January 20th, 2012 | 207 Entries

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207 Entries for “runway”

  1. a dream i ran away from. thank god.

    By Eliza on 01.21.2012

  2. Olivia was a model who thought more about how she looked than she should. Her hair was always too messy, and her eyes were too dull. To others she may have looked beautiful, but to herself, she would always be ugly. When she walked the runway, she craved the audience’s approval.

    By Madeline on 01.21.2012

  3. Ohio. Who decided it was a good idea to put a rocky hill at the end of a runway? Whoever it was changed my life forever, and cost my mother hers.

    By under that tree URL on 01.21.2012

  4. runway models are too skinny. i love fashion!! i absolutely love it, but i wouldn’t definitely never want to see an anorexic girl wearing nice clothes. so runway models should be fed. and not asked to be as ugly and skinny anymore. thanks for reading this!

    By dimsy on 01.21.2012

  5. we all need it sometimes. from yesterday, from today, from tomorrow. from others, from ourselves. thank god we have it. use with caution!

    By Dragana on 01.21.2012

  6. Runway.
    So I thought
    So I thought
    Open roads
    Cloudy skies
    Slow rains
    Quiet music
    Your fingers
    Dancing on the dashboard.
    So I thought
    Let us go.
    Let us go.

    By ag URL on 01.21.2012

  7. planes
    cat walks
    air travel
    beauty machines
    big planes
    small planes

    By Wabster on 01.21.2012