October 2nd, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “combine”

  1. i like to combine dance and potatoes. because potatoes are really yummmy and sometimes when i dance i eat potaote, that is not spelt right, or is it spelled? im not sure :0 ummmm im supposed to keep writing so lets talk about rainbows. i like rainbows because they combine colours! see i related back to the original topic! YAY

    By HEYgurlHEY on 10.03.2012

  2. I like tocombine eggs and flouyr to make yummy food, i think that would make something bready…. i dont really know though because i haven’t mixed flour and eggs recently. also you could mix chemicals, wait combine chemicals. u could combine potassium and sodium or baking soda and vinegar that spelt wrong but i dont really care right now, and then it will EXPLODE!!!!! bye gurls, HEY!!!

    By HEYgurlHEY on 10.03.2012

  3. Hi. My name is Joe. It combines J and OE… Thats why I’m named Joe. Joe isn’t really a common combined name… But for me it is. You see, my first name is J and my middle name is OE. My last name is MUCHACHO but that doens’t really matter… I see the time is up so bye amigos! HEY gurl!!!

    By HEYgurlHEY on 10.03.2012

  4. Hi. My name is Joe. It combines J and OE… Thats why I’m named Joe. Joe isn’t really a common combined name… But for me it is. You see, my first name is J and my middle name is OE. My last name is MUCHACHO but that doens’t really matter… I see the time is up so bye amigos!

    By HEYgurlHEY on 10.03.2012

  5. We were a combination of atoms. He was a perfect one at that. I wasn’t. I was messed up, all my molecules out of place. I didn’t fit. He was perfect. Comfortable in his own body, like a swan. I looked more like a baby penguin when I try to walk. He was perfect. A perfect combination of atoms.

    By Lieve on 10.03.2012

  6. Take it all and combine it and see what you get. I’m not telling you what you’ll get. You have to see it for yourself. That’s part of the magic…that moment when you see it come together…magic. Be sure to pay attention, close attention, so you can tell me all about it!

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.03.2012

  7. The combine fell over. Ploop. Dad was caught underneath. What should I do? Easy. I took a deep breath and held it. I started to grow. Soon enough I was ten times bigger than the combine, so I just picked it up and moved it.

    By ariel4thou on 10.03.2012

  8. To bring together, to mix, to be altogether

    By Tanvi on 10.03.2012

  9. Chemicals combine with blah blah blah… Urgh I hate chemistry. I just dislike how I had to remember why something will react with another. There is some laws or natures on which will have reaction with which, but there is always exceptions. OMG. how come that theory can still be taught if there is still exceptional case, which means it is imprecise! comeon, I am sick of it, but yet I still have to take the exams, and i am quite sure i have to be more confident with chemistry than that of chinese. OGW

    By ifuknowwhatimean on 10.03.2012

  10. we will combine ourselves. become one. the two of us together will be victorious. we will be happy. we will be in love, and all we’ll ever need will be each other.

    By Kate on 10.03.2012

  11. “Die Combine steht dir gut!”, sagte sie mit scheppernder Stimme und schaute über mich hinweg. “Oh, du hast auch einen Fahrweghalter? Wo hast du den her?”
    “Den hat mir mein Onkel geschenkt”, antwortete ich mit wachsendem Unbehagen.

    By Lisa URL on 10.03.2012

  12. to put together. with cooking ingredients you combine everything together to make a cake. i like cake. you can combine cake with chocolate to make chocolate cake. then you can put it with ice cream. I like ice cream too. but not chocolate ice cream. thats disgusting. it doesnt even taste like chocolate. its fake chocolate.

    By Elizabeth on 10.03.2012

  13. Together we combine
    The best we have to offer
    Screaming they push into our world
    Your eyes, my smile
    A perfect combination
    Who would have thought
    We could make
    Such beauty

    By recogirl URL on 10.03.2012

  14. merge together, beauty in simplicity. combine.

    By owen on 10.03.2012

  15. Combine the colors around you into something no one knows
    Combine the words around you into something that can grow
    Combine the thoughts inside your head & stick them in a pot
    Watch nature do something beautiful that can never be forgot

    By Sandra on 10.03.2012

  16. A farming tool that collects corn in the season of harvest. This machine is the livelyhood of several families in the midwest. interestingly enough, this word also describes mixing and collecting of elements.

    By James H on 10.03.2012

  17. I had to find it, the perfect match, I would have to combine pure power and intelligent, and innocents and fun. How? If I want him to love me at lest half as much as I love him, then I need too. So I will, I have too.

    By mee123 on 10.03.2012

  18. when you combine two things they become one and it works with anything you can make wesome things and that is like what humans are. they are a combination of a whole bunch of shit and they are so cool. if it wasn’t for this combination that just happens to work, humans wouldn’t be perfect. as perfect as they are. the fuckers can walk and talk and communicate and carry themselves and think and live their own little life. and then they combine and make a new thing that is all it’s own. we kind of have the power of god by having the power to create and combine. it is the one thing that we are good at. we can make shit. even if sometimes it’s shit we at least make that. and it all happens because we can combine cool shit and throw things here and here and create something cool. it reminds me of cooking. one thing alone is nothing, but combined it’s great. like an egg and sugar and strawberries. and then you make a fucking cake and it’s awesome. out of these things that are just kind of chilling you make something really cool that tastes really awesome. everything in life is about combining. everything is made from it. if you’re alone and never combine anything you won’t really be doing absolutely anything. we combine with our knowledge and our studies and our art and we grow. combination helps us grow, and it is a conglomeration of all this cool shit that makes things sad funny, cool and scary. two things together are scary, a dark place and a ghost are scary, a ghost in the day is not as scary.

    By JC on 10.03.2012

  19. When you combine two turkeys with a goose in a barnyard, anything can happen. Sometimes combining a pork chop with a lettuce leaf gets you the same thing.

    By fitknitter on 10.03.2012

  20. i want to combine forces with someone and love them while they love me mutually. the idea of combining one heart to another is something that i crave. something that i want. something that i never go after, but instead sit in the shadows hoping it’ll come connect with me.

    By sky URL on 10.03.2012

  21. The second you put two things together, their meaning is changed entirely. Each thing becomes a new entity because you consider them as compared to the other thing.

    By Katy URL on 10.03.2012

  22. combining things makes people look smart but actually they’re just thinking humanly and everyone can combine like anyone else.

    By M on 10.03.2012

  23. Combine? Like put 2 things together? Makes me think of cupcakes. I really need to bake some right now. I’m too stressed not to. Ooh I want some chocolate pumpkin cupcakes.

    By sarahorpurt on 10.03.2012

  24. two combined makes one. isn’t that way they always say but do they really? no, no they don’t because it takes away your personality to make space for the other half surely that’s not what you want? to be changed for someone else? (maybe i sound selfish if i do it’s cause i am)

    By LuckyNo.13 on 10.03.2012

  25. if she is the unstoppable force,
    then i am not as immovable as i thought.

    By isa on 10.03.2012

    Why doc?
    Because it will destroy the earth.
    Robbie went to put the chemicals back in their places across the room, but slipped on some water and dropped them both.
    And that was the last thing that ever happend

    By Jenk URL on 10.03.2012