May 9th, 2012 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “outgoing”

  1. outgoing is another way to say you’re extroverted. my mom says she’s an introvert, but she’s really an extrovert.

    By just582 URL on 05.10.2012

  2. I like to think of myself as an outgoing type guy.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.10.2012

  3. What the fan-hordes didn’t know about Dana was that their favourite actress was beginning to hate the limelight. She despised the attention, being stopped in the grocery store, in the queue for the ladies. The camera flash was branded onto the inner side of her eyelid; it glared even when she tried to close her eyes to sleep. As a kid, Dana was never outgoing and had the school report card to prove it. She built a cardboard box of a world with her love of pretending. Pretending to be someone else in a different life.

    By RJay on 05.10.2012

  4. Linda is someone who is outgoing. Not just with friends or her students, but with strangers. It is a quality that people appreciate and remember. It is the one adjective used most frequently to describe her. And it gives her the confidence to succeed in her pursuits.

    By Linda on 05.10.2012

  5. Like a newly evolved butterfree I expand my wings and begin my journey. They say that a social butterfly has the potential to impact lives in a substantial way. With outgoing qualities and a smile for days I plan to be that social butterfly that impacts your life in such a way that I’ll never be forgotten. I wish to simply be the change, the step towards something better. Outgoing qualities shall be the tools that will help me shape my dream.

    By Fearofsailboats on 05.10.2012

  6. As outgoing as any musican would be, when asked to play Carols at the company Christmas party, Raj readily suggested,

    “I can play songs like, “Jingle Bells” at least with a good sustain pedal.”

    “Great! see you then…you’ll be the life of the party.”

    Weeks later,

    “OMG, Lord, no!” screamed Raj, walking closer to what appeared to be an organ.

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 05.10.2012

  7. Sometimes I wish I were more outgoing. But sometimes I fear I’d lose something by being outgoing. Like if I were hanging on the words other people say, and thinking of the right thing to say next, I’d think less about the math I’m learning, or the stories I’m trying to write.

    By Holden URL on 05.10.2012

  8. Is like u r so pretty And smart and beauty

    By Brianna Flores on 05.10.2012

  9. Is like u r so pretty And smart

    By Brianna Flores on 05.10.2012

  10. I think outgoing is a word to help you’re vocabulary to get better and good for people and kids!! :)

    By Antonio Sanchez URL on 05.10.2012

  11. I think it is a word
    Out going I think end of story like number the stars and devils arithmetic they have sart midde and end I think out going is end of story.

    By Kyumin hwang on 05.10.2012

  12. I used to be an adventure like you but then I took an arrow to the knee :p

    By Fernando duque on 05.10.2012