December 18th, 2008 | 244 Entries

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244 Entries for “toast”

  1. cinnamon, yummy, happy, christmas, joshua, breakfast, anorexia, yes, no, don’t, maybe, it’s not so bad, fuck fuck fuck, diet coke

    By zoe on 12.20.2008

  2. toast always falls butter side down because of a constant length from table to floor and relative consistency in speed at which it flies off the table. why do we burn bread in order to make it taste good? we humans must be weird. toast is hard to get right without making it black. i like whipped butter.

    By Richard on 12.20.2008

  3. toast to you and me
    a toast to the past few months
    the wonder
    the intellect
    the questioning
    you challenged me, everything i had assumed, known.

    i’ve never met anyone like you
    you changed my life
    i hope you change the world
    so here’s a toast
    to you
    and how you make me feel.

    By ici on 12.20.2008

  4. Your hand is cold as I hold it in mine.

    We raise glasses to health and prosperity.

    You lower defenses as we grow warmer.

    I want nothing less than to know every little bit about you. I want to know every hiding spot, every secret, every curve.

    Your laugh is so fake, and I see right through it. It’s not malice, but insecurities.

    We’re in a crowd of people, but we are so alone, because no one can see you the way I do.

    Because you won’t let them.

    So stiff, in formal attire and dressed up to be so perfect.

    You’re a beautiful, blundering human, not a machine.

    But you won’t let anyone else know that.

    So we raise our glasses, to empty hopes.

    By Angelique on 12.20.2008