January 21st, 2012 | 116 Entries

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116 Entries for “scarce”

  1. not enough even potatoes hardy hardy hardy hardy har har dearth less than enough starving ok, see ya

    By Susan URL on 01.21.2012

  2. Your presence is so scarce that I crave every last bit of it. Even the slightest drop of you, I will trip and fall as I run towards it. I want you. All of you. But I cannot. All I can do is wait. The only thing that isn’t scarce is time. There’s still so much time left until you come back to me.

    By xstal URL on 01.21.2012

  3. There’s a scarcity in all of us. We don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s a scarcity of food, of water, of love. Or maybe it’s because I don’t really remember what this word means I don’t really know what to say. Scarce. Scarce. Scarce. In all of us. Boom.

    By diane on 01.21.2012

  4. Everywhere you looked there was water. Whomever it was who said it was going to be scarce soon had jumped the gun. The future may be dry and barren, but now was wet and the weather changeable and wild.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.21.2012

  5. Food, water, and supplies was running scarce. The people weren’t staving yet-but they were complaining. A lot. And they were panicking. “What will we do?” How will we get more?” “Are we going to die?” Shouts and yells could be heard all across town.

    By Josie on 01.21.2012

  6. happiness…currently the world lacks happy people, seems that happiness is simply scarce. …along with jobs, food, and money.

    By Azel on 01.21.2012

  7. scare

    By ari on 01.21.2012

  8. “your moments on this earth are scarce
    live them well, dear child, live them well.”

    By Laurie URL on 01.21.2012

  9. I find nothing worth putting in my body at a corporate grocery store. Maybe a “organic” carrot.

    By visiontest URL on 01.21.2012

  10. I look up at him and scowled, but he didn’t break his gaze. Finally, I sighed.
    “You win.” I muttered, falling onto the couch,
    “Why’d you give up so fast?” He asked, joining me.
    “because its a stupid reason to lose you, and men like you are scarce.”

    By Delilah on 01.21.2012

  11. sincerity is a scarce quality now
    friends claim what they say is the real thing,
    girls claim they pussy too good for jus a lil fling
    how can they lie in ur eyes with a str8 face,
    love’s name misused like MJ’s fame,
    like how one date can turn to a one day thing
    the rareness of the sincere trait,
    has scared away longevity,
    shortly after makin acquaintances best friends become enemies
    girlfriends disappear in the scenery
    all at ova some fake shit merely,
    like nobody knows the meaning to sincerely

    sincerely, with sincerity,

    By phillip URL on 01.21.2012

  12. it’s scarce, isn’t it? happiness. a drifting sort of feeling. if you are lucky enough to catch it, it is soon gone. scarce. there can be a scarce amount of food. however, that can be remedied if someone cares enough. but happiness is something you must supply for yourself.

    By lillian on 01.21.2012

  13. the supply of pure people, down to earth people, matured young adults has run dry; each day the numbers grow scarce.

    By t URL on 01.21.2012

  14. Scarce. Thats what I made my self when he was around. Those ocean eyes, they were avoiding mine and it killed me, chilled me to my bones. So to save some pain I stayed away and had my heart broken in silence instead of out in front of the crowd.

    By Sam URL on 01.21.2012

  15. Scarce was the light on that night so long ago, the night with the fog, the night with the endless longing and the sea between them. The sea, the fog. Little light, little warmth. And yet, the day was coming, if only she could hang on.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.21.2012

  16. “Come on, say it right.”

    Lyrics stuck in my head for the past three days. Don’t even want to know the play count on that song. Guess this is the opposite of scarce. I suppose I’m not in the mood for strict dictionary definitions.

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.21.2012

  17. There was only a scarce amount of food left for the men waiting on the battlefield. Most of the men were slumped over from battle fatigue.The groaning that came from the men they each went through the line to get their soup broth and bread showed their dismay for the same meal they have to eat for 100th time.

    By david allen on 01.21.2012

  18. ive lost myself and im scattered in pieces.

    By justin URL on 01.21.2012

  19. Small amount
    A bit
    Emergency food needed

    By Acela URL on 01.21.2012

  20. a long, dry stretch of land, layered with fine dust
    and wind.
    a long, unabated look,
    not touching.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 01.21.2012

  21. Scarce hope for the end of poverty drove the social worker out the door, down the street, over the hill, beyond the horizon, searching for something she could change, something she could bring that would improve any, any, any situation.

    By emily on 01.22.2012

  22. Scarce. Water and food is scarce in a nation like India where a lot of people die due to hunger and thirst. Still rich people go behind money

    By Krishna on 01.22.2012

  23. The gold that had once been plentiful was now reduced to a slow trickle that old men threw their luck at in dire attempts to gain the fortunes of their former hey day. Society was misery nowadays thought most of these sad old decrepit men as they shoveled sand with their saucers or bare hands, striking away at bare rock like eager maniacs.

    By Keenan on 01.22.2012

  24. The way I look, I guess you could say explains it all. Not many have this face, this hair, this body. Heck, I might even say this way of thinking. Yeah, I know I am “scarce” but at least I am not you…

    By Sarah on 01.22.2012

  25. Finding him. Them. Whoever will care, will listen and not speak. Who will invest themselves in you. They are scarce. They are perhaps the most sought after kind of people and yet the rarest to find.

    By bex URL on 01.22.2012

  26. “Make yourself scarce.” he replied, leaving me feeling unwanted and abandoned. Didn’t he know by now that I couldn’t be alone? Didn’t he realize that I needed him?

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.22.2012

  27. make myself paper-thin, weightless
    transparent and fading in the light
    be still, quiet, soft as the edges
    of sunshine filtered through the
    lace and frayed curtain edges

    By lapseofgravity URL on 01.22.2012

  28. A little amount of something; something that is in lack of. E.g Salt is in scarcity, OR There is a scare amount of cheese left. Also can mean very little. Does NOT have anything to do with scars.

    By Benjamin on 01.22.2012

  29. Love is scarce in this body of mine.
    So is sympathy. And so is kindness.
    The soul that lies in this tomb is empty. It writhes in pain and anguish.
    And not because it is the victim of some horrible torture.
    It is because it cannot even tolerate its own horrible existence.
    I am a heartless skeleton of a person.
    You were right.
    And if I cared, I would wish you were wrong.

    By Taylor K URL on 01.22.2012

  30. very few. tumbleweed across the desert. not good enough

    By Katie URL on 01.22.2012

  31. sometimes even though you’re constantly surrounded by people it feels as though there is scarcely a soul around. The noise is simply noise, not communication.

    By Katie on 01.22.2012

  32. Sleep is scarce as I check the clock. 3:11 am, just finished an episode of Fringe, thought I could get some rest, but as I said, Sleep is scarce. Once more into the breach. I am weary with emotion.

    By Collie URL on 01.22.2012

  33. Plentiful: being plentiful is a scarce thing in this world.

    By PAUL on 01.22.2012

  34. Every aisle was bare, a cavernous whole which used to be stacked high with all the things I used to think were essential. Now all I hoped for was a bottle of water and maybe some mouldy bread, but this hope was in vain. Was there anything left at all, anywhere?

    By The Wint URL on 01.22.2012

  35. There isn’t much to see here really

    By Nathan on 01.22.2012

  36. The scarcity of food was beginning to become a serious problem. Even with rationing, the captain still hadn’t managed to make last month’s shipment last more than two weeks. If things continued like this there were going to be full scale riots. It was only a matter of days.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.22.2012

  37. Rozechvěle ji držela v rukou. Byla to vzácná kniha. Našli se jen tři výtisky a ona držela jeden v ruce. Na rukou měla samozřejmě rukavice, aby na knize nezanechala svoje otisky. Opravdu z té knihy byla nadšená. Položila ji na stolek vedle sebe.

    By Nikol URL on 01.22.2012

  38. Our annual February “Walk the Runway for Charity” was in full prep. All 18 of us were putting the final touches on our garments and helping one another out. This year we would raise over $40,000 dollars for the kids. Now, if we could just avoid frostbite, security, and planes.

    By Dayle URL on 01.22.2012

  39. She left at exactly 12:00 noon. She arrived at her alternate office at 12:04. Her first client was ready at 12:05 sharp, just like always. She finished 10 in those 50 minutes before she had to go back to her administrative filing job. Now, all she could think about was how surprised her co-workers would be when her book, “A view from the knees” was published next week.

    By Dayle URL on 01.22.2012

  40. Patience.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 01.22.2012