May 29th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “sideburns”

  1. david tennant has sideburns. They surprise him. I’m not sure he knew about them before he regenerated. Sideburns scare me. They look rather strange; like half a christmas tree on each side of a person’s face.

    By Hollie on 05.30.2011

  2. Abraham Lincon was a man of suble and distinct tastes, with a flashy grin full of well set and shiny teeth. He was beloved by all, most especially the ladies of his court, who lavished him with attention, to disasterous effects.

    By Jay on 05.30.2011

  3. Shane King has sideburns, they aren’t very attractive, they remind me of Elvis. Elvis is cool, i have his CD i love the song don’t that reminds me of someone too…

    By Rebecca Ruane on 05.30.2011

  4. Ew. I don’t like them. My ex-boyfriend had them. i don’t like my ex; therefore, i don’t like sideburns. I associate the two. Isn’t that awful? what if I meet a really nice guy with sideburns, who I could have a relationship with, but because of the hair on the side of his face I will think of my ex and not like him. LIfe isn’t fair.

    By Alyssa on 05.30.2011

  5. When I was younger, my sister and I were examining our reflections in an old upright mirror in my grandmother’s bedroom. All of a sudden she gasped, “What are those hairs on the side of your face!”
    “I dunno, I mumbled” she, being five years my senior, was the only one who was allowed to know something the other didn’t.
    “Only boys have those!”
    What? I was a boy? I burst into tears and continued to think hysterical thoughts until five minutes later when my mom poked her head in the room and called us to go get ice-cream.

    If only I could get over my fears so easily now.

    By Jules URL on 05.30.2011

  6. I have some. They’re gross. I wish I didn’t because I’m a girl and I’m really self-conscious about them: rememerbe in high school about it. Some girls do but I really wish I didn’t – why can’t I be beautiful like every one else?

    By V on 05.30.2011

  7. i want sideburns i want to see them on boys i like beards but only big ones or good ones or nice tattoos and a suit. i want to fall in love with you. i like the way you walk and i want to read the same books you read. i want to be friends. but definately more. be stable. have sideburns. the 70s. porno moustache.

    By Jamie Squire on 05.30.2011

  8. Sideburns. Sideburns are a weird thing. Everybody has sideburns. Except for bald people. They don’t have any kind of sideburns.

    By Amy Schools URL on 05.30.2011

  9. Sideburns remind me of the 70’s or whenever that weird fashion was from…..i try to stay away from people with major sideburns because it’s kinda creepy i guess….but only the major side burns, and if they have a creepy beard that’s deffinitly a no no. I really don’t like creepy sideburns!

    By Catherine on 05.30.2011

  10. Sideburns in all there glory have taking its place on the human face. My sideburns are the envy of my boyfriend because they are just the right combination of thickness and sexy. He unfortunately only has one sideburn and asks me daily if I’ll give him mine. Although its not physicclly possible he sometimes even pulls them placing his face against mine as if to say “Jump here.” O sideburns.

    By donna on 05.30.2011

  11. Sideburns started with a Civil War general who thought those furry sideburns would help his chances with the ladies. I don’t understand male facial hair at all. My 19-year-old son thinks his whiskers will impress the young ladies … I think it looks like a weasel on his face. But then again, I’m 50 and his mom. Perhaps it’ll work out for him.

    By Tammy Dunbar on 05.30.2011

  12. when i was in high school, the head of the history department grew a set of mutton chops with some guys from the rugby team on a dare. it was one of those times where I felt my high school really was an amazing place.

    By Emily URL on 05.30.2011

  13. My brother has these really ugly sideburns that he likes to grow out. But they’re wierd. They are really light blonde and just made it look like his face has achieved an odd puffiness. I used to hate sideburns, but my friend chris had some crazy mutton chops in college. Then one day he shaved one off. Just one. he also dyed them blue.

    By Kate on 05.30.2011

  14. He looked absolutely ridiculous. Mid-life crisis, anyone? Sideburns, black, horned-rimmed glasses, ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans. The world’s oldest hipster. “Divorce is a hell of a thing.” she thought to herself.

    By Tennille Bozarth URL on 05.30.2011

  15. I have sideburns. They are fairly long, so my dad thinks. I like ’em though. They are red as they go further down my cheeks. If I grow a beard, that is red too, which is weird, because I have brown hair and big bushy brown eyebrows. Go figure.

    By Mike on 05.30.2011

  16. the guy in the left had sideburns so large the fell from his face. but fell? no, they dangled and swooshed with every step he took.

    “marvelous,” i said under my breath.

    he looked at me and with a wink, smiled assuring me that would not be the last of him or his sideburns.

    By V. Vergara URL on 05.30.2011

  17. Sideburns have changed over the years, often being indicative of the culture of the time. Personally, I don’t care for large, overt ones, but they can be interesting. Take the ones on ST: TOS. Sort of part of the iconic image.

    By Rushlight URL on 05.30.2011

  18. on the side of the face. prickly or long. mutton chops. thick, thin, i don’t care. they’re nice. i don’t know why they’re called sideburns, though. do they burn? do they hurt? they’re just on the side, but i guess sides aren’t a very good name for anything except the actual sides of things.

    By Heather URL on 05.30.2011

  19. Elvis has some remarkable sideburns. Why don’t men have sideburns anymore. Whatever happened to the lamb chop sideburn? Why don’t men have those anymore? I guess side burns were the 70’s equivalent of the current day soul patch or goatee.

    By Brenda URL on 05.30.2011

  20. the Doctor has sideburns. i usually don’t like sideburns – too manly, too grownup – and really, who wants to grow up? but i like his sideburns. i like the Doctor. and maybe, because of him, i wouldn’t mind if you have sideburns.

    By Brianna URL on 05.30.2011

  21. He offered a sly smile as he puffed on the stub of the cigarette hanging from his lips. He wasn’t all that intimidating, but his sideburns made him appear like a rogue, a criminal. Stubble was accumulating on his cheeks and he continued to grin a ghastly grin.

    By Meghan URL on 05.30.2011

  22. Sideburns remind me of Elvis Presley. Elvis was a brilliant musician and performer. Though I was barely born during his glory days, I certainly admire and respect Elvis Presley. His sideburns were amazing, and his performance was unmatched. There’s no other person that comes to mind as quickly as Elvis Presley does for the word, “sideburns”. He is the king!

    By Jessica on 05.30.2011

  23. awesome and for people who are confident about themselves. People who dislike them are jealous that they are comfortable enough to go against societies grains and stand out amongst the mass of robots in our world. Elvis, Jeff Bridges, Daniel Wilson, All Things Considered, Yoda, Han Solo, are all awesome and have sideburns.

    By Daniel Wilson URL on 05.30.2011

  24. I don’t really care for sideburns. Actually, I don’t really care for facial hair on guys at all. Except stubble. Does that count?

    By valerie on 05.30.2011

  25. some sideburns are nasty but others are nice. some are long or short hairy or not hairy. men usually have long sideburns and they are usually connected to a beard. i would never get one because it is unattractive for a girl to have one.

    By DANIA MARTINEZ on 05.30.2011

  26. I like being a girl. Dressing up, sun bathing, squealing, screaming, girl talks, sleep overs — a few of the things I love about being a girl. However, I do, occasionally, wish I could have sideburns.

    By Finch URL on 05.30.2011

  27. His sideburns were very short and well trimmed. He brushed his calloused fingers over it and it probably tickled. Or scratchy. I just watched as he repeatedly pet his sideburns, and giggled when he purred like a cat as he did so.

    By Kate on 05.30.2011

  28. The man was walking along, cowboy at on his head, dark brown sideburns down the side, a pistol in it’s holster at his belt. This man, quite obviously, was a cowboy. His name was John Night, the sheriff of his small town, Toronto.

    By Emily Woods on 05.30.2011

  29. Sideburns are cool. I’m not fluent in english so I’m not sure if sideburns are exactly what I think…But if i’m right The tenth doctor had it (and it was beautiful) and elvis too !

    By Sun on 05.30.2011

  30. Sideburns are brillant , The 10th doctor had it ! And damn , it suited him . But i’m from swiss and speak french as my mothertonghue so i may be mistaken on what’s a sideburn , but I don’t think so…Well sideburns are cool , like fez =P

    By jeanne URL on 05.30.2011

  31. When you get angry at your boyfriend for keeping his sideburns and not shaving hthem you’re not really being fair. You’re asking him to get rid of a part of him that he once really was proud of. Then again you may be just trying to prevent him from being the lazy guy he is. if thats the case, then you’re doing a good thing and if he

    By Ashley on 05.30.2011

  32. Handlebars and sideburns; that’s what the stranger had. Funny thing is I didn’t know that was a drink until then.

    By PenName URL on 05.30.2011

  33. hair on your face that usually looks good so you don’t shave it but then everyone thinks that you look terrible with them so sometimes you do shave them and then you feel terrible for doing it so you let them grow out again, and the cycle continues… so now i’m just sitting here thinking about taking a shower so i can shave my own sideburns.

    By Zach on 05.30.2011

  34. Someone said to someone else in class on Friday that he was lucky to not have sideburns. Another disagreed. Personally, it is no matter to me. I don’t care if you view them as a sign of your masulinity or if you thing they are an annoyance to be shaved. I just want you to treat me like a human and disregard the fact that we are not the same.

    By jd on 05.30.2011

  35. Guys with sideburns are kind of gross if they do not keep them trimmed. To just let them go out everywhere is unattractive and it shows that they don’t care as much about their appearance, therefore woman stay away from that because they want a well kept man.

    By Elyse on 05.30.2011

  36. elvis. i see elvis. with his music that moved millions, his dance moves the brought a new form of dance to the people. his low voice that rumbles through the audience’s ears. what is elvis? who did he represent the all? the revelationary figure, one of the symbols of music. oh how he was blessed to uphold that name and let it define him. i wish i could be like that someday, without the sideburns.

    By Day on 05.30.2011

  37. they are nothing like the pink razor burns – that fresh, raw skin – that men get when their fingers slip. instead, it is quite the opposite. they are hairs that have marked their territory upon a man’s face – rather rudely, in fact, for they tickle a woman’s soft fingertips when she traces them.

    By soynut URL on 05.30.2011

  38. …lure me like well defined eyebrows and hollow cheeks.
    i miss my mom
    and i miss…

    By viola URL on 05.30.2011

  39. Sideburns are actually named after a Civil War general by the name of Ambrose Burnside. He had such surreal growths on the side of his head that it seems a disgrace not to give him the honor. Sideburns are also apparently a mark of adulthood, as evidenced by Spongebob Squarepants in the “Grandma’s Cookies” episode.

    By Megan on 05.30.2011

  40. side burns are gross. they remind me of Elvis. He was great and all, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t want to see men looking like him. They are beard waste. Like sewage run off.

    By Cara on 05.30.2011