December 17th, 2008 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “sigh”

  1. i sighed as i looked out of the train window, i was heading home again. i’d had such a good time that i didn’t really want to be going back home. i wasn’t sure what i had there waiting for me, i hazarded a guess at not much and looked down at my book. i couldn’t really concentrate on it as thoughts still raced of the past two days. i looked back out of the window and sighed once more

    By charles ware on 12.18.2008

  2. sigh………

    By christy on 12.18.2008

  3. we say i love you everynight. but ive been meaning to tell you. i dont just love you. i am in love with you. after we say goodnight. i always sigh

    By i love you. on 12.18.2008

  4. a sigh
    sometimes a sign of dissapointment
    other times it’s a sign of contentment

    either way both are a way to read people.
    to get glimpse of how they feel.

    By Kelsey on 12.18.2008

  5. hopeless. this hatred that i own. compempt. disdain. breathe in and breathe out. sigh. breathe in and breathe out. your cigarrette. you keep sighing and sighing. you look at me and i die. i cry. i sigh. i’ve had enough. you’ve had enough. we’ve had enough. and we just can’t give up yet. there’s still too much breath left. so we’ll sigh.

    By indy on 12.18.2008

  6. it makes me feel exxhausted
    to me it is something not really positive… however now I feel exhausted and I do sigh because this hasty stuff makes me being in a hurry…

    By Nina on 12.18.2008

  7. i was walking down the street and i was with my dog my dog was just looking at the lady i sighed to see what the lady was doing it was really odd i thought why am i looking at her is she doing something wrong is it the sky whats happenening so i just walked away like nothing ever had happened.

    By nicole contreras on 12.18.2008

  8. I can’t imagine, she thought, watching him hunch in his chair like the end of the world was approaching, what it must be like to be you. To live in a world where everything is hard and you feel like shit all the time.
    She didn’t say this out loud of course. It would have hurt his feelings too badly. And that was the last thing she wanted to do.

    By s.e. on 12.18.2008

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    By trlbjb on 12.18.2008

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    By trlbjb on 12.18.2008

  11. Oh i feel bad today. Curse the gods! How i feel like no one is watching me work, i have done good, and yet no one can see me. I am alone, no attention is mine!! ERGH!!!

    By Stephen on 12.18.2008

  12. sigh, what should a right…
    i don’t know, this is boring…. i’m not sure…i keep mispelling stuff and using backspace so it’s taking me longer to write stuff….i wonder how long i have now???

    not long i think…


    will time ever run out???

    time is realitive….that’s einstein….i misspelled relative..

    By EvanB on 12.18.2008

  13. Sometimes my heart skips a beat when I sigh and I really don’t like it. Sometimes my sighs come out strange and shuddery and I’m embarrassed. Sometimes I can’t think when I sigh. Sometimes I just want to lie down and sleep though its the middle of the afternoon.

    By neuroticsquirrel on 12.18.2008

  14. It is my favorite expression to show disgust, joy, fatigue, everything. Lungs love it too to exhale. Everyone else hates it because they think you are upset, why would people think that? It is the last thing someone does when they die, it is what babies do before they sleep. Actually, you can think of the sigh and the opposite of the yawn. Maybe they both express being tired, worn out or near the end of our energy. Are sighs as contageous as yawns? Now that is a real blogging discussion.

    By Joseph on 12.18.2008

  15. sometimes when i wake up next to her it doesn’t feel like it did in the beginning.

    By Phoenix Moth on 12.18.2008

  16. all the things i think about are sad daddadadaada and like all the things i think are about are for me and you and theres only one of me and two of you and i sigh to the moon all the night, no winks i do get no sleeps i will fear i will sit and i will think what will do my dear all these times we have are gone.

    By niall on 12.18.2008

  17. I sigh, pain escapes
    in a breathless, restless dissent.
    Goodbye, tonight’s the night
    I go where no one went.
    Breathe in,
    breathe out,
    like a porous rapport.
    Pungent like a sponge
    and still sucking up more.

    By Rick Veloz on 12.18.2008

  18. sigh sigh sigh…
    when taht time goes?
    I’m scared that my life will be som miserable like so far…

    By m on 12.18.2008

  19. She slowly krepped into the house. she walked into the old house unshure of herself but she continued on. she walked up the stairs and to the left. she thought she was alone until she saw a shadow. it was large and oddly shaped. her heart started beeting faster and faster. she started running but the shadoow kept following her. she looked back and with a sigh of relief to see that all that was there was a mouse, a feble little mouse, just walking along with her. finaly she felt just a bit safer.

    By christina m on 12.18.2008