October 6th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “setting”

  1. It’s not about the place setting that put us in this awkward situation. It’s not about our friend mistakes by setting us up in this so call blind date. But it’s about us…about our time together in the past that you ruined so easily.

    By gifta URL on 10.06.2011

  2. Quite the setting, this lonely lake house. Its peaceful, relaxing, and leaves me here to wander through my thoughts. I enjoy this lonely little place. Its a good lonely – the kind you need after too many social events, too much mental crowding. Its perfect – the exact setting I need.

    By Robyn URL on 10.06.2011

  3. The waves are listless – a crash, a thump. The sky is warm, reds and oranges and yellows painting it in a wonderful light. This place soothes you. And you wiggle your toes, reminding yourself of the beauty and fragility of it all.

    By Beatrice URL on 10.06.2011

  4. To many settings around everything. I understand customizing but damn we have settings for settings. Then again its the mood setting the mood and things of that nature. I like the setting I am in right now.

    By Gabriel Avila on 10.06.2011

  5. the setting is dark, perfect for a romantic comedy, if there was any comedy in this romance. not that theres much romance either. anyways, the setting was dark. not dark like creepy mansion dark or creepy pedo dark, just dark like as in canddle lit dark.

    By Freak on 10.06.2011

  6. I sat on the park bench, looking on yonder. The setting in front of me was something I saw every day. But today, I didn’t just see it. I was able to look beyond what my eyes allowed me to see. The beauty of the world in front of me seemed to take new meaning. I wondered why this was happening. I welcomed the feeling. And then I realized, the way experiences have an impact on ones life has a lot to do with the outlook we have on everything in and around us.

    By Patricia on 10.06.2011

  7. when & where.

    By Jennifer Meyer on 10.06.2011

  8. I remember faintly something I had accidentally memorized from reading too much. It was our first date and we laid in the back of your mother’s truck looking at the stars and we were ten feet from the train tracks. Every thought was running through our heads and we were climbing to the bottom of the ocean. I think back to that night when I’m sad like tonight. I just want to be able to go back to that. Not because I’m still in love with you or anything like that because I was so happy. We were all together. Then we kissed while _______ was asleep in the back seat and fucking Owl City was playing on your stereo. I fucking hate Owl City.

    By Ellie URL on 10.06.2011

  9. setting things in stone
    like memories and bone
    interment of our love
    i curse it.
    Leave it where it’s at
    and run.

    By kmcgb URL on 10.06.2011

  10. the proper setting
    in the perfect space
    on a beautiful day
    on a magical date
    with all the right people
    in a peaceful place
    gathered to witness
    love’s pure grace
    gowns and guys
    and music and moving
    pictures captured,
    a professional home movie.

    although marriage is warped,
    weddings are magic
    so i’m practically single
    until my right hands got carats.

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.07.2011

  11. If this had been the setting of every date, she thought that every date might have gone as well.
    But no, they hadn’t. And that was exactly why they were here. This was an apology date and that meant she couldn’t forget what he was apologizing for.
    This was supposed to make it better but it wasn’t.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.07.2011

  12. I see myself on a wooden bench, and my legs are crossed, and I’m smiling wide, it a bit fake but just for the people sitting down a bit further, watching the sunset, and the gravel starts to get in my socks, I brush it out, and I notice the pine trees in front of me, and they smell from five feet away, I want to occupy my hands, then stop myseelf,

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.07.2011

  13. A place setting at a table, a setting in a film, my current setting involves me trying to ignore 4 kids shouting at each other, it is after all school holidays.

    By taralyn URL on 10.07.2011

  14. the setting of my life is a plain one. not much different from the majority of people my age. somehow i still feel like an individual. i know everyone has gone through trials in there life but my lot seems so much worse.

    By Zeke on 10.07.2011

  15. setting, what setting? the setting of a novel? or the setting of a wedding? I love you , did you know that? I have. And you would know that. Thata I love you! Because Im obvious. I do everything. Everything iI can to make you happy. I’m sorry thats not enough. Im sorry I’m not hte one you love. Im sorry im not what you need. I desprately hope you find your true love one day. Even though, I, really belive, that person is, me, this person, meek, thin before you. baggy cloths simply too little to be everything you’ve been waiting for. Been craving in your life. Im sorry, I do my best. But nothing I could do could be worthy of you. You deserve everything. andthere mmust be some man outthere that gives will give , you everything.

    By lexy on 10.07.2011

  16. the first step. the first block. it is the first thing that a writer must overcome. it is also the first thing that a room’s occupant fiddles with after turning on the lights. the airconditioner’s settings.

    By URL on 10.07.2011

  17. whwn i see the settings on the computer system i sometimes wonder how to get this settings customiemisdd. These setttings are just irritable at some times, sometimes they just do not make any sense.

    By my_writings URL on 10.07.2011

  18. Nothing in this world is important than setting,
    No boon, No betting
    If your life is set
    You are out of god’s every debt

    By Boldpen on 10.07.2011

  19. there was a beautiful place very far away where the sun was setting and you could ride it off into the distance. Yet all i could see what darkness ahead in my path as i quietly wondered to myself if i could ever trust again. it doesn’t matter where or what is happening.. when it’s who your with that one who is desperately on your mind

    By Syrena on 10.07.2011

  20. one look of love is sweeter than one word of love. That is why I say live to love and love to live’. This would convey the entire meaning of a Magnum opus of love.


  21. I have the setting in mind, I can see it so vividly it’s as though I have been there. The words appear magically on the screen from the click-clack of my busy fingers on the keyboard.

    By Laura URL on 10.07.2011

  22. this is my setting, here with you.

    By Lexy S.A. URL on 10.07.2011

  23. do we only have setting? is that our only word? Im bored. Gimme something else!

    By Lexy S.A. URL on 10.07.2011

  24. The setting was absolutely incredible! Antique gold, with very intricate, graceful arches, surrounding a large pearl center stone.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.07.2011

  25. The setting was perfect. Candles and roses, the moonlight streaming through fluttering curtains. Yes, the perfect setting. But the mood wasn’t right. She knew THE question was coming and she knew her answer was ‘No’. She awoke with a start from that disturbing dream and knew the actions she had to take in her waking life…

    By Kirsty URL on 10.07.2011

  26. it can be the beginning of a story, or anywhere in a story. It tells about the place so you have a context for whats happening there. The setting can set the stage for events, can influence events, and can itself be a big part of the event. Settings are important; one of the three big parts of a story (setting, plot, and characters).

    By Amanda URL on 10.07.2011

  27. i dont know about this site one word it just came in my search tresults while i was looking for a dictionary site. i dont know whats happening it just asks me to write anything so i am writing these lines in a rust i dont knwo what will hapen after 60 seconds time it gave me i think i am out of it now time i mean..

    By asim URL on 10.07.2011

  28. You think you know someone…

    The setting: My bedroom.
    Characters involved: You. Me.
    Conflict: Everything.
    Resolution: You leaving. Again.

    I will never understand.

    By Linda URL on 10.07.2011

  29. Pouring in the large amount of sugar dictated, the frothy dangerously hot potfull of rosehip jam failed to change it’s viscosity. Feeling as guilty as one would if they had just added hash to mixture of choc chip cookies, she reached for the jam setting agent and poured in it.
    Why did the thought of the school fair convenyors finding out about her lack of purist jam making skills cause her such bother. Hell, would scooping out an entire jar of store bought jam and transferring it into one of the sterilised and craftily relabelled spaghetti jars feel this bad? She longed to be one of those Mums who didn’t bother about such things. The ones that feigned disinterest and slurped on long stemmed glasses of sav blanc instead.

    By neanymac on 10.07.2011

  30. forest, jungle. A cabin and animals that camouflage.

    By Corn ildo on 10.07.2011

  31. Setting more of relaxed pace, he wondered wh

    By neanymac URL on 10.07.2011

  32. Finding a setting for a story is hard. The characters play a big part in a setting, and the setting may very well make up the whole plotline. What’s the chronicles of Narnia without Narnia? And what’s a sci-fi book without a alien planet? Setting is difficult to choose, no doubt, but it is inevidetably crucial for a good book.

    By Lucy URL on 10.07.2011

  33. Jam. Should be so simple. The greengage tree has never produced so much fruit, I read the recipe a hundred times, there are only 3 ingredients. It didn’t set, though it tastes like heaven. How have we lost this skill, to set things, to set jam, to sit still for more than a few minutes and read more than 140 characters – which, depending on your perspective, is lots or nowhere near enough.

    By georgie on 10.07.2011

  34. Although the sky was blue, serene, Alice couldn’t tell. The wide trees loomed so high, with branches intermingling with the others, that the sky was a sight far out of Alice’s vision; it appeared rather gloomy, in fact, although Alice would never know what a beautiful day it really was.

    By Lucy URL on 10.07.2011

  35. it was a lovely setting, a lush green landscape with a few trees sprinkling it. it was a pleasantly warm golden afternoon with a gentle cool breeze. she could see the the plains stretch far and wide, there was no boundary in sight except for a couple of light brown wooden picket fences much farther away – she stood at her fence, looking longingly and trying to understand the yearning thought ‘A glimpse of freedom’.

    By trialwriter URL on 10.07.2011

  36. the place where it all began., the area in a story a mood setting thing thats sets the mood, a thing of pre setting so that something does something and the action of putting something somewhere ahead of time , but mostly the area of a story and things like that

    By Ian on 10.07.2011

  37. Everything was in place. the setting for the play was set to start any time now and excitement was in the air. IT was deem to be the play that would be a blockbuster, however, because of unforeseen circumstances it had to be postponed.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.07.2011

  38. I stared at the setting in front of me. Blue curtains, white frames, beige wall. Simple, yet hiding so much.

    By Hana URL on 10.07.2011

  39. got nothing,, setting a place in which will define where one is.. ……….. lol :)

    By anna on 10.07.2011

  40. Why you gots to be that way, honey?
    setting out on a journey need not be so difficult
    setting out first step just don’t stop keep going till it hurts
    or till it don’t anymore
    don’t just sit, set out and keep your eyes focussed on that horizon, honey
    don’t be difficult, go

    By Erin URL on 10.07.2011