October 5th, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “warned”

  1. They warned me, i warned myself not to lead him on
    but now I’m falling and i can’t seem to get up
    am i no longer shallow? doubt it, he’s nice but we’re not compatible
    i need a someone strong
    not a yes man….
    but we talk all day and all night
    now I’m so tired
    can’t say i wasn’t warned

    By Elizabeth on 10.06.2011

  2. I’m broken, unfixable…
    alone, cold; stuck in a constant sorrow..
    why can’t you love me?
    and all anyone else can say is “I warned you this would happen”

    By autumn URL on 10.06.2011

  3. i was warned but i never saw it coming they told me to stay away but i kept going. how could i not go to something that was starring me in the face. this was my life and my addiction. it is what i wanted even though i had been away form it for so long. i was warned but i did not care. i knew what was coming but i just wanted it.

    By Jenn on 10.06.2011

  4. i was warned
    i didnt listen
    i was sad

    i was warned
    i should have listened
    it wouldn’t be so bad

    i was warned
    i will force myself to listen
    i will follow the advice
    i will not make the same mistake

    By missi on 10.06.2011

  5. i warned you sir
    don’t look for too long
    if you stare in my eyes
    you’ll wish you weren’t born
    because i won’t be your woman
    or even your toy
    i won’t let you inside
    this is my own little world
    i’m telling you this now
    and i won’t tell you again
    i’ll never be yours
    we’re only friends
    so proceed if you will
    but you’ll probably be disappointed
    my love is reserved
    for who I appoint it

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.06.2011

  6. I would have taken it more to heart if I knew what she was thinking. She warned me and I didn’t listen because I was more interested in adventure than being careful.

    By Chavah Fried on 10.06.2011

  7. red
    never listens
    should have known
    please stay
    oh no

    By Marian Mikhail on 10.06.2011


    By GABRIEL URL on 10.06.2011

  9. He warned them all, but they didn’t listen.

    The man insisted that one day, the immortality vaccine had severe side effects, but he was called a quack and it was administered anyway.

    Everyone died.

    Except for the ones who listened.

    By Katie on 10.06.2011

  10. Run. You’ve been warned. It’s over you have to leave this place right now. The time is up. It’s time to go. Run. You’ve been warned. I wanted you to be able to stay, but now, you just can’t. Run. You’ve been warned.

    By Leigh on 10.06.2011

  11. Time’s up.
    The clocks run out.
    It’s time for you to get the hell out.
    Out of this place.
    No second chances.
    No refunds.
    No returns.
    Just leave.
    You need to.
    For us.
    For everyone.
    It’s time for you to run.
    You’ve been warned.

    By Afton on 10.06.2011

  12. “How many times have I warned you not to pet that dog,” she screamed, her face an inch away from mine. “Tell me, how many times?”
    “I don’t know!”
    I am sobbing and clutching me severed finger to my chest, the pain so unbelievable I feel I may soon pass out.
    This morning was just a regular day, and on my way home I saw Cutie, the neighbours dog tied up outside. She had always seemed so nice and forlorn, but my mean neighbour never let me pet her. Looking around I didn’t see anybody so I carefully walked towards her with my hand outstretched.
    Bad move. Now I am a ten year old girl with only nine fingers. I should have listened, she had warned me so many times bit Cutie looked so sweet and lonely.
    I guess I sympathized, since I am also lonely. My best friend has moved away and now I have no one. My mother has been very cruel lately.
    Oh god, what will she say when she hears about this?

    By Claire Meldrum on 10.06.2011

  13. warned

    i don’t know what it is

    what is it about?

    hello , what’s going on

    warm warned

    By mabel URL on 10.06.2011

  14. Warning, waiting, wasting. Time is not written in a red bordered sign. We’re on our own, a world without direction. A world void of perfection. No man to marshall us across the street, no luminous jackets, nothing discreet. Warned, washed away, to another lonely day. Never anything to say..

    By Chaz URL on 10.06.2011

  15. I warned you this would happen. But you ignored me. I can’t believe how irresponsible you are! You need to get your head straight. I wish you would because I really care about you…
    This is weird… card games on motorcycles.

    By Morgan on 10.06.2011

  16. She warned him that they would be home. He didn’t listen. He continued on down the road, up the front steps, and eventually through the front door. No one heard him coming. No one was awake at this time of night. He walked on his toes, being careful to stay consistent in the silence.

    By Lauren on 10.06.2011

  17. Our mothers warned us about the man in the alley way who offered candy and lost his puppy, but she never told us about a man in New York City with a perpetual smile and a knack at balancing his body weight on a board of wood. She never spoke of the man with hazelnut eyes and light brown skin.

    By michelle michelle michelle URL on 10.06.2011

  18. I warned you not to go into that part of the house. You knew it was wrong. You left me by the kitchen, cleaning the dishes and I heard your steps above me, echoing in the wrong direction. You drew closer and closer. I followed the stomps with my eyes across the ceiling until you arrived at the door I hear the handle creak.

    By Lucy on 10.06.2011

  19. I warned you!

    By just582 URL on 10.06.2011

  20. dark,dark forest and eyes glinting uder bushes, eyes glinting from tree tops. cold strange noises echoeing from dark places and the glint of reflected moonlight on sharp yellow teeth. I warned you, little red riding hood, not to go into the forest alone.

    By danielle on 10.06.2011

  21. I warned you that this would happen. I am NOT a relationship girl. I don’t commit. I probably could if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. I’m one of those rare people that is truly honest-to-God-ly happy being single. You didn’t listen to me. You thought you could change me into a relationship person. But you couldn’t.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    By Robyn URL on 10.06.2011

  22. launching of many things at one time in the market

    By Monica on 10.06.2011

  23. she was warned. why did she never listen. now here she was again…big bad trouble headed her way. She tried to remember why she had come here in the first place. Did it even truly matter now? Probably not. That was her problem. Too much time thinking about things that didn’t matter and not enough time paying attention to things that did. Like warnings. Oh well, what to do now? Think!

    By meg on 10.06.2011

  24. I warned him but he din’t listen. Always on his own way he was, no botheration, no seduction with anyone he had. I warned him that the step he was about to take ain’t good but he din’t listen and now i stand here all along in a world where he does not exist anymore.

    By muskan URL on 10.06.2011

  25. I just finished listening to Steve Job’s commencement speech and i have officially been warned. My life won’t go on forever so as of right now, I need to get going. I need to make something of it, before it is too late.

    By Ashley on 10.06.2011

  26. Go outside. Do something. Be something. Do more than just pass through life. Try to LIVE. Really live. Why are you wasting time? There are other things that are more important, more beautiful colors to see, more richness of life to be experienced. Are you really that self-absorbed? Change your life before it changes you. You have been warned: you only have one chance, and with it, you might as well live.

    By Laura URL on 10.06.2011

  27. I was warned a thousand times, but not by others – by myself. “Don’t love, you’ll only get hurt.” “Don’t try, you’ll only fall.” “Don’t jump, they’ll walk away before they can catch you.” No more. You changed it all. I love you, Miiko. You have my heart.

    By Emily on 10.06.2011

  28. i knew it. they all warned me but i never listened. and it feels shitty. i wish i could go back in time and just warn myself about how bad everything would turn out to be. now i’m lost in the world, you’re all i ever knew. i’m on my own. nobody warned me.

    By Melissa on 10.06.2011

  29. I will never not love you. Be warned.
    I will always be a listening ear. Be warned.
    I will never give up on you. Be warned.
    No matter what happens, I will never walk away.
    Be warned.
    To you all.

    By Emily URL on 10.06.2011

  30. I was warned a thousand times, but not by others – by myself. “Don’t love, you’ll only get hurt.” “Don’t try, you’ll only fall.” “Don’t jump, they’ll walk away before they can catch you.” No more. You changed it all. I love you, Miiko. You have my heart.

    By Emily URL on 10.06.2011

  31. I’m really nervous about tonight. There might be 400 people there. People told me, but I still feel unprepared. What if it looks like I have camel toe? What if the other person destroys me? God, I’m so nervous. I wasn’t born a performer.

    By Sarah on 10.06.2011

  32. I can’t say i wasn’t warned. Fucking hell. Loosing my 4th camera! Are you SHITTING ME!? I wish I could just kill myself right about now. And fucking Mujtaba had to decide to call at that moment. I wish they kept it.

    By nooz on 10.06.2011

  33. I warned you

    By Anonymous URL on 10.06.2011