June 24th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “seeds”

  1. Then I knew that this wasn’t going anywhere. The meeting itself has planted new seeds into my mind, so I may forget the old things. I reckon that this is one of your destructive plans; to make me forget who you really are so you may be forgiven. But somehow, I think that I will see through it this time.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 06.25.2012

  2. Seeds, the origin of life. Dropping down, tumbling, growing. Ah, seeds, the origin of it all. I like to see myself as a seed that has been craving for sunlight, but alas, I never really got much. Hence I’m here, sitting here with a cigarette in my mouth, writing. Seeds.

    By Alice Woodhead on 06.25.2012

  3. The seeds in my hands were an odd shape, star shaped if I might say but with an oddly curved stem attaching them all at the middle to make a fruit I had not seen before.
    “Go ahead, try it,” the cat in front of me said with a grin that would chill my spine to the death of an arctic storm, “it’s not poisonous. It’ll help.”
    What could that possibly mean?, I wondered as I toyed with the fruit. It was an…odd request as I had not known how I had gotten to this particular spot up until the moment I had sunk my teeth into the purple and rather rough texture of the pod. An amnesia of sorts had flooded and thickened my process of thought and had lead me far away from the path–this was not a good thing at all for now I was lost and with a cat that wanted me to keep eating this fruit I did not entirely trust.

    By Hannah on 06.25.2012

  4. Seeds germinate if they have lots of warmth and water. You can grow all sorts of interesting plants including native varieties from England and exotic ones from other poarts of the world.

    By jan on 06.25.2012

  5. The seeds blew from the stalk, spreading and winding with the wind. As the flowers spread into their new homes in the soil, I waited and blew again on another daffodil. I hoped that when I returned in several years, the hill would be full of them. That was the only thing that could do it justice, as well as improve the view.

    By Rafi on 06.25.2012

  6. I broke down there, in the grass, as the seeds from the packet fell from my hands and scattered around me. The garden had been a place of healing for me always, but now it would also be acquainted with my pain. As I sobbed, and fat raindrop tears dirtied the precious soil, I wondered if it would ever be a healing place for me again, or if it was spoiled now.

    By Rafi on 06.25.2012

  7. I planted the tomato seeds two weeks ago and I was sure that they should have risen by now. I did not know that the snails would have eaten them.

    By victor URL on 06.25.2012

  8. seeds are the beginning. they are the start of a whole new life, a chance to start over. but the seeds must be taken care of, guided, so they wont be put on the wrong road, which will eventually lead to suffering.

    By Alexa on 06.25.2012

  9. I pushed the screen door with my arm, full of numerous packages of seed bags and other sacks of gardening tools. The sun shone down on my face as I walked out the door, the soil crunching beneath my leather sandals. I scanned the garden quickly and saw the several bushes that I have successfully grown. Sighing contentedly, I stooped low on an available patch of land and started shoveling.
    It was time to put a new member in my growing collection of plants.

    By Tee on 06.25.2012

  10. Planted in the ground. From the earth they take form. Slowly, simply. Seeds become plants. Plants spread across the Earth and take their hold. Everything begins as a simple seed. Thoughts, deeds and acts. All begin as seeds. Even we, before we are born are but mere seeds waiting to be, perhaps with time, something more.

    By Kaely on 06.25.2012

  11. I planted my sunflower seed in a place no one would ever look. I didn’t know why, I just did. I was an odd child back then.

    After many years I went back to where I planted that seed. And lo and behold, it was still there and golden.

    By Rachel on 06.25.2012

  12. The growth had been slow and at first she thought they would never develop, but over time and with care they stood tall. They rose from the place they had first begun, reaching forth into the world that surrounded them. She loved her children, and wished they would come home.

    By Bethany on 06.25.2012

  13. The seed had been planted many years ago, by my father’s father. It had grown into a sapling, then a small tree, and now it’s branches were strong. Very strong. I am not strong. I was, but I am not. When I was strong, when I was almost as strong as the tree, I built a house in it. My children live there now.

    By Amy on 06.25.2012

  14. The ultimate sign of life the Adam and Eve of plants. Shows that you have to grow.

    By avery on 06.25.2012

  15. Dandelion seeds surf the breeze like fluffy secrets. Fall where they may, they’ll sprout and grow until they loom large. Are wishes that lucky? That able to grow anywhere, on a window sill, a grassy spot, an ashtray, a door ledge? Maybe they are. Maybe they will.

    By siobhan347 URL on 06.25.2012

  16. seeds are the mother for plantation. without seeds there would be no greenery in the world. seeds and plants share a relationship like chicken and eggs. we dont know which came first. seeds are what help in grows every kind of plants from shrubs to trees to forests, everything.

    By Anmol Jhunjhunwala on 06.25.2012

  17. In a world where filth is not only on the outside but deep inside too, a young girl takes up the challenge to clean a mind one by one. For every student she encounters, she plants a seed of love in their heads. She hopes that they will nurture it and let it grow to a tree.

    By Lych on 06.25.2012

  18. I blew the dandelion, watching as the white puffs floated away on the breeze. The wind stirred my light brown hair and white dress as the sunflowers danced to the beat of their own drums.

    By Lyric on 06.25.2012

  19. Seeds are what we all start out as. We’re small, we’re insignificant, we’re a little part of something bigger, something waiting to happen. We have the potential to be anything. Just give us a little time to grow and you’ll see.

    By Corinne on 06.25.2012

  20. Seeds, this reminds me of my childhood when I USED TO BE GREEN HANDED, planted loads of seeds in my backyard….it used to fun and relaxed me too.

    By birdbakht on 06.25.2012

  21. The balcony was basically empty. An old lantern with dripping purple wax. Some earthen colored plastic plant holders with dark, dry soil. But there was one plant that arose from the seeds. Bright green leaves, that, when dried, would produce all sorts of highs and lows.

    By Elizabeth on 06.25.2012

  22. Seeds are the origin of things. Everything comes from the tiniest ones.

    By Blah on 06.25.2012

  23. A farmer went out to sow seeds…

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.25.2012

  24. She threw the seeds haphazardly on the hot dusty soil, cursing her mother. “Dammit, I don’t want to do this! They’ll never grow anyway.” She kicked at a clod of offending dirt and threw more seeds out of the bag she was carrying hard onto the ground. A green sprig of grass arched its way from under the dirt she kicked and stretched to the sky.

    By Maria on 06.25.2012

  25. seeds are needed for life. they are the beginning of a new chapter. by planting a seed you are creating a new life form, whether it be a plant, or a child. seeds are amazing. :)

    By Bianca on 06.25.2012

  26. Seeds are little babies, tossed out on their own, never to know their parents. The soil becomes their mother, covering them with a loamy embrace. But still, they shoot upwards with a programmed determination, unafraid to expose their fragile green tendrils to the sky.

    By Holden URL on 06.25.2012

  27. I could never tell when the seeds would start sprouting. Sometimes it’d take as much as two days to about a week, but it would vary each time I planted them. It didn’t take long to realize that these seeds were special.

    By VP on 06.25.2012

  28. Carry on sowing your seeds, for you will not know what sort of harvest you will reap, you cannot control the weather or the growth itself, but be faithful in sowing your seeds.

    By lisi on 06.25.2012

  29. I want to plant seeds next summer in the garden in front of our hostel. It’ll be beautiful, once the plant grows up and blooms. I think I’ll love it. My contribution to a place where I live

    By tit on 06.25.2012

  30. The seeds of the future had been planted. The Avatar was nearing her final days, and the next Earth bending Avatar was expected soon. The Earth kingdom was being watched over carefully. Any day now, the seeds of the future would blossom into a new reign of peace, and the new Avatar would be born.

    By Katie URL on 06.25.2012

  31. the seeds couldn’t wait to be scattered. they’ve been on the shelf a while. mistress was supposed to lead them out to the sun, to feel the earth, to be graced with rain but something went wrong and instead they went to a corner where they were to stay for a bit and for a bit they did stay. in the darkness and dust the seeds did dream. dream of what they could be, what they could get up to, where they could lay ground. it was a grand time, staying imagining potentials and what could be. oh but it was also sad. it was lonely because while seeds being plural were company. it wasn’t much. not when each dreamed. on its own. together but not really. even dreams lose its vibrance, after all everything falters and flicker at some point. after that however? well it can fade or return more fired up and unstoppable as ever. the seeds couldn’t wait to be scattered. they’ve been on the shelf a while. mistress was supposed to lead them out to the sun, to feel the earth, to be graced with rain but everything has its time, so wait a while they did. Wait they did, but only a while.

    By allette on 06.25.2012

  32. wtf seeds. i sell seeds at work, and i always ask people if they want their seeds in a small bag. yep thats all i got. oooohhh look at the purple bar moving down there… wtf

    By caitlyn URL on 06.25.2012

  33. From little things big things grow, or the old song goes. From humble and tiny beginnings rise the future of our world, our air, our lives. Seeds will be our saviours.

    By Marie on 06.25.2012

  34. they make everything grow. every beginning starts with a seed. love starts with a seed. life starts with a seed. it’s the reason we live. they’re so good. nuts are a form of seed. theyre great with dried nuts. i think they make you healthier. how long do 60 seconds last, obviously, longer than a seed in your mouth, than a sunflower seed, or a pistachio, is a pistachio a seed?? peanuts? cashews?!

    By Kim on 06.25.2012

  35. seeds grow under the sun. they grow and they become beautiful and that’s the infinite life cycle.

    By arietta on 06.25.2012

  36. The seeds she had picked were rotting away. She sat down with her eyes covered in tears. She remembered the nostalgia of having a garden, but now it was all gone.
    Just like all the beauty in the world. All of the flourishing hope that she had ravished – it was all dead, nothing.
    But no. She couldn’t think like that.
    The world was not yet empty… right?

    By Elise on 06.25.2012

  37. Planting seeds is pretty fun! We have a huge garden at our house! My mom and grandma have the biggest green thumb. Our garden consists of tomatoes, chilies, cherries, roses, squashes, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, and much more.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 06.25.2012

  38. She plants trees with her mother – or at least, she used to. It was a fun activity at first. It was a reason to spend time with her and who wouldn’t want to be with their mother? Mabyn wouldn’t. It was the fact that she would rather be running with her brother, or playing with her father that dampened the time they would spend together. But when her mother smiled at her as she planted and patted her head – oh that was what made it all worth it to Mabyn. She afel

    By Lonny on 06.25.2012

  39. The seeds of doubt, the seeds of worry. They’re planted every day. We plant them in others, allow them to be planted in ourselves. Love is what needs to be planted. Love and tolerance and compassion. If we plant them, we can water them, and our own love will fill us up until we can’t help letting it spill onto others. Plant the seeds of hope and patience, and they will strengthen the framework of the world, while hate and envy will only corrode it. I love you.

    By Catori on 06.25.2012

  40. The seeds were not meant to be planted in the ground. Perhaps that was why so many had failed to grow them properly in the past. No, these seeds were meant to be planted in a person. They fed off talent, and potential, and grew into wonders.

    By Doug Wyltk on 06.25.2012