May 20th, 2010 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “kite”

  1. I love to fly in the afternoon through the bright sunshine. The wind whipping my tail as I sore higher and higher into the great blue sky. The string which ties me to the earth is nothing compared to my need to soar. If only I could break free and catch an updraft. Then I would be able to touch the stars. Oh no I think that I’m being driven into that tree. Watch out I’m gonna get stuck and then my hopes for heading into the upper atmosphere will be dashed. I have to get away from this crazy kite flyer. HELP ME!

    By Jennifer B on 05.21.2010

  2. It flies so high above me and I can see the colors get further away with each part I let go. I am reminded of my father and the times we spent together in the summer. I can smell honey suckle and I am in love.

    By Cadyn Scott URL on 05.21.2010

  3. fly
    blue sky

    By lacey on 05.21.2010

  4. In the early months of spring, a kite soars over the tightly strung electric wires, as the sky beckons to those grounded. A sense of freedom the wind brings to us earth bound beings, who know only how to soar with the kite as extension of self into the wild blue yonder.

    By LunarStandstill on 05.21.2010

  5. The kite flew out of my hands and soared heavenward like it had been waiting for such an opportunity to fly free from restrictive binds

    By Clereece Deerhart URL on 05.21.2010

  6. the day my friend came to visit was the day i first flew that kite. she ended up taking it home with her after her trip. but i will never forget the feeling of flight as it rose so high in the sky it was barely a dot, and how one day i would do the same.

    By claireg URL on 05.21.2010

  7. the big yellow kite soared through the air like some grotesque windmill

    By martha. S URL on 05.21.2010

  8. The blue kite sailed through the sky, it looked as if it were a bird.

    By Erin on 05.21.2010

  9. the kite flew in the air and suddenly crashed to the ground. the boy’s tears peeked out of his eyes and looked up to the sky.

    By CG on 05.21.2010

  10. Kite’s are something that you fly in the air. My two brothers fly them all the time when go to the beach. I find it very amusing so that’s why i decided to join them. My mother likes them to so she join us. I hope we get some new ones because last year mind was ripped by the wind. Well at least that’s what my younger brother told me.

    By Demian Silvers URL on 05.21.2010

  11. the kite flew in the air and suddenly crashed to the ground. the boy’s tears peeked out of his eyes and he looked up to the sky.

    By CG on 05.21.2010

  12. There was a kite, in central park. Marcella wanted to make it fly on her own, but she didn’t posses the strings, wood, or power necessary. Only the wind could make the kite fly, and she never could.

    By Michelle URL on 05.21.2010

  13. kite is in the sky. the sky is cloudless. birds are around. people and families watch. dad teaches daughter how to fly the kite. the kite lands on the sand. the kite is bright and colorful.

    By Monica C on 05.21.2010

  14. kite’s are something i love to fly. My mother buy’s them every summer we decide to go to the beach. I just hate having them around my brothers.

    By Demian Silvers URL on 05.21.2010

  15. A kite is something that you use to begin your journey back to childhood. I always used the kite when I was little to have fun and just wish I could fly like the birds and like my kite. I had a pink one (ick) with smiley faces. Also, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” is from Mary Poppins, one of my favorite movies from my childhood.

    By Katy on 05.21.2010

  16. I never have flown a kite, I just didn’t get the concept. Why fly a kite when you can just control a remote controlled helicopter with cameras?

    By Don Johnson on 05.21.2010

  17. “Let’s go fly a kite,
    up to the highest height!”

    I don’t remember the rest. I’m gonna look it up now.

    By Megan M. URL on 05.21.2010

  18. Once when I was younger I decided to see how high I could fly my kite. I tied several lengths of string together until I had probably 300 yards worth. It took a while to get the kite in the air because itw asn’t very windy that day. Once it was up though and I had let out the full length of the rope, it was so high it just looked like a very tiny dot.

    By Heather on 05.21.2010

  19. This word will forever be associated with a story between two young boys. Nothing more can come from this word now.

    By Clara URL on 05.21.2010

  20. Charlie Brown lamented that he couldn’t get his kite past the stupid tree. It felt like that tree was out to get him. Just like life. Alyways after poor pitiful Charlie Brown.

    By Heather on 05.21.2010

  21. My world has never been enough for me. I travelled around since I was two years old. I couldn’t find a place to call home. I don’t know where it is supposed to be. But I know it is like Tiffany’s!

    By Giulia on 05.21.2010

  22. I fell in love with him when I was 12. He was upon his kite. He was blond. He was a rockstar. He was totally perfect to me. He was 35. Police said it wasn’t legal. Does love has to be so?

    By Eia on 05.21.2010

  23. Ah… so today is a kite-flying kind of day… sunny… actually not much wind but imagination will provide… It’s summery, humid, sunny, perfect for running underneath a bright triangle (better than reading about an uneven triangle)…

    By lisa URL on 05.21.2010

  24. just move. like a kite. dodge the head on currents and slaps of a cold breeze. dive and dip through the foggy and unclear moments. and soar, glide, through your triumphs.

    By Lauren W URL on 05.21.2010

  25. In the whirl of an unexpected updraft, the triangular paper kite soared, whipping upward in concentric circles, tail flapping like an excited kitten, growing smaller as it caught a warm current of air and slipped ever upward, the reel of string diminishing.

    By Jeff Von Ward URL on 05.21.2010

  26. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a thing with a tail that will make children and old folks gaze upwards and laugh.

    By suu URL on 05.21.2010

  27. i wanted to fly a kite for as long as i could remember. the day finally came and i was in the prime of my youth. my family and i went to the beach. it wasnt too crowded, perfect kite flying weather. i lifted the majestic paper triangle in the air and it plummited. dead. that was the end of my kite flying days.

    By rachel on 05.21.2010

  28. the tragic breakup between the kite and its owner was a sight for sore eyes. it was loud, it was dangerous, but nobody wanted to step up and say anything. the owner tried to rip the kite in half but the kite just poked him in the eye right back. The two started with laughter and friendship but ended with hatred and doubt.

    By Mentos URL on 05.21.2010

  29. I wish i had flown kites more as a kid. I never really did it much and I think it would be disappointing to do it now. Only kids can really appreciate it. Theres a lot of other things I wish I’d done as well.

    By bet on 05.21.2010

  30. flying above the sky freedom to do what it is i am. To be what I want. The empty sky the clouds the thrill. Me against the wind. I fly with her as she flys. I soar with her, yet alone I get bored.

    By Taha on 05.21.2010

  31. i want a dragon kite…. a long one with green and red streamers…. i would takt it to gloucester and fly it off the hammond castle cliffs… perhaps i would meet a sailor… and i would give him a kiss on each of his cheeks. and i would be happy, and i would die with smile wrinkles. a kite would come in handy by the ocean… i could attach shells to the line.. a tinkling from the windowsill.

    By Jillian on 05.21.2010

  32. The blue kite fluttered in the breeze, wisping this way and that like a dandelion seed on water. Summer sun glinted at the edge of my vision, and the sky soared above, a vault of powder blue splashed with pale streamers of white cloud.

    By Haelo URL on 05.21.2010