January 22nd, 2012 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “fences”

  1. Once upon a time, sir just582 of Asia was on oneword, and received the word of fence.
    And he wrote “THERE IS A FENCE AROUND MOST GARDENS” he said. And everyone believed it because it was true.

    By just582 URL on 01.23.2012

  2. In my highschool, the teachers installed fences so we wouldn’t ditch anymore xD It’s not so easy but we found a way to ditch…

    By lights_<33 URL on 01.23.2012

  3. She built up walls and fences. At night, they kept away the fears and during the day, they warded off the world. Yet they could not keep out the one thing she wanted warded off the most – the butterflies. Those winged creatures would glide right over the top of the fence. Butterflies, as she had come to see them, were more horrid than her fears or the world. They were life.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.23.2012

  4. So I live in Mexico. Yup. Poor. But I love it (:
    and so it’s really tropical, so there’s beaches and rivers. There’s a river behing my middle school actually. It’s just a 10 min, hike away. Once in a while me and my friends ditch to go swim. But there are a lot of barbwire fences and sneaking into other people’s properties involved. This one time, me and my friends where already going back to our high, but this guy on a horse caught us in his property so we ran. And when we were reaching the end of his property, we climbed over a barbwire fence, and I stabbed my hand into one of the little spikes xD hahaa It hurt. I still have the scar.

    By lights_<33 URL on 01.23.2012

  5. Fences go around a house. They are sweet. And they look nice. Tom Sawyer had to paint one once. Wait, was that Tom Sawyer? Hmmmm, the book by Mark Twain? Oh, I like fences. I’m done and have 10 seconds left. Fail. Bye.

    By Stacey on 01.23.2012

  6. Fences stopped feuds, conquered the west, gave a woman sunbathing in the nude privacy… or so she thought. He watched though the cracks in the fence as he pulled weeds on his side, and admired the view.

    By Elise URL on 01.23.2012

  7. She watched through the cracks
    the warped wood, worn from wind
    time and dust
    the empty knot held her eyeball
    a perfect shape to spy through
    to check her neighbour was still alive

    By gsk URL on 01.23.2012

  8. I would jump fences to find you, if I knew which direction to run, and how far that would be.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.23.2012

  9. The fence between our houses had been built a long time ago. While I am not exactly sure which tenants built the white picket fence, I do know that everyone since has painted over the original white. The memories from my childhood flood back to me, as I stare at the peeling paint.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.23.2012

  10. Crossing fences jumping lanes i race to you avoiding the traffic that flies toward me ignoring that my heart is about to burst i race toward you my sneakers flapping laces untied the wind pushing me forward my hair whipping against my face everything i have everything i am moving to you

    By mieko URL on 01.23.2012

  11. “It’s just a fence.”

    “No, it isn’t.” James bounced over and swept a hand over the wooden barricades. “It’s a symbol. For both of us.”

    “A symbol?” Sylvia questioned.

    “Without this fence, we would never know each other. See this here?” James pointed to where one of the poles was broken off. “If I hadn’t snuck through to grab daisies from your garden, you would have never smacked my head with a toy shovel, and we’d have never progressed this far together.”

    By Shin on 01.23.2012

  12. She snorted with laughter, too caught to care that coffee was dripping down her nose.
    Good fences make good neighbours indeed.
    Thank God for Terry Pratchett.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 01.23.2012

  13. a fence around the garden
    that is what we need!
    to keep out deer and bunnies
    to help protect our seed!
    i do not mind to share with them
    if not for their greed! c:

    By Michaels on 01.23.2012