March 10th, 2009 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “under”

  1. ‘Under’ can be something bad or something good…such as: under fire…or under the umbrella of God.

    By Ken on 03.11.2009

  2. I’m thinking about my feet which are presently tucked underneath me. I’m waiting for the bathtub to fill. Not enough time to polish my toenails.

    By helena on 03.11.2009

  3. Under the tree there was a very large Cow and under the cow was a chipmunk the chipmunk scurried quickjly up the tree carrying his hut to hide in the hole in the bole of the old maple.

    By Eric Kreider on 03.11.2009

  4. He was feeling under the weather when the whale rain stroke. Then he was squashed most miserably but at least kept safe from any weather further attempt at domination.

    By Nathalie (Spacedlaw) on 03.11.2009


    By MIKE on 03.11.2009

  6. Under the Austrlian sun the day-worn flats lie parched as the air shimmers above the ground. Never had he found himself so alone. Never had he found himself so free.

    By Mark Clarke on 03.11.2009

  7. One time my foot slipped and I fell into the waves, underneath the surface of the calm, like a sheet of glass, and it all came crashing in against my ears and I couldn’t see above me becuase my eyes were closed and everything was under something else that never really got explicitly stated… that was when I knew

    By Stephanie Ann on 03.11.2009

  8. Under pressure
    under fire
    under you body
    i can’t grasp
    is under
    all that i can
    going under
    the water
    the air
    under my
    like living
    without air
    like leaving
    without a way
    the water

    By Truth and beauty is all we need to know. on 03.11.2009

  9. I feel like I’m going under. Too many things rushing around in a storm of multitudes. I can’t breathe with a thousand people breathing down my neck; I can’t think with a thousand people screaming their inane comments.

    By Nurgette on 03.11.2009

  10. Under the bridge, she said. That’s where he was meant to meet her. Where was she? He was nervous, the drugs pressing hard against his chest. He didn’t know how to express to her that he didn’t want to be in jail again, and he didn’t know what else he could do. They didn’t have any other way to meet, though…

    By Christina on 03.11.2009

  11. don’t fall
    don’t sink

    don’t get dragged down

    whatever you do,

    do not go under

    By rachel on 03.11.2009

  12. Under, under the the clear blue sky, gazing ito the eyes of the girl I’ve loved since I first realised waht love was, which coincidntally was approximately puberty, who’da thunk it. Anyways under seems to imply a position of submission for some, but I see it as a position of protection, of beauty, of tacos.

    By Emerson on 03.11.2009

  13. under the cloudy dutch sky walking with my hands in my pockets and my eyes on the ground thinking about apocalypse.

    By danny on 03.11.2009

  14. He laid down under the bridge. Shivering from the cold. How could he have let this happen? He sat there, tyring hard to keep his mind off the fact that it could be a long while till he could get his next fix.

    By sydni on 03.11.2009

  15. She fell down the stairs, and as the spine snapped softly, paralyzing her, she noticed that the stairs seriously needed dusting.

    By Khi on 03.11.2009

  16. the bridge we found each other. there was something below your lids that made me shy and my voice was quieter than usual. we laughed and it echoed out of ourselves. there is something about the radar that makes me want to fly under it with you.

    By Jenny on 03.11.2009

  17. the rain bow, underground, below sky. Under the Sea, Little Mermaid. The country under control of corporations and corporate media. Underground, death.

    By Rachel on 03.11.2009

  18. under the sky, under the top of the tent,
    under the stars, under the major stone bridge,
    under the ballpark’s lights, under the
    most miserable rainfall, under an avalanche of
    snow under stand my plight, under estimate
    my feelings understand thiat tis must be 60

    By henry on 03.11.2009