May 29th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “sideburns”

  1. he had sideburns, shaggy and dark. the dark circles under his eyes only emphasized his ragged appearance. the man didn’t look homeless, but in fact, one of sufficient wealth and prestige, just perhaps not a razor.

    By papercut URL on 05.30.2011

  2. Wolverine, and man is he a hottie. Hugh Jackman is a stud muffin! Why can’t I have one of him! (doesn’t matter if it’s the movie star or the sideburned mutant) Also, this makes me think of men, in general. Sometimes they don’t always look good….just saying. :D

    By Tirzah on 05.30.2011

  3. Got my hair cut at Supercuts. A place filled with women who have elderly hands and little tolerance in letting you tilt your head to one side. Well after a normal haircut, I see two days later that a certain strand hadnt been cut off. It was THE LONE SIDEBURN. It looked like that strand was attempting to attack the side of my head but it was nothing a pair of home scissors couldnt solve.

    By Jose Vazquez URL on 05.30.2011

  4. Elvis had sideburns. So does my boyfriend. But I like sideburns. It’s a funny word. Sideburns. Does it burn your sides? No. So why call them that? It’s weird. Really. Weird. I don’t know why. I don’t understand it.

    By Kayleigh White on 05.30.2011

  5. i hate sideburns!! they are so annoying and unattractive, and guys need to shave them. like common it isn’t that much work. but it is hilarious when i hang with guys and they say a girl has sideburns and just start making fun of her. suckaa she is not attractive and needs to handle her hair.

    By gloriya on 05.30.2011

  6. The cascade down the sides of your face. Scratch me. Itch. Oscar Wilde. Poetry reminds me of you. Your poetry reminds me of you. Your face, framed.

    By Julie on 05.30.2011

  7. I ment a guy named Dale yesterday who is a retired fire man and part-time Elvis impersonator – He had great sideburns! His wife and he drive around in a fire-engine red convertible and he wears flamboyant clothing like nobody’s business! His sideburns are so very distinctive, you almost ‘see’ Elvis in him w/out knowing about his part-time occupation! I understand he appears as Elvis in local parades in his “hot” car! I can’t wait to see the next (Neptune) parade in Virginia Beach as I’m certain he’ll be there (as Elvis, of course!) and who doesn’t love ELVIS and sideburns?

    By lisa URL on 05.30.2011

  8. hairy sournding your face ichy curly or strait sideburns

    By julia on 05.30.2011

  9. I used to have these, but I don’t anymore….Fran’s old boyfriend used to have them too…. Mom and Eliana thought they looked stupid. I kinda think they look okay, but they are silly as well. I think they can look attractive if groomed properly. But when they stick out on the sides like little fuzzies they just look dumb…..that is not a look that people can get away with. Okay, enough!

    By Pooka on 05.30.2011

  10. he was a man with contradictions. he was small, some would say almost effeminate. Maybe that is why he felt the need to demonstrate in some way who he thought he really was with his large sideburns. they stood out on his small face like wings.

    By Denise Wolf on 05.30.2011

  11. Sideburns are interesting because some guys look good with them and some look awful. Well-groomed sideburns are essential, otherwise they always look bad. All sideburns on women are bad.

    By Maze URL on 05.30.2011

  12. This reminds me of a substitute I had the other day, but he had chops and side burns. None of us knew his real name so we called him Mr. Choppyburns! How random and coincidental! Um..and Keith Copeland comes to mind..haha! (:

    By Jerissa on 05.30.2011

  13. on his face, they make him look older. Stupid even. SIdeburns shouldn’t be for younger guys, but what can i do about it? i cant exactly hand him a razor and tell him to shave it all off, now THAT would be ridiculous. Because it doesnt really matter what i think anymore, not to him. Not now.

    By falula on 05.30.2011

  14. I think sideburns in moderation are cool the big ones freak me out a little bit. But over all they can add an interesting look to a guy … or girl. My friend has long side burns i like them.

    By Carmen Krebs on 05.30.2011

  15. Sideburns are awesome. They make me look older. Before I had my mature set, I looked about twelve or thirteen years old, tops. Now, for once in my life, I look my age… kind of. I plan on keeping these bad boys for awhile. Side burns are so awesome. I love them. I LOVE THEM. I’m just writing because there is nothing else to really say about them. It’s just hair. But it’s cool hair. Maybe if I could actually grow a full beard now, they’d be even more awesome. That’s all I’m sayin’.

    By Josh Band on 05.30.2011

  16. Something on a man’s face, it happened on spongebob where he was trying to impress his grandma, elvis presley had them it seemed like. grease the movie comes to mind because john travolta had them. something that was popular in the 60’s to 80’s. i thought they were trees at one point, like a type of tree. i thought they were orange but they’re obnoxious. yeah

    By Ella Schantz on 05.30.2011

  17. Once upon a time there was a man. He was a strong man, with thick brown curls, and long dark sideburns that led into his beard. He had a smile that brightened up the world.

    By jessica on 05.30.2011

  18. He smashed through the doors looking for him. Just an hour before, he learned his wife of ten years had cheated on his best friend. Outraged, he searched the bar for those stupid sideburns and those cowboy boots. There, in the corner, he saw the man who betrayed him.

    By Jess URL on 05.30.2011

  19. They streamed form his face like flowing rivers as they met on his chin to make a perfectly formed beard. Not dashing in a typical way, most feared him and deemed him gruesome. Yet he would always fight for honour

    By Sam Russell on 05.30.2011

  20. i already wrote about sideburns but now i’m doing it again. haha i’m a loser! i love sideburns! they come in so many varieties, short, long, thick, thin. i like sideburns & i like men who have sideburns! it’s such a manly thing to have. haha i can’t believe i’m saying this right now. i guess i just so happen to have an obsession with men who have sideburns.(;

    By Nicole LaBosco on 05.30.2011

  21. face, itchy, beer and bad breath. maybe a macho man sucking his teeth.

    By Stephanyy on 05.30.2011

  22. Chuck Norris is the epitomy of masculinity according to males themselves. He emcompasses all the physical necessities that attract women, impress peers, and defend what he believes in. Facial hair is a sort of status indicator used to catagorize men.

    By Madison Chamberland on 05.30.2011

  23. oh my god don’t get me started on those retarded things. Honestly, it’s the 21st century, who the fuck are you going to impress? My 40 year old aunty with a Mcguiver fetish? Me thinks gross.

    By Jessica on 05.30.2011