 03.12.2009

  29. 16? hahah. i was in secondary 4 at that time.
    don’t miss secondary school.
    i don’t know what to write other than thinking of the song that sounds something like “i am 16 turning on 17”
    the movie is called sound of music right.
    i’m no longer 16 anymore.

    By earlene on 03.13.2009

  30. You are young, beautiful, sexy and never been kissed. As you smooch your way across the floor, associates here and there, you know that time is short and booze is free and so is the space between your legs. But you know deep down inside that kissing is not just an exchange of saliva or phone numbers you will never use, but rather it is something so much deeper than that.

    By dragonpoetry on 03.13.2009

  31. Sixteen. An age that you start to feel the world for what it truly is. And it’s not a good feeling. You start to see everyone for who they truly are. And it’s not a pretty sight. You are sixteen. And you are flooded with the images you never wished to see.

    By amy max on 03.13.2009

  32. friendly

    By sourav on 03.13.2009

  33. 16. the year i turn 16 and become secondary 4. it’s a crazy year, this one, the one we finish our finals in ip and go onto the next stage. another similar stage where we just learn and absorb and memorise until we nearly burst, regurgitating all we have read onto a few random pieces of paper. with ink and blood and sweat we fill up those blanks with nothing but nonsense. nonsense we’ll never reuse ever again.

    By Kevin on 03.13.2009

  34. i was young and smart

    By ivona on 03.13.2009

  35. what a long long time has passed since then. it’s not just a number, it’s a time in my life. not one I remember so well — but that it meant i was ‘sweet’ maybe.

    I know that things have gone incredibly fast since then.

    By paula on 03.13.2009

  36. Sweet sixteen. The year everyone got a car. The year every girl was treated like some special princess. Well, she got a car all right. And she was treated like a princess. But she couldn’t help thinking she was one year closer to her death, to being older. Such a bleak morning.

    By marie on 03.13.2009

  37. oh, sweet sixteen
    too hurried to grow up
    wanting independence
    naive ideals of truths
    black & white thinking
    oh, sweet sixteen
    the world is colorful

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 03.13.2009

  38. She didn’t feel any older. AFter all, she had been fifteen just yesterday. She had no reason to. No car, or anything. It was just another day, except with birthday cake and lots of friends. And yet, she was so inexpressibly grateful.

    By Megz on 03.13.2009

  39. Sixteen times this dumb fucking computer has frozen or otherwise dealt me an inconveniencing blow. I mean what the hell are you supposed to do about that. Huh??? I ask you. I’d rather be dealing with a sixteen year old daughter than this piece of unwieldy unhelpful obnoxious shite. Honestly! Trouble, nothing but trouble. I tells ya.

    By Danielle on 03.13.2009

  40. the number of drinks had last night before shameful behaviour . . . again.
    And the number of drinks I intend to have tomorrow night, and perhaps the night after . . . .

    By him on 03.13.2009