January 9th, 2012 | 259 Entries

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259 Entries for “savage”

  1. a person thats on the radio that speaks funny things.

    By twiz URL on 01.10.2012

  2. Savage can be described as evil rude and many time brutal. such as the native americans. They were describe as savages at times because they were not so advanced in their technology.

    By Tree URL on 01.10.2012

  3. one word is cool. it is so fun that i dont know wat to say about it. i am so happy. i had fun in class last hour and i hope for a fun one this hour. umm lol

    By jdog URL on 01.10.2012

  4. I think savage means to keep or to take something

    By kamator12 URL on 01.10.2012

  5. This is a fun class and i am so happy to be in it. people tell me its fun and interesting to learn.

    By zebra woman URL on 01.10.2012

  6. Let’s eat some salad with the savage.
    He has a nice loin cloth, so it won’t be embarrassing.
    Remember, though, that he doesn’t like beets.
    He’s fine with mayonnaise though.
    Wear your fur leggings to make him feel at home.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.10.2012

  7. She is cold and cruel. Her heart froze over long ago. She feast on deer and wolves, the blood stains her lips. Who is this girl? Nobody knows, nobody cares as long as she doesn’t come for them. She is unloved and as pale as her blonde hair.

    By Alice URL on 01.10.2012

  8. there was a savage beast in the woods. that’s what the outsiders thought. but he was master of the woods. he knew all there was to know about his world. and the inhabitants looked up to him. he was a beast because he was strong. he was savage because he had to provide for his people. so being a savage wasn’t bad to him.

    By Bria Walker on 01.10.2012

  9. Michael Savage was his name
    Bitter talk was his game
    listen no talk
    talk no listen

    By Brenda on 01.10.2012

  10. They stared at each other for a moment, neither moving, neither saying a word. She the beautiful fair maiden and he, well he was the savage. He knew that if he moved wrong, or said something first, she might take offense and scream or run. If that were to happen then the white men would come with their guns and everything would be lost. There would be no hope in his obtaining peace near his village.

    By wendy on 01.10.2012

  11. currently there is too much hate in this heart of mine, too much on the mind to be sane. i took it out on the closest one to me, and now i’m so afraid. because it wasn’t meant for him, it was only meant for me. but this savage wild ugly monster in me wouldn’t think the same. i’m finding excuses but only seeing the truth more and more. i hope i get my billionth second chance because i really need it now

    By Spark URL on 01.10.2012

  12. The savages stuggled up the slippery wet board onto the dock, their eyes ajusting to the first light after months below deck. The metal around their chaffed wrist clinked

    By kate URL on 01.10.2012

  13. Dreams are savage, vicious things. They tear into you at night and then leave you feeling sluggish in the morning. Sometimes, I wish that dreams had never been created. Painful. Too painful.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.10.2012

  14. Savage garden is quite possibly the worst band in history. Right next to Nickleback. Some savage garden songs suck and others really suck. What is a savage garden anyways? Does the lettuce attack you? Are the carrots radio active and can kill you? I am scared!

    By Rory on 01.10.2012

  15. The savage beast was tamed by a tiny little girl wearing a red riding cape and bonnet. The beast and the little girl became the best of friends.

    By j.renee on 01.10.2012

  16. This word is so amazingly cool its awesome and cool and amazing.

    By Eian URL on 01.10.2012

  17. i think savage is like a group of cowboys who are in the forest and they eat animal.

    By wes URL on 01.10.2012

  18. amazing
    amazing again
    not bad but cool


    By Eian URL on 01.10.2012

  19. Her sea-green eyes laughed as she brought a slice of fugu to her lips. The adept way she wielded the lacquered chopsticks made her lover think of textured silk, hemp rope and a meticulously raked bed of sand. Of blood pooling underneath raw steak.

    By Nuno Nogueira URL on 01.10.2012