April 18th, 2009 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “salt”

  1. salt has a taste that with out it your food is blan. Salt sometimes can raise your blood pressure. It is used on many foods & vegetables. Some people just can’t live with out it. Some fish just can’t li

    By Tari on 04.19.2009

  2. ive heard that salt sends an electrical charge over your taste buds, making everything taste more like itself.

    one day, i will find all the salt in the world, create an enormous electrical charge and make everyone in the world discover their true identity.

    By alex goldman on 04.19.2009

  3. Salt. Salt from the sea. As in the Salton Sea or the Dead Sea. It makes you float on top of the water easily, but it also makes you very thirsty. Imagine how pirates felt years ago on those beaches when all they had was the Salty air and no water…

    By Anna on 04.19.2009

  4. Salty, of course, but that goes without saying. Found in tears and seas, also on french fries. Adds flavor, inspires deliciousness. Clogs arteries, but that’s alright. Goes excellently with pepper!

    By Brody Weld on 04.19.2009

  5. I took the salt and rubbed it deep into the cut. it stung but not nearly as much as I had hoped, my hands shook as I took the cap off the shaker and poured its entirety over the table.

    By S on 04.19.2009

  6. Salt, that’s what i felt as I was sailing through the ocean feeling the cold windy breeze upon my face, but the salt was not exactly what i was thinking about, him. His face, everything that surrounded him, I loved every second of the journey, even thought it was a dream, a windy breezy ocean dream, about salt.

    By adri on 04.19.2009

  7. The salt spilled alll over the table, stained red. A body lay slumped on the floor, slash wounds to the back. What could’ve done this?

    By sam on 04.19.2009

  8. Good with food and tequila alike. Theres an interesting book about its history.

    By Drunk on 04.19.2009

  9. one day some salt fell on my head. it burned when the snow fell too. then i got a chemical burn, which stayed there for three weeks. after this, my hair fell out because it was on the burn. it made me very sad. then it grew back. woo. what a story.

    By allie on 04.19.2009

  10. Just to add salt to her wound, he called out from the crowd of people that had gathered. “And that dress makes you look fat!”

    Instantly she broke down crying. He felt sort of bad. But not really.

    By slice on 04.19.2009

  11. i never put salt on my eggs. or my mac and chees like she does. never do it. its not good for me and frankly, i do not enjoy the taste as it is. it alwyas worries me when i see salt poured onto food like that. you are going to make yourself sick. its not needed.

    By mei li on 04.19.2009

  12. the taste of salt on my lips burned as my mouth encompassed the ball of his shoulder. I flicked my tongue out, tasting even more. the sweat beaded up amongst us as the warmth of the summer day made itself known.

    By Slinky on 04.19.2009

  13. salt makes my mouth smile with a kiss of sea brine and a hint of anger. What does it all mean? Hardly anyone knows, but the sailors for whom salt is a simple fact of life. Yup. That is all.

    By Jake Bronstein on 04.19.2009

  14. Shake it over the meat, the potatoes, over my tongue and toes. Scratchy, that. You taste salty after a day just lying around, how can you be so delectable after not showering? I need some ketchup

    By Vee on 04.19.2009

  15. salt i like salt i put it on everything and i mean seriously every single thing i eat i use salt with i remember one time i wanted some salt so i started shaking the salt shaker and then salt got everywhere because the holes on top were too big and i felt bad cuz i wasted a bunch of salt i am also the type of person who whenever salt drops picks it up and throws it over my left shoulder because that’s superstition.

    By ashley-nicole on 04.19.2009

  16. take your words with a pinch of salt
    one day they’re true, next day they’r false
    you don’t care about sticking by people
    people are just pawns to you
    you love to play your little games
    win or lose, it’s all the same
    to you
    and nothing that you say
    will ever make me change my mind
    about you

    By Sophie on 04.19.2009

  17. Kassandra

    By Marie-Antoinette on 04.19.2009

  18. i like slat although its not very good for me. there are a lot of salt mines around the world, because the oceans are bodies of salt water. i enjoy swimming in them though. the formula for salt is NaCl. Salt water is disgsting but very pretty. I like putting salt on my food.

    By caitlin on 04.19.2009

  19. I couldnt even see, the taste filled my mouth, the stiff scent stuffed my nostrils and the sweat collected on my brow.

    By Jenn on 04.19.2009

  20. the ocean breeze laps at your skin like molten cold. it eats you, consumes you as you lie there, unmoving. you try to move, but you cannot. the sea has taken you. the salty brine. the salty jail that steals your heart.

    By zzbrighteyeszz on 04.19.2009

  21. salt is tasty fine yummy makes me thirsty i love it makes me wanna dance makes my tongue tingle harvested on the asian coast i like it on my fries and in my life

    By stacey on 04.19.2009

  22. tastes nasty by itself, hurts when put in wounds, makes french fries and ketchup taste better, used on roads when icy, salt water in the ocean

    By Zachary on 04.19.2009

  23. what what in the butt i said what what in the but you said you wanna put what in my butt, i said you wanna put what in my butt, lets do it in the butt, ohh yea

    By name on 04.19.2009

  24. all i did today was dig some salt out of old wounds.i found out that i like the way bitterness feels in my mouth.

    By liana judd on 04.19.2009

  25. I love spices. Red ones, rich ones, sweet and savory ones. But my favorite one of all is salt. It is the salt of the earth. Used around the world to brighten the flavor of all foods. Just a lite sprinkling of it over the food, a slight glisten if you will, adds a whole new dimension to the flavor.

    By Paulie on 04.19.2009

  26. my name. tasty? water. I need water. little packages. cut the t and raise the flag of me. sal! wooop. what elas what else… pepper… peppy pepp. full of pepp. maybe I need to meet someone named peppe… then we’d be together forever. when one thinks of one of us they’ll think of the other,

    By the sal !!! on 04.19.2009

  27. Doctors say salt is bad for you, but I love salt and it doesn’t seem to make me any worse for the wear. So take that doctors! What does salt of the earth mean anyway? Utah has salt flats. I was born in Utah, maybe that is why I love salt.

    By P on 04.19.2009

  28. its the best word to say, it carry’s strenght and power, it helps you through the day. it helped me.

    By Rowan on 04.19.2009

  29. Salt is everywhere. It’s in your body, in your food, on the street, in the ocean, it’s everywhere. I think people don’t realize how much salt is in the world, and I think we all take advantage of it.

    By Mary on 04.19.2009

  30. Salt and pepper are in my cupboard.
    They make everything taste a little better.
    Salt just goes with pepper.
    Do you think pepper feels bad that it comes second?
    It doesn’t mean it’s second-best.
    because it’s not. At all.
    I love pepper.
    Pepper makes me happy.
    it makes me sneeze.
    But we’re here to talk about salt.
    Sea salt.
    See? Salt.
    Salty. Love.
    Salty love.
    of the ocean.

    By Jane on 04.19.2009

  31. Dry, dry, dry. What am I doing here? I keep pouring this flavorless article into my mouth, hoping words will pour onto the page. I know that nothing comes so easy, yet I pursue it so. What am I doing here? This is not my home. This is not my mouth, these are not my hands, these are not my words. I think its time to leave.

    By Ruben Williams on 04.19.2009

  32. Popcorn is really salty. And when you smell popcorn, or think you smell it, you immediately become in the mood for it. You can walk into the movie theater, not wanting popcorn but once it pervades your nose, you must have it. And never can you just have popcorn. You also have to have soda with it.

    By ashleyward on 04.19.2009

  33. my mother loves salt, but she can no longer eat it. she has too high blood pressure or somrthing like that. its too bad how things like that work out. you think your set to love something and out of nowhere its taken away from you.

    By nick on 04.19.2009

  34. The salt of the earth – we have heard that once salt was as valued as the most precious jewels today. It is so because it preserves food. In the days before your fridge and freezer, salt was the only way of guaranteeing a decent diet in the cold winter months. But I love a good sea salt. So much more personality. Malden sea salt is my favourite. It comes delicately shaved, like pearls.

    By Meagan on 04.19.2009

  35. Salt and vinegar taste of summer, mmmm tasty junk food of careless days. When we have all-powerful youth and beauty we can take on this food but we didn’t know it would not last forever

    By Spinoza on 04.19.2009

  36. salty tears.
    in my mouth making my pain tasting. its worse now. thanks body, :)
    i wonder what they would smell like if they smelled. humpfh.

    By taylor on 04.19.2009

  37. mmmmmmm….. sweet sweet sugar can’t compare.
    To the delicious taste of salt. Imagine that cookie, with the powdered sugar; slightly dusted with sea salt. Just the thought…… YES. Salt is more than life. it is life.

    By Sean on 04.19.2009

  38. salt is mainly used in food, but you can also say that it tastes like salt. It reminds me of bitter, just a little more saltier. It is a hard word to write about, but I gave it my best.

    By kristina on 04.19.2009

  39. salt on my tongue, the warm beach air blowing my hair. sand under my hands and feet, my towel keeping m butt from its heat. this was it. this was what i loved.

    By anna on 04.19.2009

  40. picy and i love it on food this is sodium chloide. the equivalent of pepper. clear like glass, like a cure for cancer, diamond shape, intense to the tongue’s tough. Too much is too much.

    By Matt Butschek on 04.19.2009