October 6th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “setting”

  1. A place where a story is based. a mode of functioning for a tv/radio etc. Favouriter setting is a beach or somewhere warm and sunny I like the sun, i would like to be set in the sun.

    By Rach on 10.07.2011

  2. if you see the confidence of a sitting cat you will be surprised with what you see She is like a statue to me. The fixed eyes and the fed body is still the one I don’ know

    By Eman on 10.07.2011

  3. The mist was swirling and you could hardly see a tree in front of you. The trees were abundant in this area of the woods and there were animals everywhere.

    By spartica URL on 10.07.2011

  4. setting is where something happens, the stage upon which your characters move, upon which their lives are played out. all the world’s a stage, a stage of life, part of a lifecycle that keeps going round and around, never ending, always moving on to not a conclusion.

    By havingsaidthat URL on 10.07.2011

  5. her er jeg inne i en ramme som setter meg på plass. ingen vei å gå akurat nå. det er bare firkantet. i hjørnene kan jeg sette meg ned og ta en pause mens jeg undrer på hvordan jeg kommer meg ut. av rammen.

    By Rikke on 10.07.2011

  6. det har vi jo alt skrevet om. jeg vil ikke skrive på engelsk denne gangen. i denne settingen har vi bare norsk. det er grensen jeg vil overholde for denne gangen. aldri bryte og alltid holde. should i write in english? it is not my mother tongue

    By rikkert URL on 10.07.2011

  7. setting
    the backdrop of a story it
    the scenery
    the stage it colors in the white space adds dimension and perspective
    gives us something to concentrate and reflect on
    when the plot gets boring

    By JJinx666 on 10.07.2011

  8. the place where we are located is the setting for our story, this in turn means that wherever we may be is where we will begin and end in that given setting. in conclusion we are here.

    By Ben Chapman on 10.07.2011

  9. Places, people, faces. All an image of what “being” means. Nothing Stable all fragile and forgotten like crumple up leaves carried by the wind. i can’t wait for stable and nurturing arms.

    By JessicaBlu URL on 10.07.2011

  10. Everywhere you go, there is a setting. Whether you acknowledge it is what determines your life. I like to forgo a setting and make one for my own entertainment. This takes imagination, but I have plenty of that to spare. Driving down a river road brings flashbacks to the 18th century where they would have walked relatively the same path. Furthermore, music warps us to the setting in which the song was released or it transports us to memories associated with the year the song became popular. For example, Earth, Wind & Fire’s electronic discography brings me back to the 80’s.

    By BRADLEY JAMES ARCHER on 10.07.2011

  11. Setting. A setting is the place in which soming a occurs be it a story an action or an event. You could describe a setting, for example. Setting is also another word for letting something go solid or hard, for instance setting clay. My setting at this moment in time is a living room, it’s warm, softly lit and comfortable. Settings are all around us, all the time. They are what make life interesting and provide a backdrop for our lives.

    By patara on 10.07.2011

  12. emergency word

    By asdf URL on 10.07.2011

  13. The planet was a darksome shade of grey. The dust clinging to its surface was a sickly yellow that sat gloomily on the boots of the soldiers as they passed. One of them, a younger, inexperienced fellow, shuddered as he passed the boneyard. The others snickered at him.

    By Beth on 10.07.2011

  14. I don’t know what to write about this. The setting is a binfpnisdpnjispinjsdpnjsdpnijvsdi fi vi vdp idv sdv ;asdkfj and alsosdjosdfjdfojsdfdfojfjfojf I don’t like this word.

    By Patrick URL on 10.07.2011

  15. in the right setting, one could write rather well…a nice glass of wine, dim lights, emotional music…ahhh i need to do this more often – always sets my mind free and makes for a peaceful nights sleep, if i could only remember how to write, dammit. hell, shit, fuck. blah.

    By Writemindedlefty URL on 10.07.2011

  16. Tempting, to say the least. Not that I was really tempted. But just the thought. The plate so delicate, so fine. I imagined the ground skeleton dust making the china. The etched glass, the swan-folded linen napkin. Monogrammed. And the juicy beef on the side board. The ripened fruit. The champaigne chilling; beading up in anticipation of ther first tingling sip. Yes,it was tempting, but there was no way in hell I was going to stay for dinner after what I’d done. What with the blood still fresh and running down the walls, it was best to just scrape by the body of the man I once loved, honored, and trusted with my life. I may have kicked his mistress in the face as I jumped over her prone form… I can’t quite remember. But, was she missing any teeth?

    By Dana on 10.07.2011

  17. setting is a crucial element in writing. i know that. but what if the most familiar setting is also the setting you dislike most in the world? not because of its familiarity–you just don’t like it. what would you do?

    By kaorita on 10.07.2011

  18. setting things right? that sounds like something out of one of my stories, though. life isnt that simple. its complex and nothing is clearly defined. the best you can do is take it as it comes and go with it. improvise. because nothing is smooth and nothing is meant to work. we’re supposed to make our own way between the rocks and the ledge. see: choke – palahniuk.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.07.2011

  19. the setting is a place, time, and theme of a novel for example the setting of harry potter is hogwarts, in the modern age. a larger setting would be London, or somewhere in europe.

    By Maya McElwaine on 10.07.2011

  20. the setting is the place you are it can lead the whole story. Whether it takes place in Memphis or Sydney. It can change the way one lives and it can be a really good way to figure out how to live your life

    By Chase on 10.07.2011

  21. The setting of the crime. Setting a table. Two totally different contexts for one word. English is a strange language. Today’s setting is a gloomy, overcast day. Wind whips through the trees.

    By Kristin URL on 10.07.2011

  22. I was setting the scene, a dark alley, a crimson lip and a soul that’s facade was as transparent as water. This was my life and my night. A treasure forever. Mouth to mine, hot and warm, c’mere baby. Let’s set the setting.

    By Phoebe rouse on 10.07.2011

  23. i am setting the stage for all that wish to follow
    i promise my ideals are legitimate
    i am setting up my future to be the best it can be
    i am in a new setting
    and with new settings come new, more, and different opportunities
    let’s explore.

    By jillmjacobs URL on 10.07.2011

  24. The setting is important to any situation. Where you are can make any single moment incredibly romantic, or meaningful. The perfect setting, is well, perfect.

    By Olivia on 10.07.2011

  25. setting is the place in which things happen, where shakespeare writes the love story of romeo and juliet in the castles of montague and capulet, where you have to imagine what is around and surrounding in your head, to see where.

    By Melanie on 10.07.2011

  26. setting is a background to something, or can be used to adjust things on a pc. Setting.

    By Lord Voldemort on 10.07.2011

  27. Oh…I already wrote about this. Perhaps I’ll write something else? Meh. Setting is pretty. It is also scary and weird and awesome and cold and hot and…it’s just everything, okay? You either get it or you don’t. Sheesh.

    By Emily URL on 10.07.2011

  28. Setting. All I can think about is the floor where we watched a movie that is partly pertaining as to where our “relationship” goes. Well actually there is no relationship at all. Maybe I am just assuming. Or maybe He’s just too SWEET. After that movie we had a sincere talk about the guy that he thought I love. But I was just actually pertaining to him. So when he turned his back as if he’s not in the mood to listen anymore maybe because he’s sleepy, I cried. Then he started to hug me tight. Telling me to stop crying… because he’ll never leave my side. If only he knew that it was him. Maybe it’s less complicated. :(

    By vanilla URL on 10.07.2011

  29. I was setting, that’s what Dave used to call sitting–setting–in a chair at the movies with my children hoping that the movie would entertain us all, not just them or just me. And we lucked out. It was the best movie ever about dolphins playing baseball while rock climbing and running and eating chocolate and it was hilarious and beautiful.

    By nancy on 10.07.2011

  30. Setting! Well, i do a hell lot settings. No, no! Not in setting up someone’s relations but in managing things :P

    By muskan URL on 10.07.2011

  31. The setting of a story is what creates the atmosphere. It’s what tells us the type of story to expect, and puts us inthe correct frame of mind to accept what we’re about to be told. It helps us to understand what the author wants us to in order for their story to make sense.

    By charlie on 10.07.2011

  32. i’ve often focused on my setting and how it affects the work and thinking i do. music is often background of my setting, and in general, i relate strongly to the memories of every musical note my setting has brought. the sounds of a room, or an office, or a train – the smells around me at the time, the weather, whether it is drizzling or blazingly hot – all contribute to the setting.

    By cdelbueno on 10.07.2011

  33. setting. like where you are. the place you want to be, the place you should be. your atmosphere and everyone and everything around you. setting.

    By julia on 10.07.2011

  34. the settings on the comptuter are shit but its okay who needs a computer when you have a phone facebooks all you use these days anyways i have a fat cat named henry you told me not to think, just kidding i call my spiders henry

    By jemima on 10.07.2011

  35. setting. the place you are in and the surroundings around you. i like to surround myself with happy settings so it reflects my mood

    By julia. URL on 10.07.2011

  36. Two lovers sit at a beautifully decorated table. Lace cloth, crystal champagne flutes …they toast, to day one!

    By amanda on 10.07.2011

  37. set your history in stone like it is made from the sword. setting is what is around you and what you see everyday. What is your setting? Are you at home or playing or running errands all day? Your setting changes like the weather. Find a setting you enjoy and work until you can’t work “no mo’!” Set a path for yourself.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 10.07.2011

  38. setting is the time and place for a happening, but then it can also be the preferences for a computer. Personally, I prefer the romanticism of the time an place!
    Randomly, my father used to have a problem setting the timer on the VCR.

    By Simon Ryder on 10.07.2011

  39. THe setting was freezing. Ice. Snow. Wet rain. All of it cold. It could not have been a more perfect environment for this fight between me and my boyfriend outside of our favorite, first date restaurant where I thought he would propose.

    By Rebecca URL on 10.07.2011

  40. The setting just wasn’t right… the moment was ready I perceived but the setting, damn that setting. Both at a bar with friends on a normal Sunday night, I’ve dreamed this differently like maybe at a coffee shop or walking out of the DMV, I don’t know. I guess paticularness was never apart of destiny. It’s been years since we’ve spoken and after we promised to come together one day in a different time, place, where we could work I had pushed my thoughts about you aside for a better moment. But this setting, something was off. Taking my chances I trusted destiny yet again, and asked the waiter to deliver you this drink and scribbled a little message on a napkin for him too. I got up and made my way out, I turned around and saw him get it, a bit suprised you open the napkin read that “1034” and looked around. I turned away, hopefully for just a while and stepped into the night and faded away anticipating a better setting.

    By alissajade on 10.07.2011