January 9th, 2012 | 259 Entries

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259 Entries for “savage”

  1. what does this word mean it is weird i do not know what it means ahhhhhhh this is freaking me out savage is a freaky word what do i do i will just keep typing till it stops times up

    By Stewy on 01.10.2012

  2. It was a cold morning…one where you can see your breath exiting your body as it joins with the morning fog. He stepped out of the cabin with a warm cup of coffee, keeping his hands from realizing the bitter air.

    By Josh on 01.10.2012

  3. The bones jutted out of the corpse, making a stand for the flies circling and devouring it. The Savage had been here, the only apt name the hunters could think to name the beast that could have possibly inflicted this much damage on a deer.

    By Jo on 01.10.2012

  4. my brother is a savage. he is mean to me sometimes. but he says he is being nice.

    By J URL on 01.10.2012

  5. Men beat each other, that’s their way, but beating women and children is the way of the savage.

    By cyndietodd URL on 01.10.2012

  6. When I think about Savage I think “You Savage Beast”

    By Bottoms URL on 01.10.2012

  7. The jungle is a savage place, but so is the city. People fighting for dominance, not just survival. Cooperation has flown out the door, and we scramble to decimate each other. “Civilization” is a joke; we are all still savages.

    By Kristin URL on 01.10.2012

  8. Mrs. Trenchbull opened the chokey to reveal a child that seemed to be a bit on the heavy side. Unfortunately for Mrs. Trenchbull this mean that meant the poor child had been impaled by one of the various nails sticking out of the door. The child’s name was Bruce. Bruce had earlier been forced to eat an extremely large chocolate cake, and already was slightly on the heavy side. Bruce had managed to eat the entire cake, and this made Mrs. Trenchbull mad, so she threw him in The Chokey.

    By Nick F. on 01.10.2012

  9. Whenever i see the word savage it reminds me of the disney film pochahontas and the song they sing about the indian “savages.” It struck my as very cruel at a young age the treatment of the native americans by english settlers. The song goes “savages savages, barely even human.” How judgemental and preassumptuous of the early settlers.

    By EVELYN HOPPER on 01.10.2012

  10. That is a person that is going to tear up things and eat them while they are screaming and hollaring. Be very afraid of these type of people. They are not afraid of anything.

    By Bobbi Jo Marshall on 01.10.2012

  11. Savage makes me think of the book Hatchett. The kids in the book ended up being savages and lived there lives like that until they were rescued. Savage also makes me thinks of the band savage garden. This is a weird word but I rather enjoy it.

    By Caitlyn on 01.10.2012

  12. ‘Little savages’ that’s what my daddy called other people’s unruly childred … he never had any little savages of his own. My daddy was amazing!!!!

    By matilda URL on 01.10.2012

  13. The weather was savage and the wind tore at the night. He’d gone out again – probably to the pub, and the cottage was lonely without him. Fearing the encroaching darkness, she lit a candle and took herself to off to bed.

    By Lydia URL on 01.10.2012

  14. unkept cold lean eyed and pure. the movemnebt in the dark bushes behind you the whistle in the humid air. An unbearable silence

    By wil on 01.10.2012

  15. He drank the potion. She expected to see him turn savage, but instead he became docile, like a little puppy. She decided that while he was unawares, she’d just steal a bit of this for later use on him.

    By Dayle URL on 01.10.2012

  16. a caniball that can live on islands that r un maped to the usa. i also thing theyre miss inturpreted anbout eating humans. i dont like them though.

    By llamachick URL on 01.10.2012

  17. To save something important :) Or something that is rabid.

    By Esmy URL on 01.10.2012

  18. junk yards, savagers, poor,

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 01.10.2012

  19. it is a indeaind that kills peappiy

    By txhs URL on 01.10.2012

  20. one day i was on my way to hunt and i saw a savage wolf eating a dear

    By connor URL on 01.10.2012

  21. savage is word i dont know
    i think its in inda or a kinda name

    By gorge URL on 01.10.2012

  22. An INdian or
    ‘savage were found in north america when columbus sailed the ocean and found

    By snowboard addict URL on 01.10.2012

  23. savage is a word i dont know maybe it is a inda word
    this is my firs time doing this

    By elk slayer URL on 01.10.2012

  24. i dont know what savage is i think it is some kind of an indian and some wild person by im not exactly sure… means like wild thats what i think of is like the past and that they are crazy ….its a crazy person in the past a crazy person who lived in the wild.

    By tperkins URL on 01.10.2012

  25. The open eyes of a beast. Wild and there. There’s nothing that you can do but run. But then its near and you have been captured by the arm. what do you do then? become savage.

    By sbindley URL on 01.10.2012

  26. a person that is known to be hatred.People that kill other people for no reason.

    By diamondsss URL on 01.10.2012

  27. savage makes me realize or think of the movie Jungle Book with furocious tigers

    By Ewa147 URL on 01.10.2012

  28. michal savagw own a news network on the raidio and it is very interesting and i think it is ….. ummmmm……… savage. hes a man and he is older

    By george on 01.10.2012

  29. Indians;Pocahontas; I think savage is like a beast, a ferocious creature with no feeling. I think humans are savages but they can become like one.

    By Brian Dyson on 01.10.2012

  30. the kids in lord of the flies were considered savages. the indians wer considered savages to the english. africans are considered savages to americans. it seems that every foreign person is considered a savage.

    By Paula on 01.10.2012

  31. I am torn inside, by the wake of your destruction. The beat of your heart thundering in my mind… reminding me of just how savage you can be… Splintered in two.. like an old wood..

    By Belinda on 01.10.2012

  32. A truly horrifying person. Maybe an apache War Chief. Maybe Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards. Also, a lion chasing down a gazelle. And myself, in the bedroom.

    By Smithington URL on 01.10.2012

  33. beasting
    past every
    ounce of sanity
    and civility.
    breaking and
    and ripping
    the seams of
    what normal means.
    no more
    Mr. nice guy
    in this game of lies.
    No, this is Russian Roulette
    an you pulled the trigger.

    By NuSol URL on 01.10.2012

  34. The tablecloth, torn
    and tapered under itself
    covered a finish that would
    stutter its words if it could talk

    The carving into of its leg
    by prams pushed by babies
    The fried egg juice
    crusting in a crevice
    The knife digs, with slivers
    of the inside of fingers

    a roulette of bullet round memories

    By gsk URL on 01.10.2012

  35. I looked down at the blood on my hands, thick and crimson.
    I gazed across at the man I just murdered,
    the knife next to my feet.

    He looked.. frightened.

    Serves him right..
    for what he did to me.

    I looked back at my hands and couldn’t help but giggle.
    Warmth spread through me like the blood on the floor.

    I liked it..

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 01.10.2012

  36. The wild man raced through the crowd, while a young Cherokee boy shook his head and sighed, watching after him. “They call my people savages, when it is they who murder and destroy for their own pleasure. They run wild through villages, drinking whiskey and hurting others…”

    By ritajuanita URL on 01.10.2012

  37. mean-bad-terrible-unhuman-uncivilized

    By S-man URL on 01.10.2012

  38. i do not know what savage means. so i do not know what to write.

    By Cody URL on 01.10.2012

  39. crazy , nasty , mean , barbaric , someone without morals

    By jake1 URL on 01.10.2012

  40. hey i love soccer,basketball,football, i just love sports.

    By fancy girl URL on 01.10.2012