April 17th, 2009 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “infect”

  1. Strands of red pulsated in his eyes, his fingers, his heart. They crept down his legs and ran under his fingernails. Each inch brought new waves of convulsions over his body untill he was wracked with pain, laying hopeless on the floor.

    By Hannah on 04.18.2009

  2. Die man just get infected and pass out into oblivin! I want to steal your cookie after that!!!! OMG wouldn’t that be mazing! Pass out! Cookies! Squirrel!

    By Cookie Eater on 04.18.2009

  3. I am a scientist whom studies infections! I do so love understanding such an amazing thing. They are just splendiforous!

    By Dr. Fancy Pants on 04.18.2009

  4. John was infected by a mysterious virus 2 years ago in Nairobi, ever since he had been isolating himself from the outside world. Friends and relatives have tried in vain to ask him to seek help, but his face..

    By JL on 04.18.2009

  5. Infect. I wonder what is contaminating me. I wonder what is breathing under my skin, becoming me. I wonder what I am becoming. I see faces, staring at me, boring into me, and my breathing stops. I am stuck. I am becoming something I cannot contain. I am fading.

    By Mani on 04.18.2009

  6. Attending the division speech contest today infects me with many ideas on how to improve my future speeches. It is certainly one of the life-changing moments in my life.

    By PP on 04.18.2009

  7. I’m infected with a sad sort of hopelessness. it just washes over me, a cloud of nasty feelings, like everything is going on without me. Maybe it’s irrational, but you try telling my heart that.

    By sara on 04.18.2009

  8. dissease…this is what this word tells me…something dirty…but it may mean love to..addiction…to someone or somethin…yeah..addiction…parasitism…

    By maria on 04.18.2009

  9. When an external entity creeps inside you, changing your nature. Oh my, I have an infection! and Alien clinging to me, trying to make me its host!! What about my soul? Can it replace me?


    By Josh on 04.18.2009

  10. i’m infected with my own stupidity my own fear of this feeling of cadence.
    leafing through memories, do they die?
    i hold on to them more than they hold on to me.
    i choose infection.

    By m on 04.18.2009

  11. I cant think anymore… things go so fast and life is no longer a clear vision. I’m infected with you… your love, truth and beauty.It kills me…

    By Ashley age 11 on 04.18.2009

  12. The day passes quickly and suddenly I’m sitting at home.. infected with the disgust for myself, because of you I cant breath… Its like a bad infection, in engulfs me until death… Its your love…

    By Ashley age 11 on 04.18.2009

  13. Disease may affect those who subject themselves to harmful things. It may not be a physical ailment at all. You may be infected with the disease of harmful ideas or emotions.

    By Hollis Webb on 04.18.2009

  14. the disease that spreads from outside, something else from somewhere else, or someone else, but not necessarily bad – a lot of good things are infectious – laughter, smiles. In fact, even mere inflection can spread from one person’s lips to another’s.

    By Tom on 04.18.2009

  15. disease a common and terrible destruction of life and health. The bubonic plague killed a third of the europe population, transferred through rats and other creatures. the pope survived by sitting between two enormous fires.

    By John on 04.18.2009

  16. infecttious diseases spread through mosquitos.The malarial infection is the most prominent among those.

    By uday on 04.18.2009

  17. I’ve been infected with that disease, it’s can simply be called the lovebug. What a pity, things just got a bit complicated.

    By BAM on 04.18.2009

  18. zomibes infect you and you become like them, infection is hard to defend agaisnt. Tiny little things invade your system. You need other tiny little things to protect you. Maybe someday we’ll have nanobots that build the perfect immunce systems. Disease would

    By DJ on 04.18.2009

  19. the spider infected with reddosis, a virulent fomr itching, scuttled into the bathtub and waited under the bathmat until Mr Hoppo sat down 0 OUCH

    By Alice James on 04.18.2009

  20. His Old Spice infected my nostrils. I loathed it’s effect on me.

    By amelia on 04.18.2009

  21. It was impossible not to worry about it. We tried everything that we could do, but nothing seemed to work. It was taking over everyone. Locating the source was impossible as well. Infect. It was an infection, but what was the damn source? Everywhere we turned, another dead end. I didn’t go to medical school to be clueless.

    By Jared on 04.18.2009

  22. I love people who have a great laugh. They walk into a room and the next thing you know everyone is laughing along with this person. It is almost like they have the ability to infect others with their laughter. And the feeling spreads from person to person, like a wildfire.

    By Paulie on 04.18.2009

  23. infected humans… infected with what??? MONEY… money is the worst germ that we know of… well made for good cause for bad… isn’t that the way with all the things in the world !!! i suppose so…

    By Hitesh on 04.18.2009

  24. my soul is infected with a green beam of light that shines across the penetrance of my soul, a glare that encaptures me with a rapture. i am enlightened and disturbed at the same time. all of a sudden i do not understand the creation of this mystery. how dreadful for the ministers of their time, and the inhabitants of the earth. what infection.

    By emma on 04.18.2009

  25. I am infected. Raw inside. My mind is broken and I am hoping I’ll find a cure for the state I’m in. Kiss my wounds and make them better.

    By Antonela on 04.18.2009

  26. a bug or some disgusting disease that gonna either hurt like hell or kill you it kinda makes me think of the virus i movies that make people into zombies and its always called an infection but it really is wayyy more serious then that

    By n on 04.18.2009

  27. infect? what? like zombies and shit…

    infected with the poison of passion dripping sweet off her lips,
    i realize these are the last lips i’ll kiss;
    this fact i do not fear,
    i would rather no other lips,
    then the addictive and moisture found upon yours;
    so let me feed my addiction, and one last kiss,

    i crave.

    By tony DeGenaro on 04.18.2009

  28. They are trying to infect everyone. by the end of the year, we will all be some sorta mutant zombies. It’s called “chem trails” and you can see it trailing behind the jets in the sky. Mark my words. You will see.

    By Lemonh3d on 04.18.2009

  29. infect the mind of america by telling us that the annual salary of teachers is going to decrease. infect the minds of students by denying their teachers deserved pay raises. infect the bank accounts of those teachers who just lost their jobs with despair. infect.

    By 3Dpirate on 04.18.2009

  30. -To contaminate with a pathogenic microorganism or agent.
    -To communicate a pathogen or disease to.
    -To invade and produce infection in.
    -To contaminate or corrupt: envy that infected their thoughts; a society that was infected by racism.
    -To affect in a contagious way: “His fear infected me, and . . . I followed as fast as I could” (W.H. Hudson).

    By tunheimen on 04.18.2009