May 7th, 2012 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “tasting”

  1. I used to love tasting the salty water at the beach.
    All of summer was contained in that pungent taste.
    I remember licking my arms as a child and then later
    in life, licking other people’s arms, tasting the delicious salt
    again and again.

    By Robin on 05.08.2012

  2. Tasting the french dip was the only thing she wanted to do. Just the jus, the broth. Surely that wasn’t the same as eating meat, which she didn’t want to do anymore. But the tasting of the broth was the beginning of a long and slippery slope.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 05.08.2012

  3. Tasting other people’s food sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Most people who hire tasters eat some delicious stuff, and so you do too. When the poison shows up, though, you’re gonna feel pretty stupid.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.08.2012

  4. Tasting menus- that’s the way I’d like to live. Doing a litttle of this, a little of that. A bite here, a bite there. Commiting to one dish in your life seems like it would be less interesting.

    By Malinowski URL on 05.08.2012

  5. Right now I am tasting wintergreen trident gum. It took me a few minutes but I finally convinced my friend to share. It tastes good but I am craving Subway. I am also tasting the salad I had for lunch with ranch dressing and crackers. It was good but Subway will be better.

    By fdafasdfa on 05.08.2012

  6. when tasting something you use your senses. Some of my favorite things to taste are food. Especially ice cream, fruits, and anything that could be spicy or savory. I really don’t like to taste dirt or sour things like certain candies or non- ripe green grapes.

    By L1v1@ on 05.08.2012

  7. I was still sitting there, still
    Waiting, wanting, waiting…
    for that moment to come, that promised moment
    Where I could taste your skin once again
    My teeth against flesh, the salt and the wounds
    on the fore front of my lips
    I would lick and lick, but never be able
    to come to the conclusion in which we both desired

    By Kelly on 05.08.2012

  8. Because tasting her lips was the only thing I could think about at that moment. They were soft, and sweet, much like her personality. I was so happy. There was no one else there and that was all I needed. Her. She was all I needed. I just needed to find a way to make her mine.

    By Kris Luce on 05.08.2012

  9. I still remember tasting her lips for the first time. They were sweet and soft; much like her personality. At that moment I realized that nothing else mattered. I had to have this girl. I would fight until the day I died to have just one more moment like this with her. The moment where everyone else fell off the earth, and it was perfect.

    By Kristopher on 05.08.2012

  10. All of a sudden there was the tang of blood in my mouth, bitter and heavy, lodged in my teeth and refused to go away. I swept my tongue around, trying to find the source of the bleeding, but without success. That strange iron taste still lingered.

    By andyprue URL on 05.08.2012

  11. That is all I can think about, the long distance between us, I can imagine her smell, remember her touch, but the taste of her, sampling her is what I miss most. All the sense are light up around her. But never have I hungered a flavor as the craving that she embodies. Just the texture of her lips against mine send explosion across my nervous system.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.08.2012