May 8th, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “shorthand”

  1. Ok, so my hands are short. Don’t mock me. I hate that nickname. “Hey shorthand, why don’t you hand me that shovel?” Ah, eck you. My hands are not that short. They are delicate. Dainty. Digital.

    By Mike URL on 05.08.2012

  2. I always wanted to learn shorthand. It looked like a secret language. I thought it was one of the magical gifts given to secretaries. I know that the tape recorder has long since replaced its necessity, but I still long for the days when shorthand was a treasured skill.

    By Susan Wells Bennett URL on 05.08.2012

  3. He never wrote anything the way it should be written. The note was all in shorthand, choppy sentences and fragments of thoughts that I could never seem to put together into anything that made sense.

    By tori URL on 05.08.2012

  4. a quick way to express yourself. I don’t know shorthand. I just type it all out. I’m pretty quick at typing and I like it. I’ve been typing since I was in 7th grade. I can’t focus on one word apparently. I’m not even talking about shorthand anymore.

    By Eli on 05.08.2012

  5. PA shorthand was unreadable

    By Megan URL on 05.08.2012

  6. I was taken back by the short-handedness. Never did I think I would be put in such a position. I can feel the glares waiting for a reply. This man deficiency was appalling. What to say?

    By Emily on 05.08.2012

  7. I find it strange that this is a word on here. I would think that with all the technologies available shorthand was already a thing of the past. I wonder if any of the other users here don’t even know what shorthand is. Shorthand reminds me of my mother. I think she knew it.

    By deadponies URL on 05.08.2012

  8. His letter in shorthand apologized for not having enough money to pay off the monthly $60 increments of gas; for not always coming home on time, given the traffic; for not having the family room vacuumed exactly during the same day as requested. He was sorry for the temper tantrums, the overspending, and the occasional emotional meltdowns that molded his poor brain like soft silver.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.08.2012

  9. Shorthand? Yes, I suppose you could say that, she thought wryly as she looked at her tormentors. Shorthanded in love, mental capabilities, in everything. Go ahead and laugh, idiots. One day you’ll be shorthanded, and then where would you be? At her mercy. All hers, all the time.

    By Don't look back URL on 05.08.2012

  10. I am uncomfortable being around people who know each other so well that one glance between them tells the story in the moment. Like some kind of shorthand between they telegraph one another.

    By paulie aragon on 05.08.2012

  11. She was handed a piece of paper with something on it. Something weird. Papers aren’t supposed to smell this awful. It was food. Rotten food. She didn’t eat and she didn’t read it. It was over for her. She gave the paper back and then was never seen again.

    By Sylvia on 05.08.2012

  12. Someone once pointed out to me that I had a short hand, after further inspection I came upon the conclusion that my hands were different sizes! One was at least two finger lengths wider and an inh longer.

    By Luna on 05.08.2012

  13. The shorthand of the matter was that I was dead. The longhand was that I was not QUITE dead. It all got a bit metaphysical around the time my head fell off, but I’ll put it as simply as I can. Things went awry and my head fell off. Shit happens. But anyway, death is an odd kind of place in the short run. I suppose it gets better after a while, but there didn’t seem to be any kind of…of…cohesiveness…

    By Mairead URL on 05.08.2012

  14. He said it was a heist. That he was helping me.
    My foot hit the concrete hard, my breathing was painful, my heartbeat above normal. But I didn’t slow, as I dodged into an alley.
    He said that we wouldn’t get caught. But he set me up.
    I jump over a trash barrel, push past a group of women.
    He said that we would have enough people to heist the bank. But here I am, running for my life, from the police. No other thieves, but he showed. I was shorthanded.
    I struggle to keep my legs pumping, yearn for air. You can’t stop, I tell myself, you can’t slow.
    When we had stolen the jewels, he called the police, taking all the jewels from me. He fled, leaving me to deal with a theft and bounty on my head.
    He betrayed me and left.
    He shorthanded me twice.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 05.08.2012

  15. once there was a boy who had a friend named shorthand. short hand was not nice so the boy ddnt like him. later on the boy found out that hes friend really did have a “shorthand” so he felt sorry for him.

    By kiarash on 05.08.2012

  16. People have always said I have short hands, but I now believe that this is to my advantage. Not luck, but a gift, I call it.
    Discreetly, I eye my victim’s right pocket on his denim blue jeans. He is favoring his left leg today; also to my advantage.
    Two minutes ago he was given the piece of paper, he never read it or offered it a glance. Only slipped it from his fingers and into his jeans. It’s my job to see what’s on that folded note.
    Flexing my fingers, I wander past my victim, I don’t glance at his blue eyes or brown curls. With a sigh, I move my fingers into his pocket, slither it from his grasp, and nonchalantly place it in my purse.
    That’s over, I think, I’ll never see him again.
    But, it wasn’t to later, that I realized how wrong I was.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 05.08.2012

  17. Shorthand reminds me h=of hockey its like when u have a peson in the penalty box or also when u are comparing hand sizes and someone says to you that you have a short hand its werd that im jusst tyoping this cuz i have no fucken clue what else to write well times up!

    By Jesse URL on 05.08.2012

  18. A torrid act brought about by a once lifeless palm, now a shorthand stature taking over. It’s brisk. Jagged movement. And as my pencil loses its point with a rough snap, I can’t help but think that you brought me here, drove me to this. You taught me never to take the short route, but it’s where I found my happiness. And I don’t think any less of myself for making my own mistakes. Because you too have tread these waters, regardless of what you’ve preached. And I think I just found my own way. 

    By ephemeral24 on 05.08.2012

  19. Well for one it could be just a baby’s hand, or it could be taking notes really fast…like writing so fast that you abbreviate and stuff, and can’t even read it.

    It could also be “shorthand” for a short handjob. Trolololol!

    By Brendono on 05.08.2012

  20. A hand that is short. No i’m just kidding, a short way to do something. I do you, shorthand-idly. It’s a funny story, because I actually have no idea what this word means. I like the sound of it though.

    By Cara on 05.08.2012

  21. I was told once by a high school teacher that shorthand would behoove me to know in college. She told us that it would help us take notes faster and be able to keep up with the professors. Now, four years later, I wish that I knew shorthand. There would be more notes to help me study for finals.

    By bn323 URL on 05.08.2012

  22. It kind of looks like short hand.

    By alyjah on 05.08.2012

  23. long hand big hand toll hard….hahaha im dirty, what is a short hand? is it like a m/idget. a midget hand tolololol i dont know what to write dnahtrohs shorthand..i dont get it

    By rachel on 05.08.2012

  24. simple way of expressing

    By Kaitlyn Frey URL on 05.08.2012

  25. hand which is short? Probably not. I am not so familiar with this word, but I can try to guess at its meaning. Maybe it means not as effective? I am not sure.

    By Andrew Rosario URL on 05.08.2012

  26. hand which is short? Probably not. I am not so familiar with this word, but I can try to guess at its meaning. Maybe it means not as effective? I am not sure. Shorthand actually refers to a form of fast writing, which makes sense, considering the word.

    By Andrew Rosario URL on 05.08.2012

  27. QUICK! Keep up! Remember to dot the I’s and cross the t’s. Do it as fast as you can, but make sure it’s neat now. Don’t skimp out on the handwriting. It must be perfect, that’s what you’re built for.

    By Shubham Parashar on 05.08.2012

  28. I should have learned shorthand. I could be sitting at a desk beside a man with job security because I would know how to turn chicken scratch into words. Instead, I’m doing philosophy.

    By Charlotte on 05.08.2012

  29. He was eating a carrot. It was orange and tasted carroty, I know I’m a nerd he thought. Even when I’m writing a fictional story I am a nerd, but on the shorthand I do think very creatively. People can see that, Even as i put the headphones oh my head, cover them with my hood, turn up the volume and walk like I have meaning.

    By Luke on 05.08.2012

  30. I was born this way. Wasn’t my fault at all. I guess, snicker, snicker, it is just the hand that I was dealt. Mom says it is a birth defect. I just think of it as a part of me….or a missing part of me. Me and my short hand. Yuck yuck.

    By Danyelle on 05.08.2012

  31. We a system, a glitch we salsad round
    found a route mutually conducive to our love
    a kind of shorthand, quickfeet, darting eyes
    back and forth between the walls of our love
    until the whisper become dry, sparse
    which worked well, after the matter of our love

    By gsk URL on 05.08.2012

  32. I felt so…betrayed…He said all these things to me. All the right things. And he destroyed everything. Every single thing he worked so hard for. Why did he even bother in the first place? Why did I think I was special enough for him? To keep is attention?

    By Samantha URL on 05.08.2012

  33. I like shorthand because it was invented for people to write in court rooms and prisons to keep records while people are speaking, but it makes it faster. Shorthand makes it easier to say things if the person that is reading your content knows how to read shorthand. From what i understand, shorthand is made of symbols.

    By Joey Passamonte on 05.08.2012

  34. I didn’t want to write it all out, it seemed like they knew already knew most of the story I was going to tell, anyways.

    By Megan URL on 05.08.2012

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    By zboy on 05.08.2012

  36. she peeks over his shoulder.. gibberish is all her eyes detain.. ”let me in.. into this world i wish to surround myself in. i long to be close..” is all she can thinks. months she has sat within two empty seats, next, close to him. can smell his spirit and his smile. his eyes never look up.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 05.08.2012

  37. Shorthanded. Short changed. Short shorts. Short stories. Short skirt and a long jacket. I’ve only written the word ‘short’ six times now and it sounds hilarious. Reminds me of a fictional word that maybe Mork would have made up. He had great suspenders.

    By Roxy on 05.08.2012

  38. She scratches her nail on the writing desks, files it down to a sharp point in the shape of a triangle or needle or slice of pizza, she doesn’t really care for either of the options.

    By the time the remaining piece breaks, only a pile of keratin, dust, remains in front of her finger.

    By Anna Meursault on 05.08.2012

  39. I’m shorthand on the meanings of life
    shorthanded on anything that you even tried to do for me
    shorthanded on ideas for you
    shorthanded on things that I can do for you
    shorthanded on how I thought I used to love you
    I’m just shorthanded

    By Tangy Keplar on 05.08.2012

  40. We speak in shorthand: a slight turn away shows irritation; a sigh signals need; silence says ‘No’.

    By skids on 05.08.2012