September 30th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “vote”

  1. It is our responsibility to vote and we are only given one vote per election. Therefore it is so important to make wise use of it.

    By David on 10.01.2012

  2. no

    By magdaLena on 10.01.2012

  3. choosing your options, democracy, weighing thoughts, placing your opinion into action, freedom, the ability to be represented, to prove that you exist, documenting your opinion

    By Messiano on 10.01.2012

  4. They say everyone gets one. I have a vote. So I matter? Is my vote what makes me a part. My vote makes me part of the whole.

    By Katie on 10.01.2012

  5. man siger hvad man synes om personen og det kan både være negativt og positivt. Det kan være til valg eller konkurrencer m.m.

    By Anna Kristensen on 10.01.2012

  6. I wanted to vote when I was younger. The possibility of expressing myself as a free american seemed to be exciting. Now, with a better understanding of politics and the real world, voting is not what it seemed to be. A vote could change the world and yet at times it seems to be nothing but a voice drowned out by a sea of others.

    By Johnathan Penn on 10.01.2012

  7. “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” ~ Plato

    By Kaylalala on 10.01.2012

  8. What does it matter? But now I know, it does. This effects my country, the place I live in. What have we given to this country? We payed taxes, we donated, we live just like every other citizen. But we can’t vote. We can’t vote for what we think is right, we have to say in our future. I’ve lived here my whole life, what else can you ask of me?

    By anya URL on 10.01.2012

  9. i don’t want to vote. i don’t really see a point since we have no voice to begin with. i don’t know. i feel so small in this world, i just think that i’m not that important in this world. it’s quite depressing. why do i care about this?

    By anthony a on 10.01.2012