May 22nd, 2010 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “lantern”

  1. The light from the golden lantern showed upon his leathered face. It was him, the one they’d been looking for. He was finally with them, yet they didn’t know what to do.

    By Max URL on 05.23.2010

  2. lantern like jack-o-lanterns. halloween! candy! i love candy. especially reese’s. they are rather tAsty. omnomnomnomnomssss. dinosaurs.

    By Ciara on 05.23.2010

  3. a warm, comforting light source, leaving far too much in the shadows to the imagination.

    By Rachael on 05.23.2010

  4. I don’t have much experience with lanterns. It is 2010, after all. We generally use flashlights these days. But they can be rather pretty, I guess.

    By Laura URL on 05.23.2010

  5. I was walking along the deserted street, lantern in hand. I didn’t think that anyone else lived. And yet the lantern was a human creation. Huh.

    By Schuyler URL on 05.23.2010

  6. The nights breezed by as the lantern kept burning. Was this another miracle? Could God be with me? Can you grant me love? The one thing I can use to save myself.

    By Brianna URL on 05.23.2010

  7. light

    By catarina on 05.23.2010

  8. Lanterns bring light. Light is important. They illuminate rooms so you don’t trip and fall. Or they can lead you places, like home. Home is where your heart is.

    By Elena on 05.23.2010

  9. shiny sheds light for all. Laterns are more commonly oil when used in old times and they cast a golden glow over all they touched. Often they made it rather hard to see into the shadows. Now we have electric ones that are used for camping

    By Aly on 05.23.2010

  10. Lantern is a good one, you see, because there is really so much about lanterns. Dying on my keyboard? Right, I shouldn’t dictate what Sarah says because she is a poo and perhaps not that luminous. I’m sad that Luminara is closing down, I mean, it’s not really a New-and-Improved!-Luminara, it’s just that they’ve run out of money because the provincial government isn’t funding the arts anymore.

    By Lemily on 05.23.2010

  11. Tonight found me, and you, and a lantern
    finger tips deep in fresh mountain air.
    Quiet underneath our glow,
    and the light above and the light below.
    You are making angels with your eyes
    and I am laughing at the irony.
    I am tripping over the night
    brushing my ankles, touching me when you won’t.
    We are sitting, a hands span apart
    knees locked in tight, fingers linked in my lap, in yours.

    We are cold
    but we don’t have to be.

    My room is bright, the curtains pulled back
    I am laying on the floor, bed untouched.
    The light filtering through my eyelids is orange
    and purple and blue.
    When I left you minutes ago
    you were sullen.
    When the moon left the sky on the mountain
    you were not yourself,
    you were luminous,
    you were happy.

    I am afraid for you,
    just let me hold you once.

    By Taylor on 05.23.2010