January 24th, 2011 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rocket”

  1. Rocket’s are really amazing. They are big and they go fast into space. I want to go on a rocket someday. It would be cool to be an astranaut. I didn’t spell that right. Rocket’s are just simply amazing!!! I want to go on one!(:

  2. BLAST OFF. something that takes off and goes up to the sky. Used in celebrations and used to go into space for research.

    by ramone on 01.25.2011
  3. boom, take off, space, ship, aliens, stars, astroids, fire, smoke, blast off, nasa

    by Marianne Hicks on 01.25.2011
  4. 1…2…3… BLAST OFF! We speed up, to the speed of light. Trying our best not to pick a fight (with aliens!) OMG now here we come! Everyone better run run run! OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF… SPACE!

    by Taylor Kennedy on 01.25.2011
  5. astronaut, very entristing and it also has some cool things that i would like to keep for my self because it has the engines that come of when it is in the air , blast off 5, fire, goes to the moon, NASA, brave people,

    by gabrielle on 01.25.2011
  6. A form of transportation to space. It takes off. It goes to space. ship. star wars. the moon.

    by chris on 01.25.2011
  7. shoots into space very fast, is made of metal. goes to mars, the moon, and explores space. blast off!

    by Sarah on 01.25.2011
  8. when i was fifteen a boy i liked gave me a bracelet. it was the first bracelet i ever got up to that point (even up to this point now that i think about it). he was shy about it, and he didn’t wrap it he just told me to close my eyes and hold at my hand. he slid it on and turned it so i could read the beaded letters: r.o.c.k.e.t.

  9. goes into space. goes really fast. splits up when its in space. goes to the moon sometimes. explores space.

    by Ellie.Lunte on 01.25.2011
  10. This could be shooting through space or being munched as a salad vegetable. Children love to draw them with brightly coloured flames.

  11. Fire away, hot, electric. you can’t touch me. If you do, I’ll burn right through you. I’m meant to soar, if you want to fly with me, get on my back. But don’t ever attempt to drag me down, or you’ll perish in flames. I promise you that.

    by on 01.25.2011
  12. fly me to the moon this fine after-night type morning, after so many mornings you’d think i’d get used to the chore. i wanna be on a rocket, lying back pushed deep into my seat, feeling the peripheral world slip away as if my body was taking one long perpetual jump forward. it’s still very much dark out and the thought of being rocketed away is bright against the silhouette.

  13. Standing 360 feet tall it was a symbol of human achievement. A chariot which we could ride to the moon and stars. The Saturn V was THE rocket. The embodiment of American ambitions. And now we have nothing. Our rockets carry satellites, but no people. Is the dream still alive, or are we to be forever shackled to this rock?

  14. Let’s take a rocket to the moon.
    I’ve always wanted to fly on a rocket.
    Kind of.
    I mean, I’ve always loved learning about space and astronomy and stuff like that.
    So much I even took astronomy as an activity in 9th grade.
    Hah. Biggest waste of time ever.
    But I was always especially interested in what the astronauts ate out there in space.

    by Rushtail on 01.25.2011
  15. the rocket flies up high in the sky. it shoots off of a rockt pad. NASA has many rockets. rockets are cool. they make a lot of noise. i think it would be cool to fly to the moon in a rocket. let’s all go fly around the universe in a rocket built by NASA. NASA has many people who come and build rockets for them.

    by jocelyn on 01.25.2011
  16. 4…. 3…. 2… 1….

    The craft begins to rumble
    Shake rattle and roll
    That light is blinking
    Why is that light blinking?
    Mission Control
    Sounds suddenly terse
    The pull of gravity
    Is shifted to the side
    I wonder if this burning
    Would be worse
    Had I crashed instead into the

  17. We got a giant cardboard box and we took markers and glue and paper. We knew what we were doing. It didn’t take long to transform it into a rocket.
    We climbed in, and our imaginations took us to outer space.

    by Maureen on 01.25.2011
  18. The rocket blasted off into space with such force that it broke all previous speed records. There was an astronaut that was fatally injured because he forgot to fasten his seatbelt before liftoff.

    by TJ on 01.25.2011
  19. Astronauts. Space. Emptiness. Death. Dark. No Air. Loneliness.

  20. The lego robot on my desk at one clear green eye and one clear eye. It is smiling a little plastic smile at me and its arm is bent up as if waving hello to me. My son made it for me. Right now my five year old prodigy is busy constructing a rocket so the robot can go visit it’s friend over on daddy’s desk.

    by JaxJax on 01.25.2011
  21. Johnny had a rocket for an arm. He was throwing in the low 90’s. His problem was aim. “You gotta throw accurate-like”, his coach would tell him.

  22. A rocket may be a miisive to send a letter to the man in the moon. If it rockets off too fast, the moon will be missed by a million miles and the letter will be lost, just like the package that I failed to receive from the UPS man when I didn’t know the addressee.

    by mattie on 01.25.2011
  23. They are antiques yes sexy everyone wants one and some have even flow on top of them
    I know that even baby arugula is sometimes referred to as rocket.

    by Roberto on 01.25.2011
  24. rocket is high. I want to reach for the rocket rather than being on it, for it gives me a target to move forward, rather than exploring the unknown universe.

    by Daphne Wong on 01.25.2011
  25. Fly me to the moon in a big black rocket with giant boosters shooting flames down the sky. Crew that rocket with the undead, all green and blood-drinking and such. It’ll be flippin’ undead awesome.

  26. shooting high and mighty ~ like we were the ones to get the moon first, but only because we tend to step on toes.. ouch.. and now you are stepping on mine. why can’t we work together, why can’t we just forget what it is that bothers us and move on ~ like a rocket ♥

    by jenni on 01.25.2011
  27. Tomorrow I shall mix the freshest of salads. Made from rocket, parmesan and pear. I’ll add just the lightest touch of olive oil and perhaps a dash of vinegar. I shall devour the salad and pretend I’m on an island far away.

  28. Flames on the grass, leaping into the air, cascading down with a polyurethane parachute. The engines reminded me of rolls of quarters, it was all clandestine, the way that the launchpad looked like something you’d cook crack on.

  29. Oh I want one! Just light the flame, press the magic button and hold tight! Soar away in a blast of whirling sound and fire, up, up, up through the blue to the black of starlit space. Where would I end up?

    by Asproulla on 01.25.2011
  30. a bubbling mass, all flailing and competing, this was a race like no other- a race for life itself- all the time training beforehand in the compound, all the tales of those who had gone before, nothing could prepare the participants for the sheer ruthlessness of their opponents in this struggle… swimming with all their might after being spurted forward like a rocket at takeoff, the Ova was their goal.

  31. Rockets are a great invention of the 21st century. After multiple failures, well you can’t succeed without failing first, the brilliant mind sof the scientist have found a way for enable to to completely escaped the gravitational field of the earth.
    What is gravity? Is it really a force exerted by the mass? no its not, its a bent in spacetime. Mindfuck.

    by IanIan on 01.25.2011
  32. And like any of the records he owned, some were better than others. David Bowie’s Space Oddity, of course, was better than Elton John’s Rocket Man. By miles. By light years. But, thirty years on, he heard “The Space Race is Over” by Billy Bragg, and that sealed it. Cos now he had kids of his own, who had no space race to look forward to….

  33. Red rocket, sparky, red rocket!

    by JJ on 01.25.2011
  34. Floating in my tin can, far above the world,. Oh, I guess someone’s been here already, left their rubbish for me to tidy up. Planet earth is blue, from a distance; and somebody also did that once upon a time in the west.

    by karen burrows on 01.25.2011
  35. rocket sky high, into the oblivion. I swirl out of control, out of gas, and I’ve landed here on nothingness. I see a mass not too far away, but out here who knows how far that is? I find God. God says to me, you are a long way from home. I have to check my ebonics translator, wherein I find that he told me that I am well-fucked and far from home. But yet I feel the same.

  36. Trying with all it’s might, traveling faster than anything known to man: a symbol of how far the human race has come; how great we are; how knowledgeable…yet to the stars it cruises past, barely moving, a mere irrelevant spec in the history of the universe.

    by fi on 01.25.2011
  37. rocket

    by Norma on 01.25.2011
  38. A crazy man, a rocket – someone who is not on this planet, a rocket. The whole world at times can be a rocket! and of course delicious with salad – the rocket!

  39. Non so cosa significhi. Ma mi fa pensare a rock. La musica che ha cambiato il modo di essere di molte persone. Quella musica che un tempo veniva detta maledetta, oggi ci mette quasi tenerezza. Una nostalgia per la perduta.

  40. theres not much i can say about a rocket. i guess it is the dividing point between earth and the sky. its just the transport from one place to another. rockets are big, and shiny, and they have astronauts in them and they blow out fire, i think, im not sure if blow the right word, there is something to do with gravity in them that makes the astronauts and food and stuff float. so they pin it all down. theres also something called astronaut food, and its like freeze dried fruit HOW DO YOU EVEN FREEZE DRY FRUIT, IS THAT EVEN HEALTHY?! and they have like freeze dried ice cream, can it even be called ICE cream? theres also something in the sky called the milky way, maybe that relates to the ice cream because its milky, was the sky called the milkyway or the chocolate bar called the milky way first? there is also some planets, like 9 or something. there is jupiter and mars and venus and saturn and uranus and mercury? im not sure if thats a planet. there is also pluto, which is a planet one minute and not a planet the next. which is completely confusing. and theres some moons, one is called moon phoebe, and the moon goes in cycles and there is half moons full moons crescent moons and blue moons. and theres heaps of stuff like that but im about to run out of time. thats a rocket

    by maddy on 01.25.2011