May 21st, 2010 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “sandwich”

  1. The best type of sandwich in the world is peanut butter, banana, and honey. One of my first vague, blurry childhood memories is being at my grandmother’s friends’ cottage and having my Dad divulge this secret to me. I had never thought of it before. Putting banana on a sandwich seemed absurd. But it’s absolutely delicious.

    By Augustine May on 05.22.2010

  2. While I was in the kitchen making him a sandwich, I debated poisining him right then and there. Ham, cheese, cyanide, lettuce, tomato, that sounds about right.

    By Meghan URL on 05.22.2010

  3. good breakfast. the only thing i can eat at mornings. best grilled and if not, with lettuce and tomatoes with anything in between. energy bread and wheat bread are the best.

    By Che Baldemor URL on 05.22.2010

  4. day went by and
    I still haven’t had

    that sandwich

    By angie werren URL on 05.22.2010

  5. i was sitting on this bench – it was one of those benches that had intricate metal designs along the legs, but the actual bench and back were quite plain. anyhow, i was sitting there, looking at the kids playing, the dogs running, the birds flapping in surprise as a ball landed near them. and as i sat and saw these things, i took another bite of my sandwich.

    By cyrus on 05.22.2010

  6. yumm-o! That’s all I see when I think of food now. Orange…. orange everywhere! That smiling brunette all bubbly and giggly talking about how yumm everything is. I guess it’s not a bad thing.. Orange is my favorite color after all.

    By Jessica on 05.22.2010

  7. I ate a sandwich the other day. It was a wednesday, and it was the best sandwhich I’d ever eaten. It had all the necessities that a sandwhich should have. Good bread. The kind that has the little berries of wheat still in it. It was toasted, and made a loud crunch when you bit into it.

    By Anna B on 05.22.2010

  8. He was sitting on the sidewalk eating a sandwich when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen–that day.

    By betty wolfanger on 05.22.2010

  9. אני מאוד אוהבת לאכול סנדוויצים אני חושבת שהסנדוויץ הכי טעים הוא עם חביתה או טוסט אם גבינה צהובהו קטשופ. אני חושבת שחבל שיש אנשים שלא יכולים להנות ממנו כי אין להם מספיק כסף.

    By stav on 05.22.2010

  10. I like sandwiches. I like turkey and miracle whip and cheese and tomato on my sandwiches. I don’t eat red meat, so I don’t eat ham or roast beef or anything.

    By Dakota on 05.22.2010

  11. Bite into the dirty meat
    Bite into your thirsty flesh
    Spit out the wrath and the ugly truth
    Leave out the rest and hide the remains.

    By nick URL on 05.22.2010

  12. When in a crowded place, it can be very uncomfortable to be sandwich between people you don’t know.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.22.2010

  13. the greatest thing to eat when youre home all alone and just wanna cuddle up with a good book or even watch a good movie. i prefer mine with cheese, and grilled. yeahh, those are the good ones. :] sandwich, sandwich, sandwich.

    By emanhefalumpp on 05.22.2010

  14. Why must the word be sandwhich, I just did a skit about a sandwhich and a redneck husband… It was a comedy, but it was underdevolped.. well anyway go eat

    By Anna on 05.22.2010

  15. When you were young you read a book about a sand witch and you laughed at the beauty of wordplay, which you had not quite realized before. “i want a sandwich!” the boy said. and so one appeared.

    By illuminated on 05.22.2010

  16. i eat it raw with spinach and a college degree in my hand. it helps that mommy is doing the dishes and makes me eat wheat bread. it’s tedious doing this kind of exercise and i can’t spell and time just seems to be such a real bore. i’m not sure i like this kind of exercise but it does make me write.

    By TiOva on 05.22.2010

  17. i could sure use a sandwich right now. Trying to keep my irritation at bay i distract myself with conversation with my family.

    By Amirah Rasha on 05.22.2010

  18. one day while i was walking on the road there was a sandwhich lying there. I picked it up and began to eat it when all of a sudden i started growing extra limbs and my body began to turn black.

    By dylan on 05.22.2010

  19. im so hungry right now. tuna sounds nice but im too lazy to stand up….
    what im still hungry maybe chicken salad….no tired of chicken. just cheese, maybe just the cheese. give it to me. :) wow im still hungry let me eat! yum yum yum sand witch.

    By panicemy on 05.22.2010

  20. i love sandwiches there so yummy anytime of day or time of the year. you can make it with anything you want; ham, cheese, ice cream ! or anything you like. Sandwiches are great for picnics and beaches or even parties.

    By giovanna on 05.22.2010

  21. His hair sat dully on his head, the breeze from the window not moving a thing in the stifling kitchen. Hot sandwiches, fresh from a frying pan. Mary fought the urge to yawn and walked over to the fridge, angry at the effort. He wanted to prove to her that he could cook; she fondled the lace apron that sat pinkly in the freezer.

    By ZB on 05.22.2010

  22. I turned my British friend onto pb&j sandwiches on some time ago. He still eats them today! We talk about all sorts of foods when we chat, and he’s promise me he would make me black pudding when I visit him in England. Don’t know how well that will go over, but we’ll see!

    By Tina on 05.22.2010

  23. I took a bite into the sandwich. I hated the taste and consistency of lunchmeat. Slimy chipped ham. But I ate it anyway, because he was so excited. He was proud of the picnic he had organized. “I have something to ask you,” he said as he climbed to his feet. He moved down again, but this time rested on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

    By dfarabaugh on 05.22.2010

  24. i like sandwichs. they are normally found in between slices of bread. many different types of bread can be used to make sandwichs. sand is not found in sandwichs, contrary to popular belief. many differerent ingredients and condoments can b

    By Jennifer on 05.22.2010

  25. “Shut up and make me a sandwich, woman!” shouted the man.
    “Stupid mother fucker…” the woman whispered.
    My friend’s parents love each other so much…

    By Varzariu Delia on 05.22.2010

  26. there is stuff stuck between the bread pieces. it wants to escape but it can’t, because a hungry mouth is on its way to end the poor sandwich’s short life. it started at a farm somewhere, traveled through a factory, and ended up being eaten. poor sandwich.

    By Ellie URL on 05.22.2010

  27. Well, it wasn’t a sandwich, not really; more like a manwich, I think… each side congealed with so much artery clogging, heart stopping goodness, all it took was one bite.

    By Jeff Von Ward URL on 05.22.2010

  28. I want it more than anything ,voracious is my appetite and I delight in the taste of it ,feed my anything and everything compress a piece of me between all of you it’s a love sandwich for two.

    By Johnnymac on 05.22.2010