January 24th, 2011 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rocket”

  1. it just takes one word to tear a person down. to make them cry. to brighten their day. it takes one word, and a few others, to change a person’s life. it changed mine.

    by travis kaenel on 01.25.2011
  2. I packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour – nine am. But I bet he wasn’t really high as a kite then, literally or figuratively. Kites don’t go that high anyway. It’s damn hard work getting those things up, too. Then what do you do? Stand there and admire the 2×2 piece of nylon you have floating above your head?

    by Lindsey on 01.25.2011
  3. Rockets are fun. You get to fly them and enjoy a great time with others. Sometimes it can be hard it can get stuck in a tree or somewhere.It will take time to take it down.

    by america on 01.25.2011
  4. Rockets make me think of firework night – as a child we always had fireworks in the back garden, lit by my father, with children at a safe distance and my mother in the warmth of the kitchen preparing sausages and jacket potatoes. They were aways the best bit!

  5. rocket is a big tall thing that fly’s with people in it.It is sometimes red or black. its scary in it.I don’t like them.

  6. salad it’s not science is it I’ll take one to the moon and beyond . why have the moon when we can have the stars. Rocket, socket, ready, steady, go. Firing on all cylinders – like a rocket


  8. rockets are very cool looking things. my favorite things about rockets are how they fly so fast into space. when i grow up i wanna be a astront

  9. Invented by man…made to explore the vast universe in pursuit of nothing but vanity. And so we landed on the moon, what about the One who created the moon? Are you in pursuit of Him?

    by christine on 01.25.2011
  10. flys into space. can also be shot from a gun. sometimes is used by countries at war. They tend to go pretty fast. Usually in a cartoon or movie, people will attach these to their vehicle to go faster

    by Barney on 01.25.2011
  11. big. fast. goes into space. cool people ride them. in funny movies. in boring movies too.

    by bobby joe on 01.25.2011
  12. rockets fire into the air on bonfire night . Green, blue, yellow colours in the air as it explodes at its highest point. Children scream, adults cry ‘Ooooh’, cameras attempt to capture the drama. So much expense, just burning money, basically…

    by SueSue on 01.25.2011
  13. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things…. ” Such vibrant words spoken by a charasmatic leader on a late hot summer’s day in cowboy Texas.

    by Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 01.25.2011
  14. big red fire cool neat huge moon NASA 321 Blast off

    by Andrew Fickel on 01.25.2011
  15. go high in sky. to the moon and never come back for years. fun to ride in. In floridia with the space center. never been in it. people go in it haveing fun in the sky. i c jupiter over there

    by reilly on 01.25.2011
  16. it is in the sky. it is fast. astronauts are in them. I don’t know very much about this topic.

    by Megan on 01.25.2011
  17. I was in the rocket blasting towards outer space. It was fun. I got dizzy. I am an astronaut.

    by Sarah on 01.25.2011
  18. a rocket travels into space with someone in it. it is big and takes off into space it flys in the sky i have never been in a rocket

    by Cami on 01.25.2011
  19. hte rocket flies into the air towards outer space looking for the moon and its engines are propelling it out of the atmosphere bound for a new place

    by cole on 01.25.2011
  20. When I was younger, I was so into rockets. Now, I’m just into space itself. I wrote a novel that took place mostly on the Moon. Until a comet came and destroyed it, anyway. Yeah…

    Anyway, so the story had these cool advanced rockets and stuff, even though it took place in the past. Apparently, the government is hiding advanced technology from the rest of the world or something, in my novel. Oh yes, and aliens do exist.

  21. rocket goes woosh! they go really high up into the sky. astronots fly in them. they are red white and blue. super fast. they can go to the moon.

    by Shannon on 01.25.2011
  22. The little boy looked at his toy rocket sitting in the sand, and in his mind saw it taking off into the deep blue sky as it soared he knew that one day, he too would be a astronaut.

    by Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.25.2011
  23. With that kiss, her feelings rocketed into the stratosphere of romantic delusion.

    by Eddie Louise on 01.25.2011
  24. I think of space, the moon. Things such as going to mars and all that nifty stuff. It kind of makes me think of stars and ships in general. It reminds me of eminems song spacebound which is my favorite right now. It makes me wish that I could get on a rocket and head far away from here, mars would be nice.

    by Shelby on 01.25.2011
  25. rocket science men full of dreams dare to ride power mover up pursue of happiness future unity peace technology

    by eric on 01.25.2011
  26. Rockets are awesome! they shoot you towards the heaven’s.I cant imagine how awesome that would be,to see space.Although I think I would get sick like crazy though,so I probably couldn’t handle a ride like that but for those who do,you rock the rocket!

  27. “This is not rocket science”…something we often say when we want to explain that a task or problem can be solved by the less educated among us. But really…do any of us know just how hard rocket science is or not? I know I have no clue.

    by Andie on 01.25.2011
  28. And it’s off. Speeding into space, like a rocket. We never know if it’s going to come back. It’s like a rocket, afloat, in space, without fuel. That’s what this is. It’s reality and we can’t change that.

    by Ekilow on 01.25.2011
  29. Bernice pushed the rocket idly around on her plate. “I’m sorry, I’m leaving you, I can’t do this anymore” she rehearsed before Simon came back from the men’s room. He sat down, looked at her fa

  30. rockets go though the sky around the outerspace around and around every where.

    by peyton on 01.25.2011
  31. fast fun cool flames people love them people use it to go to the moon its amazing . its fun and cool to play with . we make it fun to make rockets . rockets are really cool and fun to see what people can do.

    by neongreen on 01.25.2011
  32. A rocket is a big metal thing we use to get us to outer space. There are also little toy rockets. Some fireworks are sometimes shaped like them. I think rockets are pretty cool. They are so awesome when they shoot off of the ground.

    by fluffy1297 on 01.25.2011
  33. rockets fly high and take you places planes cant get. there are usaually drawn in red and have big huge flames out the bottom. rockets are very interesting and have many kinds.

    by logan on 01.25.2011
  34. It’s a device for people to travel to the space.
    It’s stream-lined and it use hydrogen as fuel.
    Sometimes it will explode after launching.

    by marco2339 on 01.25.2011
  35. There once was an alien on mars who ate pickles in him castle he had a huge electric guitar he played. He rocked my socks the whole time I was visiting! He was so small and green.

  36. my heart was happy an sky rocketing yesterday morning but now near the end of that day the rocket fell an i was hurt toeren i am now but nothing could fix me or my rocketing loveing heart that fell yesterday.

  37. it shoots it soors it flys around in the sky around the sun around the earth.

    by peyton on 01.25.2011
  38. Rockets are very cool and people get to use them to explore into space. I would love to go up in a rocket to see the stars. I wish I could go into space in a rocket. Rockets are also very big and they are a very complex system to insure that nothing will go wrong as well as make it to where it needs to go.

  39. a rocket is something that soars up to outerspace. astronauts fly in it and it hits aliens and at the bottom of the rocket ship, everything floats!

  40. in my opinion rockets are unsafe and they are fun but i will let profetionals have the fun.