April 19th, 2009 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “roof”

  1. It’s fun to be on; flat but sometimes also quite steep! Many people jump of it too:D Santa lands there with his reindeer.. though I’ve never heard him. I like being there! Watching the sunset.

    By Rikke Steinbakk on 04.20.2009

  2. The roof over our heads is the sky. Naksibendi Hakkani way, is like the sky, covering everyone and everything. It is a way to Eternity and when you submit to the will of you creator, you will see that there is nothing but limitless beauty on each tier of heaven.

    By Hyder Ali on 04.20.2009

  3. my roof is orangish brown and is tiled

    By z on 04.20.2009

  4. snoopy sleeps on his roof of the dog house

    By z on 04.20.2009

  5. Rest of our feelings go unnoticed. Why is emotion so multi-layered and complex? What survival instinct is THAT??? Rebuilding out of failure …

    By bobo on 04.20.2009

  6. the roof was no longer a the rich green of the moss that used to cover it. it was now a dark grey… like it was matching the feelings of its now former owner. Oh the joyful days that house and roof had seen.

    By raquel on 04.20.2009

  7. standing there, all day. peering out into the open. a baron wasteland, waiting for salvation. this place needs saving. more than that, this place needs someone willing to save it.

    i must be their savior.

    By Andrew DeHaven on 04.20.2009

  8. Salty water runs into my mouth, and I don’t try to hold it back. My hands rub against the rough rooftop, where I’m sitting to be alone. I need to escape this world, go somewhere high above where civilization lies. I wish I could just fly away, but this roof is about as far as I’m gonna be able to get until the precious day I get my license. So why wait? Why waste another second here when I could be somewhere pain free, where bad things don’t happen to innocent people for no reason. No one wants me here. But I have people that love me up there now, and theres no reason to stay. I don’t care if they want me to live my life to the fullest. I just don’t care, this is my decision. Slowly, letting one last tear fall from my cheek, I lift my foot off the rof and jump.

    By Emma louise on 04.20.2009

  9. the roof leaked. the roof was on top of the house. the roof is on fire? roof. a dog could say roof. the roof was decrepid, falling apart, just like the rest of the house. it had been sitting abandoned for years, until finally someone had the decency to buy it and fix it up. thankfully they are not just demolishing it.

    By kayla on 04.20.2009

  10. i sat on the roof to watch the side effects of the night sky. it looked like it would pour. the roof has shingles that were scattered around my feet. i lost control on the roof. i forgot what i was about. i re read my life. i re did my ideal. i hated the roof.

    By hannah on 04.20.2009

  11. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! My roof better not be on fire because it would smash my dog. Then I would have nowhere to live. Sad face. But I like fire. We could have smores!!!

    By Samantha on 04.20.2009

  12. She wants to jump so bad
    its itching in her brain
    she’s thinking of the words
    she’d never say again

    and as her foot hovers
    Her hair twisting with the breeze
    She thinks of all the guys
    How they’d never be at ease

    What a fun little game
    She played with their hearts
    Psuedo incoherancies
    Twisting words and thoughts

    Bullet words and lulla-lies linger on her tounge
    She wants a better place
    she wants to be someone.

    A better world with bluer skies
    She wants to break from lust and lies

    She wants the smell of Axe and sweat
    To never leave her with such pain and regret

    She wants a man.
    She wants she wants
    She truly, honestly, wants a lot.

    She shuts her eyes tight.
    Starring down,
    At the worthless hell hole of a town

    “Shit” she spits, she speaks the same.
    Such strong language
    From an innocent dame.

    The worlds a blur
    What couldve been
    Maybe it’d go different
    Or it’d be the same.

    From this crumbling roof
    she mutters the words
    And falls on

    “I love you”

    By Melanie on 04.20.2009

  13. The rain on the roof brings back many memories, both good and bad. The bad I have archived to the very depths of my soul, the good I keep for rainy day memories, little bites of nostalgia.

    By greedy on 04.21.2009