May 30th, 2011 | 939 Entries

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939 Entries for “remember”

  1. I can remember the time that I was little and my dad said to me that I should stop crying or else he’d hit me again. Why is it that I remembered that? I didn’t want to write it down but I did. As if the only thing I remember is that I hate him. I have so many other great

    By Sleepy on 05.31.2011

  2. remember

    By Ravindra on 05.31.2011

  3. that time when a dog ate your shoe? remember the alamo! remember me? no. not really. clowns! they’re funny. especially that one who bought the cheese. mice remember something. i forget. ha! irony. fish have small memories. how long do i do this? is there a clock or something? i hope so. otherwise this will just go on an on foreverr a dnd that would be weird.,all of sudden this is freezing up…….

    By haley on 05.31.2011

  4. um remember to poop
    remember to pee
    remember to fart
    and eat
    remember my birthday
    remember that one time
    when we had a lot of fun okay
    and um remember
    remember the fifth of november
    passing the tiem

    By Sirena URL on 05.31.2011

  5. Mr. Man lived in that bowl
    His simple life never took it’s toll
    Happy or sad, he could never remember
    Is it July, is it September?
    Mr. Man the goldfish was a simple old soul.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 05.31.2011

  6. ricordarmi di quesri ultmi anni mi fa sentire molto triste e pensare quello che sto per fare mi fa letteralmente cagare sotto non sono sicura assolutamente sicura di nnie te peró sono convinta che ce la posso fare ancora ci manca poco e tutto ricominerá a

    By monica on 05.31.2011

  7. Remember, what is it that I’m suppose to remember. I know I knew a few moments ago but it has seem to escape me at the moment. It was important I know that, but what is it. Hmm, well I can’t really say.

    By Alex on 05.31.2011

  8. remember when i first came to outback? remember when i moved into my house? remember the first college class i sat through? wolf shirt wednesday? first time at georges? first time going out with work people?

    By brittni on 05.31.2011

  9. Mr. Man lived in that bowl
    His simple life never took its toll
    There was nothing he could ever remember
    Is it July or is it September?
    Mr. Man the goldfish was a simple old soul.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 05.31.2011

  10. I remember the first day that i went to school, i remember the first itme i had ice cream, i remember my first ever tooth that fell out and i remember the smell of summer. I remember everything that I want to remember but dont remember the har parts. Those I dont remember.

    By chelsea on 05.31.2011

  11. Remember…

    I remember this word from yesterday ;)

    I’ll give it a little more time to change over :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.31.2011

  12. I’m trying to forget. I can’t live with those memories and thoughts. They rip me apart every day. I just want to live again, happily, without worries or sorrows. And still I remember.

    By elina URL on 05.31.2011

  13. “Remember this forever, or you’ll never know how to go on,” she said, and handed the amulet to me. I could never take it off. I could never know its power. But the power would work inside me, somehow. She never lied, ever since she died. She knew that lies killed you inside, and that’s how she died, and that’s why she never, ever, lied.

    By Isis on 05.31.2011

  14. I do not know her name.
    To begin with that may imply a miriad of other facts, but know only one thing: We never had sex. in fact, the only time we ever phyisically touched was an hour after we met.
    – I’m Dovi. We shook hands long before I realized that she hadn’t replied. No problem.

    By Dovi URL on 05.31.2011

  15. I remember that day. It was all a huge mistake. I know that you shouldn’t regret things that you did, only learn from them, but in my memory this really seems bad. I hope you won’t remember the same.

    By Puck URL on 05.31.2011

  16. nothing

    By dylan on 05.31.2011

  17. to look at the little things in life. It will honestly make the big things instantly insignificant. And a smile can speak a million words.

    By jes on 05.31.2011

  18. I do remember doing this word already. I think it was just a few minutes ago, maybe not even that long. Well it could have been 60 seconds. All though I could be wrong.

    By Alex URL on 05.31.2011

  19. the mountains. The time you spent there.greata heights beautiful scenary . the rivers.the sunlight. the warmth of it. the breeze flowing the trees. thr chirping birds the dancing clouds.reflecting light noisy brooks

    By K on 05.31.2011