October 7th, 2011 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “prosperous”

  1. Prosperous was the word on here yesterday night, when i last came on this website. Oh wait now i realize i typed that at 1 in the morning so it counted as today. Damnit

    By Jessica J URL on 10.08.2011

  2. If one was able to become prosperous, what would you think of them? Did you like how they got that way? Do you want to get to know them better? We all think we would want to be prosperous, but looking at the people we know who are prosperous, would you really?

    By Jennifer Lawrence on 10.08.2011

  3. The city prospered, finally growing, expanding, winning, filling to the brim with riches and wealth. There was no poverty, no war between the people of this kingdom, and it was all thanks to the angel. The king traveled down to the dungeon below the castle and headed towards the deepest part where no sunlight reached.

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.08.2011

  4. He looked around and saw the happy faces of his friends and family. Suddenly, his tattered clothes didn’t matter for he realized he was prosperous, after all? Darn!

    By AllTimeScout URL on 10.08.2011

  5. it is prosperous and righteous
    to be of good faith
    and do the right thing
    wear your best face
    it’s the good thing to do
    to be honest
    and just
    but when you can’t tell the truth
    because you’ll look like a slut
    it’s better left unsaid
    to declare what you did
    because your words will backfire
    and you won’t keep your things

    By lauren URL on 10.08.2011

  6. “OCCUPY WALL STREET! OCCUPY WALL STREET!” Hundreds of protesters shout, yell, or scream their disappointment at the bankers, at the “masters”. Yet they use Apple laptops, and Apple’s shares are worth $400 per share.

    By Dave Mercer URL on 10.08.2011

  7. When i get older i want to start my own company… i don’t know what it would be but i hope that i would be prosperous. My dad says he wants to run a shrimp cart.

    By Brenna Mills on 10.08.2011

  8. Apparently prosperous means successful. I’d like to be successful, but what does that truly mean? To be truly successful in life, you’d have to be prosperous in ALL areas of your life, because as soon as one thing goes right, people immediately start thinking of the long list of things that are still wrong in their lives and don’t dwell on the good parts. So to be truly successful your life would have to be perfect. And nothing is perfect.

    By Sophie on 10.08.2011

  9. She sought out everything, Camille. Everything good. It wasn’t much she asked for in return… Just to be loved and accepted. However, deep within, she only wanted one thing: to succeed. Writing may have been her “outside” passion, but she longed for something much more complex.

    By Malin on 10.08.2011

  10. To be prosperous doesn’t mean to be wealthy or immensely successful in your career, it just means to be happy within oneself and within your life. To prosper is a personal think, not measured by money or valuables.

    By Megan on 10.08.2011

  11. The future was bright, that’s what everyone always told me. They said there was always the chance for things to get better. Don’t give up on the future. You have talent, you have skills, you can go a long way. The hard times will get easier. It’s prosperous, I knew I was sopposed to believe in the prospect of the future but I didn’t

    By Josie on 10.08.2011

  12. The future was prosperous, that’s what everyone told me. Things would improve, everything was going to get better. I wasn’t sure I believed that. How could everything get better? When everything was as bad as it currently was and things were steadily falling further and further down hill how could the future possibly be prosperous?

    By Carly URL on 10.08.2011

  13. I don’t know what prosperous is, unfortunately. I’ll have to look it up later. I think it’s when you have a lot of something. Or you’re really lucky. Something like that. But, I’m not sure. So, yeah.

    By Maria on 10.08.2011

  14. Something everyone wants to be, but very few are. Those who are, seem to forget what it was like to be anything less, and tend to step all over people who are on a different level. Noses high, it makes you wonder what the point of becoming prosperous really is? They never seem truly happy….

    By Autumn URL on 10.08.2011

  15. reminds me of the new year time. i won’t be able to wash or bathe cause it’s bad luck. seriously, bad luck? really?! it’s like gold in my hair washed out and down the drain. rather it’s grease… uhm, i should wash my hair.

    By jennifer on 10.08.2011

  16. Pending transactions
    Remaining funds
    Offering to others
    Some small source
    Preferred customer
    Ever shopping
    Ridiculous bargains
    Or pay full price
    Using cash only
    Seems a shame

    By Amy URL on 10.08.2011

  17. wealthy. someone who is successful. they are happy with what they have. it does not necessarily have to mean money. someone can be prosperous and poor. one can be successful with happy memories. the meaning of this word varies from person to person. happiness. contentment.

    By Katia Colin on 10.08.2011

  18. I am not very prosperous But I feel could do a lot for other people ifI was prosperous. For insr ace I would help many of of my elderly friends.

    By Sheenah Cobb on 10.08.2011

  19. He was a short, squat man, with a smart black suit that glinted dully in the sun. He tapped his walking stick aimlessly on the floor, his eyes shifting from left to right. As soon as he found his target he grinned and clenched his stick with his meaty hands that were adorned with a variety of rings. This was going to be a very promising meeting.

    By Erina URL on 10.08.2011