April 18th, 2009 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “salt”

  1. is delicious except when it gives you a heart attck. I want to go to the dead sea and smell and feel the salt like nowhere else on the world. Isn’t it interesting how culturally prevelant salt is from its humble begginings for ignoring rotted flesh? Whats up with the morton salt girl anyway?

    By Meghan on 04.19.2009

  2. I always put too much salt on everything, especially chicken and chips. My mother says I’ll die of heart disease, my grandmother that “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”. My dad says that he’s not surprised about my salt intake, considering my sugar levels – I like three sugars in tea.

    By CE on 04.19.2009

  3. of the sea, cleansing all wounds, stings a bit at first but gets the healing started.
    too much of a good thing can hurt.
    all thorough our bodies, ear

    By kim on 04.19.2009

  4. As she swept her feet through the sea, her son looked back as he waded. He bothered the question, “Why is there salt in the sea?” And the Mother responded, “The same reason that you can ride your bike.” The boy continued to wade, positive about life.

    By Stephen on 04.19.2009

  5. ocean breeze strong raw flavorful grit dry hot good rememeber old not so sweet deep history binding simple goodness want

    By withthewind on 04.19.2009

  6. salt, or more precisely, slaye, is not in the fondest memory of the heeby-jeeby man the didn’t die on that death-ridden day. he only died. sod (salt overdose)

    By christofu on 04.19.2009

  7. The salt fell from the tabel at a rate that wiould have impressed even the most hardened of fools. They did not have time to comprehend the cause of the salt’s sudden descent, but they knew that it was not of this world. Before long they were reaching out to stop it, only to see it crash against the wooden floor.

    By Casey on 04.19.2009

  8. tangy tongue
    thirsty for water
    sucking me dry
    fine white powder
    traction under my feet
    bad for the blood
    ssss salt
    horse lick

    By Marie-Eve on 04.19.2009

  9. the salt in the sea is bitter, and makes your eyes hurt. but when salt is on the table it makes your food delicious. i guess that like most things, in one context, something can be bad for you but when the situation is changed, the object becomes good

    By Samantha on 04.19.2009

  10. Salt is like the white, deadly, toxic enemy of water, and when the two collide they wage a war unlike any other in history where the very essence of substance boils and spurts!

    By Zenzetra on 04.19.2009

  11. of the earth

    By robert scanlan on 04.19.2009

  12. the salt is the most precious gift that the sea could give us. WHy? simpliy, it is small and deathly, just like the sea but in the very opposite way!
    yeah Salt, i love that betch!

    By quio on 04.19.2009

  13. salt makes me feel like I’m not being healthy enough. it also makes me conscious of any cuts or nicks I have on my fingers. It makes me think of high pitched sounds for some reason.

    By java on 04.19.2009

  14. mortons factory on the west edge of the chicago river has been an icon not only in chicago, but the morton’s salt girl has been in the public eye for decades upon decades. sometimes i ride my bike past this place. it’s big and tough, like me.

    By bruno jarbridge on 04.19.2009

  15. of the earthg, your skin turning into desire as I kiss you, so more intenselyt salty even than the salt we bought on the way to the white sand beach, that vast erotic sea loving us, salt with flowers in it, and I loved you forever there was noone as bold as you

    By fayez on 04.19.2009