October 1st, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “signs”

  1. We drive by more of the same thing. Same house after same house. Each one appearing more bland than the one before it. Everything from my old life was being left behind. I was watching as I entered a world were everything is the same, where everything is dull, where nothing is mine.

    By Melissa on 10.01.2012

  2. The sign came to those who looked for it. Those who did not, could not see it.
    It gave hope to the believers, and nothing to the unbelieving. Hope, they said to me. Hope.

    By Toria Truax on 10.01.2012

  3. SIGNS. They warned me and guided me. I saw the signs I wanted to see and ignored the ones I did not. I made my way through the life I had planned, and set aside the destiny I did not want to believe in.

    By Toria Truax on 10.01.2012

  4. Signs. Is not what you’re looking for but what is infront of your face, signs you just can’t pass up. Maybe a number that seems to haunt you. Or a name you can’t ecape. Signs that just are without any rhyme or reason what the body and mind choses to notice and turn a blind eye on.

    By DorisDay on 10.01.2012

  5. Sometimes, it may lead us to where we want it to, but sometimes it’ll lead us where we need to be. It may show itself obviously, but it may sometimes not, but it is something we must follow. It is something that we must sometimes make ourselves, as an indication of what we need.

    By Christian on 10.01.2012

  6. reminds me of the movie with mel gibson. It also reminds me of superstition. Looking for “signs” to tell you what to do instead of just doing it. always waiting waiting for the right time. why isn’t the right time NOW? Signs point to now. SIGNS stop signs

    By Lauren on 10.01.2012

  7. In hindsight, it was all so blindingly honest. If she had been wiser, had been able to interpret all the not-so-subtle signs, she would have never let herself fall into such a blatant trap.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.01.2012

  8. There were always the obvious warning signs, there always had been. A set of guidelines, and warning signs, highway signs , stop and go signs.None of them mattered to Courtney, none of these mattered but the obvious. The warning signs, the once she blew right past.

    By Taylor Raine on 10.01.2012

  9. signs come and go, you see some you miss some. it’s always important to notice signs and advised but when missed shouldn’t allow for negative emotions.

    By Oleh Dubno on 10.01.2012

  10. stop signs
    yield signs
    life on other planets
    signs warn you of something
    new york concrete jungle

    By Pizzle on 10.01.2012

  11. If she believed in signs, she would’ve known that she wasn’t supposed to be there. Her closest friend had picked a wine they’d both loved in college–but quickly rejected upon receiving a pay check that moved their diet beyond ramen and peanut butter. But worst of all, the appetizer was pineapple, the one fruit she was allergic too. She lied and said she had a very large lunch.

    By Mandy on 10.01.2012

  12. He looked across the street. There were three signs. One leading to the left, his inevitable demise lay before him there. The one to the right led to his bliss. In the middle lay before him a mortal purgatory. He stepped forward and chose.

    By Abhu on 10.01.2012

  13. signs, we pass by them everyday and rarely stop to think what they really mean or why are they here, if god sent them to warn, praise, embrace or assure us. Or are these signs something that we make up to make our walk through life a bit easier, somehow our minds find and interpret anything around us as a sign just to assure itself that we are not alone and that someone actually cares to give us feedback and comments about our timeline of life.

    By Nada Refaee on 10.01.2012

  14. The faces, the pictures, the doors, the eyes. They’re signs. Signs of emotions and feelings, signs of reasons and hatred and why? Why do they have to mean so much? Why can’t we just sit here and be happy. Why do we have to find something to hate under everyone word, every gesture.

    By Emily on 10.01.2012

  15. Signs are things that people think they see and perceive them as directives from a higher power. They are things that people think will guide them through life because people are afraid to think for themselves. Signs are also seen on roads.

    By Ryan on 10.01.2012

  16. Jeremy stood looking down the road. It stretched before him, empty, and vacant of anything that gave the impression that life existed anywhere near he. He looked at the signs. None of them told him what he wanted to know…should he turn back? Was it too late?

    By Cim on 10.01.2012

  17. She could see the writing on the wall—all the signs were there. The secrecy, the carefully woven lies—all the deceitful words and dishonest actions—was it all a lie? Everything she knew was crashing in a matter of moments as she sat, listening the voluptuous voice on the other end of the line. How long? How often? When? Where? As the voice carried on melodically on the other end of the phone, each new found lie was another stab to her already broken heart. He had chosen her—that homewrecker—over herself, over the kids—over their family. And, that’s what hurt the most. How could she be so stupid? So, so stupid.

    By Blythe URL on 10.01.2012

  18. there are signs telling you everything, go, dont go, stop. it’s all very confusing. And distracting at that. I hate being toyed with, pulled in a million directions. It’s not my style. I like being a free spirit. I hate signs.

    By Jeannie on 10.01.2012

  19. The multitude of build boards nearly blinded him as he frantically swiveled his head to search for the one the man on the phone had told him to find. It was actually more of an order than a politely phrased message since the man on the phone was currently holding his sister hostage.
    So time was of the essence and he sighed a breath of relief when he spied the green neon letters looping themselves to say ALLEY CAT. And underneath it, a dinghy looking bar with a seedy man standing in the front of it.

    By Yuki on 10.01.2012

  20. Aries lead the stars’ parade
    With Taurus close behind,
    Twinkling eyes of the Gemini
    Atop the bull’s thick hind;
    Cancer waddled sideways
    Close behind the tail-end
    Twins, while Leo
    Fiery, proud,
    With mane adorned, and roaring loud,
    Strut forward slow
    Avoiding claws in post-perspective space;
    Lonely Virgo trailed the tail
    Of the mighty skylit king of beasts,
    While Libra balanced scorpions
    As the phoenix fire ceased;
    The Centaur aimed his arrow
    To join the heavens and the earth,
    Releasing a vast Sagittarius shaft
    From his fingers of glee and mirth;
    Capricorn leapt between
    The starry rocks into the sea
    Poured of the gourd,
    Of Aquarius, lord
    Of higher planes of reality;
    Last of all, not least indeed,
    Came Pisces, coursing fishy pair,
    Who seemed at once
    Both to follow and lead
    Parading stars across the air.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 10.01.2012

  21. There are signs that point to the fact that I need to do something different with my life. Mainly the fact that I’m unhappy in my job, in my living & financial situation. I think it’s time I figure out what I want to be when I grow up, even though I’m 51.

    By Valerie on 10.01.2012

  22. there are signs telling you it’s time to change. you can only feel them. don’t miss that.

    By kaorita on 10.01.2012

  23. With a song in my heart I called it art
    But of love what did I really know
    Only that the meadow larks ceased at dark
    And strange it is that Spring is no stranger to snow

    By Sings on 10.01.2012

  24. It is language. It is ideas. It cannot be summed up and perhaps it’s our only communication. Or even that that there is no such thing – it is arbitrary.

    By Adrianna on 10.01.2012

  25. Everywhere I go, there are signs. Advertisements, hidden messages, election candidates, signs are everywhere. They pollute our society, with their brightly-colored words and millions of exclamation points. It’s terrifying, really, to think that our society is driven by a set of signs that tell us to do things. Almost like how our society is driven by sparky young people on television who tell us to buy their new product.

    By amberlynn on 10.01.2012

  26. I think that we really should have seen the signs before we started on the perilous journey to find Bigfoot, Elvis, and Barbie, all of whom had been seen leaving in a UFO on Saturday. However, my sister kept saying that she really wanted to get to Roswell, so there you go. Their Mcdonald’s is shaped like a spaceship, of course. (That’s true…)

    By Anise Leinen URL on 10.01.2012

  27. odd
    minecraft has them
    not cops

    By Shaleigh on 10.01.2012

  28. There are many signs that we must follow in life, and some of them we would rather not obey. It is those signs that we must look at cautiously , for they are the ones usually warning us that something big is about to happen.

    By Wasabi on 10.01.2012

  29. Signs of nausea should not be plural. There is one sign of nausea, and that is nausea. Nausea is typically a sign of something else, like a sickness, or heat stroke, or whatever deadly enemy is awaiting behind a T-cell fence, waiting to batter it down. It doesn’t matter. My head is like an inflatable beach ball. Bouncing but filled with hot air. Consistent pulse. Never ending.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.01.2012

  30. There are many signs in life that we must obey, yet there are some that we would rather not. It is those signs that we must look at cautiously, for they are the ones that usually tells us that something big is about to happen.

    By Wasabi on 10.01.2012

  31. I was desperate. Desperate to find the signs. The signs of him actually falling in love with me. I was already in love with him. I just needed to know, if he felt the same way. I wanted to admit my feelings, but I was scared.

    By Heather Bowser on 10.01.2012

  32. Signs tell us what we need to know. They convey warning to us, tell us when we have to slow down or stop, or when it’s a good thing to go blazing on ahead. Signs speak to us the things that are desperately important to our survival, signaling in flashes of yellow and red.

    By Dane Rosengren on 10.01.2012

  33. signs are everywhere. they give us clues as to what we should do- clues about who we are and what we really think. The more I think about signs, the less I think they are ever from any person or any “fate.” Signs are built in our subconscious, just simple images and objects that we assign meaning to because we want there to be meaning. How beautiful a thought.

    By julie on 10.01.2012

  34. i love reading all the sign like bill boards they just make me soo happy like hollyyyy i like making signs that make people feel good and and happy inside. signs make me feel good but i feel abd for homeless people that have signs like that!

    By veronika Fagan on 10.01.2012

  35. Peace wasn’t something that she was accustomed too. But now she could see them, all around her; the signs that something inside her was slowing. There was a calmness she could feel insinuating deep into her soul. She reveled in it, but feared it. For without a perilously troubled soul, what more did she have?

    By Bailey on 10.01.2012

  36. I love stop signs. they give you time to think. Where are you going? Why are you in such a hurry? Take the time to stop and smell the roses. Stop for a second and think. Where do you want to get to? Think. Don’t rush and be safe.

    By Camila on 10.01.2012

  37. There were many signs detailing the sharp pain of stress stabbing at my nerves. I spent most of my days preparing for that measly little essay that could determine the rest of my future. Although I had many things to worry about, it was the little things that infuriated me to no end. How could I worry about bills, expenses, and other debts when I had my future on my hands? I felt as though one mistake would cause it to shatter; this is what keeps me up at night.

    By Jaymar on 10.01.2012

  38. yellow street signs are most likely the cause for my terminal cancer. the sun reflects off the tin diamonds and burn my skin, causing my cells to simmer in the radiation of first degree burns.

    By Zooey Woods on 10.01.2012

  39. I didn’t know where I was going. The sign said there was a fork in the road, and from where I stood, I couldn’t tell which would get me to my destination. One route could get me hopelessly lost, the other could get me to my destination in a mere five minutes. Which do i take?

    By Jordan on 10.01.2012

  40. Sign language of people for romance and romantic cues dropped off by impressions and people can walk with a sign in their hand saying things about life or what they’re in desperate need of. Signs can be a way of communication.

    By Avery on 10.01.2012