October 1st, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “signs”

  1. I roll over for signs of someone else. It feels different–better. I have the entire bed to stretch out and fall asleep in any position I want. I smile in the dark and sprawl across the twin bed. It’s never felt so big before, and while I try to regret nothing, a part of me chipped off last night. It’ll never happen again though. I’ll sleep alone for the rest of my life before feeling like that again. I promise you that.

    By Marissa URL on 10.01.2012

  2. Signs can mean all sorts of different things. For example, sometimes people can give you the wrong sort of sign. Or a zodiac sign. I don’t really believe in those though. The aliens are also a sign. I think out of all the signs on the road, the ones about aliens are the most interesting. I like aliens.

    By Joanna Niemczyk on 10.01.2012

  3. i once saw this stop sign that just said top. thats when i dicided to go right to the top of whatever it was that i did. i had done to much time wasting my life on nothing. and now it seemed with this simple sign, i was to change. it started with my relationship. i stopped being afraid of being outgoing and decided to take it right to the top and ask my life long love to marry me. she aid no. after that i wondered if this was going to go as planned, or if this was just one of another dumb idea that had no significance in my life. next was my career. i had gone nowhere in the last seven years and decided there must be a rise in my developement. working at the same mundane job i have come to grow complacent and wondered if getting to the top was even an option i would considered. so i quit. u might think how do expect to make it to the top if u quit your job. well the top at that job is not the top for me. they say the sky is the limit, for me the sun is my destination.

    By victor on 10.01.2012

  4. I finally understood the signs. I suddenly understood all the clues and and without thinking, I started to sprint after him, my ponytail trailing behind. He turned a corner and then he was gone. Like my breath disappearing in the cold air on a winter’s night.

    By Meg on 10.01.2012

  5. Signs

    By Bethany URL on 10.01.2012

  6. All the signs lead up to this point. I couldn’t bear to face the truth, even if it mean’t saving the only thing I cared about…My heart. I shoved the letter into my jacket and ran furiously down the cobblestone street, puddles splashing behind me.

    By Caitlin on 10.01.2012

  7. We all look for signs in our life. Signs to stop. Signs to go. Sign to give up. Signs to hold on. Signs that everything is fine or that everything is going wrong. However, we sometimes don’t look at these signs with clear eyes. We need to be sure that we are reading the signs right in front of us so that we can get to the signs up ahead.

    By ECE on 10.01.2012

  8. All the signs lead up to this point. I couldn’t bear to face the truth, even if it mean’t saving the only thing I cared about…My heart. I shoved the letter into my jacket and ran furiously down the cobblestone street, puddles splashing behind me. I didn’t care about anything anymore. I only cared about saving her from doing something incredibly dumb. I raced, my lungs burning , my heart pounding. “Gracie! No, stop!”

    By Caity on 10.01.2012

  9. I couldn’t help but take the signs as something significant. All around there were notifications that the world was about to change and I couldn’t understand why people were so blatantly ignoring them. Then I realized that people didn’t want to read the signs for what they were. People just wanted to go about their daily lives without considering the future and how the changes would put obstacles in their path… or how the changes would make their lives easier or force them to become better people.

    By Willow on 10.01.2012

  10. Everywhere I go I look for the signs.

    By Maddy URL on 10.01.2012

  11. Street signs? Signs from God? Or sigh….. hmmm I was never good at writing, as you can tell, anyways signs are loaded with information, and with our minds we unload it into our brain. If we care.

    By Eric on 10.01.2012

  12. stop.
    all signs have a meaning. some are good some are bad. some signs mean things are coming or to look out for an upcoming event. my favorite signs are ones about music. posters can be seen as signs.
    music posters. i haven’t been to a concert in a while

    By Kelly Innis on 10.01.2012

  13. You keep giving me signs, but i’m not positive if they’re right. I want to believe them, but sometimes i think wrong. Most of my conclusions often aren’t the correct thing… I think you just want to be friends, but you want more… I want to be yours, but you just want to be friends

    By sorryimnotperfect on 10.01.2012

  14. When someone sees a sign. What is happening to them? Depending on the type of sign, and that persons group of interests, when looking directly at the sign, how much information will he take with him. None, some, a ton?

    By Eric on 10.01.2012

  15. Signs, you know no matter what the context is every time I hear or see that word the song just bursts out and I can’t get it out of my head. “Signs signs everywhere signs don’t do that can’t you read the sign?” I don’t even know who wrote it but it’s catchy.

    By Astrid1315 on 10.01.2012

  16. Signs are a beautiful piece of art. They tell us different things on different occasions. They can predict our past, present, and future. Signs come in an array of colors, designs, and shapes. They are beautiful, and without them, we would all be lost.

    By Jessica on 10.01.2012

  17. Signs can be used to convey messages or invoke a feeling. They are there to tell us something, whatever that may be. They tell without telling. We have built-in translators to understand signs. Signs tell the future, warn what is in store, reveal a hidden meaning, or make us think about something for a reason.

    By Macrae on 10.01.2012

  18. People are so careful to find signs. If they want something to happen, anything at all they’ll look for signs that the said event will happen. The problem is that they only see what they want to see. Most of the signs we see are just coincidence and it kills us to realize that.

    By Desiree on 10.01.2012

  19. Everyone says Signs was a terrible movie but I watched it when I was young so I remember it being relatively scary. Mel Gibson was in it and that shit was scary.

    By Olesya URL on 10.01.2012

  20. all the little things and trinkets. smiles and frowns of people passing by. caught in between the sheets and stripes. black and white. black. and white.

    By Katrina Tracuma URL on 10.01.2012

  21. I guess I should have seen the signs; how my heartbeat sped up when he came into view, how I blushed constantly in his presence, how my laugh turned into an embarrassingly high pitched giggle when he made a joke. I was in it deep, and loving it. He seemed interested, too, and it was a surprise to me when, one day, in the rain, I saw him kissing another girl, and my heart broke. He’d never said anything to me about us being an ‘us’… there was no WAY we were an ‘us’… but I had no idea my heart had been taken, until it was handed back to me shattered, on an afternoon when I had to walk home alone in the rain.

    By Catori on 10.01.2012

  22. do I follow or ignore? which is the wiser course of action? will I know once I reach where the sign is directing me to go? or will I always wonder who wrote the directions?

    By shira on 10.01.2012

  23. Signs are what make us live our lives! We follow them, read them, and make them for others to follow! Signs help us be happy and live safely.

    By Jessica on 10.01.2012

  24. I believe in signs. I believe everything that happens can be interpreted as a sign on what to do next. It can be a sign to make a change in your life. It could be a sign to stay where you are. It could be a song. It could be a person. It could be anything. By everything, and I mean everything, is a sign.

    By Jenn on 10.01.2012

  25. there are always signs everywhere. We can’t help but be bombarded with them in our everyday life. Some signs seem to just get pasted. we’ve all had that moment where we’ve missed a stop sign simply cause we didn’t see it. rings are signs of love and commitment. a smile is a sign of a good day.

    By Stephanie on 10.01.2012

  26. I should’ve known
    I saw all the signs
    I was delusional
    I thought you were mine
    to keep, to have and to hold
    I thought you would be by my side till ever we got old

    I was yours you were hers
    I shouldv’e seen the signs

    By Ann-Alicia Fagan on 10.01.2012

  27. signs. you see them all the time. they are everywhere. when you drive. when you walk. when you eat. and even before you go to sleep. signs are those things that help us move along smoothly. gives us some kind of guidence. signs have all the juice

    By craig on 10.01.2012

  28. Signs are everywhere in this world. Whether it is a traffic sign or a sign for something about to happen in your life they are always there. If avoided they can lead to terrible things happening. There are good signs and bad signs and both need to be looked for in order to make full use of them.

    By Thomas Negron on 10.01.2012

  29. Various signs were spread across the countryside each more foreboding then the next. I rode on keeping my head held high. I am sure he wouldn’t want to see me this way being dragged into the castle.

    By Rose Silver on 10.01.2012

  30. Signs, signs, everywhere signs
    Some suggest wickedly that you “Eat Me,” while others plead “Drink Me”

    One sign that I would hesitate to heed?
    “Baste me” – because it is simply too Jive Turkey.

    By Clearly on 10.01.2012

  31. When her depression was finally gone, she realized she could no longer write. She stared at her page filled with strange lines and signs and scratches of a pen, and realized she could never again turn what used to be letters and words into something meaningful.

    By cosmic on 10.01.2012

  32. a movie where mel gibson is a widowed father and aliens come to earth. everything is chaotic and everyone is scared… but in reality they may not be bad.. just different.. they come to tell us a lesson..

    By Lauren on 10.01.2012

  33. It’s so funny how sometimes you see a word and it will trigger a song in your head. Signs, made the song: Signs, signs everywhere a sign, come to mind. Blocking up the scenery…breaking my mind. Do this, don’t do that. Can’t you read the sign.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.01.2012

  34. The signs point to time wasted, Left at the light then procrastination alley. Down with the signs of the times, how I spend too much of it, out of pocket distancing myself from what is truly important. the things that have deadlines after I signed on the dotted line….

    By Daniel URL on 10.01.2012

  35. Of all the signs in the world, that one was the worse I’ve ever seen. “Exit right,” but there really was no exit at all. The road curved and split much later (maybe 5 miles down the road). Up to that point, it had been a four lane road.

    By WordsnWorlds on 10.01.2012

  36. There are signs in the street when you walk on a rainy day. Do you notice them when the sun is shining? Does a blind man see when the sign screams yellow paint? Sauce is like that sometimes when the moon breaks down rolling. What happened when the stop said go and the go said wait for the yield to get back from the park?

    By Danielle caminneci on 10.01.2012

  37. All the signs were coming together. God, or whoever was up there, whoever was in charge, was showing me where to go. All the signs led to here. All I’ve done led to right now, this moment, and I was ready. I was ready to do what I hadn’t. I was ready to change. I was ready to become a new me, and I was ready now.

    By Robot Lilliput on 10.01.2012

  38. I told him I was looking for the service road to the falls, and asked if there were signs or trail markers I could follow to help me there.
    He said, “Son, out here there are no signs. Nothing points you in the right direction. You just got to guess left or right.”
    “Oh, well, thank you for your help anyway I guess.”
    I tried to fight the sense that I would inevitably get lost along the way, but eventually realized that it was going to happen and I would be better off accepting my fate.
    I got back in the car and turned the key in the ignition, watching the needle rise to full. I had one tank of gas and an entire day to get there. I would make it happen.

    By fluxandflow on 10.01.2012

  39. SIGNS…surrounds us everywhere. They also many types of signage….both literal and metaphorically, as well as various moods or tones, depending on the message and how it’s interpreted at that time. One must always be aware and pay extra special close attention.
    if we continue to live our lives with blinders on…and imprison ourselves in denial….well then…we not only miss out on some very good insight provided freely to us from some other unexplained force, thereby passing up an opportunity to learn anew… for great knowledge in mass leads to Wisdom. We, of course, will then have only ourselves to blame.
    The biggest signs are those right in front of our very own nose…..if we had only given it more attention….our lives may have been very different and with an entirely different outcome.
    If I had only forced myself to see the sign(s)….
    I may not find myself hopelessly & helplessly trapped in this dark suffocating & cold cage, where my spirit and self esteem have been harshly torn from me and in return I am given large doses of demeaning reticule and unhealthy painful, & destructive criticism….known as….DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

    By RaShelle on 10.01.2012

  40. I saw them, but I ignored them. There were days when it took a little too long to respond, and he’d sound distracted when he picked up. When the voice on the TV sounded too close and a little too familiar. The days when my best friend and my boyfriend were out of town always seemed to coincide– I should’ve seen it coming.

    By elly on 10.01.2012