March 11th, 2009 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “sixteen”

  1. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I’m not sixteen yet
    but im raci=n]]= against the clock
    when i turn sixteen then i will get my permit
    and learn to drive
    on the road
    and swivel the joystiq and swerve
    people better watch out
    cuz im not going to let any steam pout

    By leo on 03.12.2009

  2. when i turn sixteen i will finally have my learners permit. hopefully i will be driving a nice car. the car i want for my sixteenth birthday is a black lamborgini with dark tinted windows. i know thwe expections though, if i want a car by the time im sixteen i will have to work hard and get good grades.

    i would dirve my lamborgini everwhere i go. i would have to be careful, too. if i crashed it i would never have another oppurtunity to get another car as nice and slick as this one. think about it, if you were in my place would you crash a lamborgini?

    if i didnt get the lamborgini, i would want the porsche 911. i would want it in the color yellow. on sunny days i would drive through the streets of Malibu headed for the beach. but if i had the chance to chose between those two cars it would probably take me a while to decide. Which car would you pick? the slick black lamborgini or the porsche 911, the color of the sun?

    By Johanna Rodriguez on 03.12.2009

  3. Sixteen is supposed to be this age of coming into yourself but it only seemed yet another year to me. The years the followed were just the same another year. But 23 that was the best year of my life everything that happened that was worth note happened then.

    By JD on 03.12.2009

  4. Sixteen was suposed to be a girls perfect year.She had no idea it would be her worst…and her last

    By DeeBird on 03.12.2009

  5. I was sixteen. I was sixteen and giving up a seven year smoking habit. My laugh echoed around the empty public toilet. I was giving up my smoking habit to save enough money to run away, forever this time.

    By emarie on 03.12.2009

  6. When I was turning sixteen, everyone around me seemed much more excited than I was… and they all assumed I was happier than they were. “Aren’t you looking forward to driving? You’re getting your own vehicle! Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?” My unhappiness with the vehicle was only partially due to the responsibilities that I simply wasn’t ready for. My unhappiness was mostly because people expected me to be happy because other people in the same situation were. Still, I learned then who really knew me, and who knew an illusory version of me of their own devising… I lost a lot of friends that year, and I don’t miss a one.

    By James Colemann on 03.12.2009

  7. When I turned sixteen my parents said I was finally old enough to date. I called the boy who said he was waiting for me and asked, are we dating now? He said, lets wait a little longer. What he meant was, I said I was yours but I’m busy fucking Morgan so if you give me a while I can have both of you.

    By stacy on 03.12.2009

  8. My sixteenth birthday was no big deal. Just a few friends over and a homemade cake. My mom didn’t understand how not sufficient that was. Later, when it was time to plan my wedding, she still didn’t understand.

    By Mel on 03.12.2009

  9. I remember my 16th birthday.
    It was 2 years ago, almost 3 now.
    I still have part of a video for it.
    I was silly.
    I am still very close to my best friend who celebrated it with me.
    The birthday night sucked though.
    I got the new ‘The fray’ cd.
    and played a song on repeat all night because i was being ignored.

    By heather on 03.12.2009

  10. sixteen, when I was that I drank half a bottle of Crown Royal on my birthday in fifteen minutes and threw it all up about ten minutes later. Five minutes after that my friends called my mom who arrived thirty minutes later. There’s no better marketing than a traumatic incident and even since then I’ve remembered Crown and my sixteenth birthday which lasted about one hour and sixteen minutes total.

    By I Achsen on 03.12.2009

  11. When I turn sixteen I’m going to already be out of high school. I’m going to be driving and have my own apartment. I plan to be more successful then normal. I will Plan to already have my own company growing by the time I’m 20. I will be the most popular doctor in town.
    My vacation house will be in Miami while I like in Hollywood. I will have millions is savings and wont have to worry about cash. Anyone I know will be welcome to my vacation house during spring break, winter vacation and even summer vacation. My house will be the coolest and most special house I’m Miami, and someday I will be able to say I started at the age of sixteen.

    By Michelle on 03.12.2009

  12. Sixteen. What an iconic age. You get your first car, or your first kiss, a party, a license. A life. That is really when you start living isn’t it. It’s when people start to realize that you’re not a little kid anymore. That you are mature enough, intelligent enough, and confident enough to continue through life without the need for constant supervision…

    By nanders on 03.12.2009

  13. i was sixteen going on forty. I had learned to dricve learned to drink and get up in the morning. Had my first job working third shift. What else could there possibly be to life?

    By Eric on 03.12.2009

  14. sixteen is a repeat of a word, i’ve written about sixteen already, i said that it’s the old when most teenage girls are bitches, and most boys are little punks. sixteen is really a rather boring age, although you can get your permit and/or license at this age, there still isn’t much freedom.

    By Matt on 03.12.2009

  15. They say big things happen when you turn sixteen. I don’t really remember anything of the sort. It was a while ago. I was young; I still am. But the important things that happen aren’t so clear-cut in time as the difference between being sixteen and twenty-one. Growth is gradual.

    By Kali on 03.12.2009

  16. Sixteen is such a horrible, horrible age. Besides being able to legally drive after 10 at night, nothing good comes out of being sixteen. They should just go ahead and skip people straight to 18. Or 21. And really any other age but 16.

    By Zach on 03.12.2009

  17. I’m turning sixteen this year. My sweet sixteen is going to be on August 29th but my real birthday is September 4th. I’m so excited. I’m doing a faerie theme. Idk as to whether get the long silver dress or the short, teal Betsey Johnson dress that is AWESOME! Choices choices…

    By asleyleylelyle on 03.12.2009

  18. I have sixteen reasons to miss you, perhaps even more. I can not seem to get you out of my head. I sit for sixteen minutes at a time most days, and I think, where are you? When will you come back? Then I realize it’s only been sixteen months…

    By Ducksoup on 03.12.2009

  19. Sixteen candles on a birthday cake.
    Sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

    By Susan on 03.12.2009

  20. The shy glances traded on summer nights, under stars of genuine affection, that’s what it means. You’ll slip your hand over mine where no one can see.

    By tv on 03.12.2009

  21. I once was this age and then I was 30 now I look at 50 and want to scream when can I be 16 again?

    By E.P. on 03.12.2009

  22. SIXTEEN Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. That’s how many I agreed to consume in under 30 minutes. The first 8 or so were easy. I happily shoveled the greasy sandwiches down my greedy throat. Grinning victoriously between bites, crumbs stuck to my lower lip and chin. My friends slapped me high fives. My mayonnaise soiled hands splattered white globs on everyone and everything within a five foot radius. But that didn’t matter. I was winning! By the 13th burger I was seriously re-evaluating my bet. With only 4 minutes left and with three and a half burgers remaining I weighed the $100 I’d win with the cost of the surgery for a ruptured stomach. Then me being the stubborn ass that I am stuffed the second half of my 13th in my mouth and reached for another. Hello emergency room.

    By Sabrina Podsobinski on 03.12.2009

  23. It was a time I was famous. I was the most popular guy in school. I had teachers grovelling to my feet, women succumbing to my every whim, but when the bell rang — revolt!

    By gerent on 03.12.2009

  24. Sweet sixteen, that’s what they always say…I don’t know, though…I guess it’s an okay birthday. I personally thought 16 was a lot older until I turned 16. Then it still felt pretty young. But then, I’ve always felt young for my age. Which is quickly becoming an advantage.

    By Dolores on 03.12.2009

  25. turning 16 was a big step for her she didn’t feel ready to take a single step towards growing up yet here she was blowing out the candles on her 16th year getting old and gettign to be an adult soon she wondered whar she’d do she had no idea really everyone seeed to be planning taking the rigfht courses for the right subjects later on she didn’t even know what she wanted to do for her a levels let alone her degree or her job that all seemed so far away she just wanted to stay a child forever.

    By Rose on 03.12.2009

  26. I wish I was sixteen again, when things were simple. I wasn’t worried about beginning my life, or being responsibility. I wish I was sixteen

    By sean on 03.12.2009

  27. I wish I could be sixteen years old again. If I was given the chance to be sixteen again, I will live my life in a different way. I would have done more with my life. I would have spent more time with my family and friends. Oh gosh, I wish I was sixteen again.

    By Abby on 03.12.2009

  28. time to drive, time to stop being a virgin, 3 times my kids plus 1. Two years before I was raped. Wondering, at 16, if I’d ever have a boyfriend, if I’d ever be attractive to anyone. ?wondering who I was going to be, what I was going to be, who the hell I was right at that moment.

    By mac on 03.12.2009

  29. I was sixteen once…for a year. Before and after that I wasn’t.
    It wasn’t the best of times because at 16 you are a bit adventurous and still quite stupid.
    It can be a very emgarassing time/

    By Zerub on 03.12.2009

  30. Sixteen days ago, she was just another girl. Sixteen days later, she was a whole new person. In the course of just two weeks and two days, she had lived and died. Day and night passed right past her.

    By maria on 03.12.2009

  31. I watched 16 candles before my 16th birthday. This was very awkward for me. Molly Ringwald’s character confused me a lot. Mainly because I happen to know the reason that she starred in all those movies is because she was gorgeous, and an absurd amount of guys loved her. Also, I had already had my first kiss; therefore the movie made me feel abit slutty, though I was not.

    By Dyl on 03.12.2009

  32. when i was sixteen, i was in love with a boy who may as well have been a figment of my imagination.

    (i believed in him, wanted him, more than anything.)

    By jess on 03.12.2009

  33. sixteen is one less than seventeen and two more than fourteen, am i right? or just terrible at math. sixteen can be an age, sophomoric and immature but thinking you’re top shit. girls at the mall with tall boyfriends with black lip stick and the girls in their short skirts and other things… sixteen is just a number in different contexts.

    By alex h on 03.12.2009

  34. million
    years old
    sixteen centery

    By Denitsa on 03.12.2009

  35. number, six, ten, day, year; October sixteen is my son’s birthday.

    By David Garcia on 03.12.2009

  36. age number she girl young not I dream word good time dream

    By Monika on 03.12.2009

  37. I will prompted to the word in Iraq stop soon.

    By jose on 03.12.2009

  38. My little son have sixteen, hee is studying in the enccinal high school. In the future He will study Design Graphic.

    By leticia chrristian on 03.12.2009

  39. I would like to prompte the world become peacefull.

    By juan L. on 03.12.2009

  40. My little son came to US with sixteen year old , he is in Higth School , and he will graduate in this year , he want to study computation or something relation wich that .

    By Joaquin Pedroso on 03.12.2009