May 28th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “despair”

  1. Sad is the light of day it’s not good it’s not good at all. The acres little mouse is a rescuer I think and benzoin help maybe. Will the strange lady come back is this the place she still calls home, or has she found somewhere else to mend? No no maybe not. I dont know what to love if the is a real word, if that is your real name. I am love is what it says on the pendant. Don’t worry I think it will be fine. But oh wait it won’t because this is not a fantasy this would be despair. Tell me dammit tell me.

    By Maggie on 05.29.2011

  2. Lonely, sad, I walked through the tunnel with hopes vanquished. It was the last night, the last minute I had here on Earth. I would no longer see her face, her porcelain skin so unlike my own. Would I ever return? Most likely not for years. Could I know this would happen?

    I did.

    And I regret every minute I saw her face.

    By kat URL on 05.29.2011

  3. My Greatest
    Despair Comes from
    The times
    In Which
    I cannot Write.

    By MsMoon URL on 05.29.2011

  4. I couldn’t breathe. I thought it would never happen to me; I’ve always heard stories, but this was the worst of them all. Because it happened to me. I fell to the floor, breathing hard, and looked at it in my hand. Why had this banana turned brown so quickly? It was so young; I was going to eat it that morning for breakfast. And now I couldn’t. I started crying.

    By Jennifer on 05.29.2011

  5. Despair is that feeling you get when you find something out that makes your heart drop in your stomach. The feeling of sickness that hurts so bad, because you never thought youd ever hurt this way and never recover from the pain.

    By hannah on 05.29.2011

  6. She sat on her back porch, wondering what she could possibly do to make things right. There was no way, nothing that could. She’d done it. She’d cheated, and he would never forgive her for it.

    She hadn’t meant to. All this time, she’d assured herself it was harmless flirting–forgetting that no flirting is entirely harmless. It’d always been a game to her–how long would it take to get this man to play along?

    By The Gourmez URL on 05.29.2011

  7. desparatic influences, the road through hell
    feels like walking through a valley, dark and brooding
    all your feelings blend into one, mushrooming
    and your heart begins to race zooming
    I’m your worst nightmare.
    I’ll fuck your shit up
    and leave you to die.
    I am Despair.

    By Jayden URL on 05.29.2011

  8. lost, forgotten, i am alone. and no one to help. i feel scared. help. losing myself. despair.

    By mandi on 05.29.2011

  9. Hm… I don’t think I’ve every truly felt despair. I think I have, but I never have, because I don’t deserve to. Nothing in my life has ever been rock bottom, where I should have no hope to go on. Things can always get worse, so I shouldn’t be in despair, things can go either way, and I can make them better.

    By Lauren on 05.29.2011

  10. despair, despise, don’t compromise. no composition. have a cosmopolitan.

    By Rooper on 05.29.2011

  11. despair is an emotion. don’t let it get the best of you. no matter how far you’ve fallen, you will always find your way back. despair is a temporary feeling, fleeting.

    By M B on 05.29.2011

  12. wow. that hit me like a ton of sighs. I feel despair right now. But now that I think about what I want to write I surely am not going to write it out on a public forum. I share just about everything but there is one area that I keep totally to myself. I suppose this makes it worse. Maybe I should send in a long post card to Post Secret. They would understand. I know I am not alone in this.

    By Laurie URL on 05.29.2011

  13. Despair. What is despair? Some may say it’s a pit of negativity. Others may say it’s an eternity of hell and wanting. If you go with the latter, then, hey, a life full of despair sounds fun, right?

    By Mia Ippolito-Hillix on 05.29.2011

  14. sadly

    By christina on 05.29.2011

  15. OH the despair of making a grocery list. We’re horrible at it, husband and I that is. If we don’t sit down and make out a menu then we never get the right stuff to make what we want.

    By rachel on 05.29.2011

  16. feels like being lost out at sea. not being able to catch your breathe, bobbing up and down grasping for anything to pull you out. its something that comes from the deepest longings of our heart. despair is a sense of hopelessness.

    By Katie on 05.29.2011

  17. pain. loss. rushing to something and losing your footing. frown. outlet for growth. crumble.

    By Cristina on 05.29.2011

  18. I’ve been there. And yes, it is a hard, dark, sour, cold place. But, one thing it is not is impossible. No matter how long in that hole you stay there is hope, even though you can’t if you can’t see it.

    By Finch URL on 05.29.2011