March 23rd, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “residue”

  1. sticky, waxy shiny mold. soap scum. Residue is in my hair, near the scalp… by the follicle. Greasy hair, dry on the ends. After effects of something. Leaving a part behind. Residue. Bad memories almost forgotten. White, grey, green. Chemical? Residue. Left behind… residue.

    By Lauren on 03.23.2012

  2. yucky, gross, makes me think of toilets. It makes me think of how disgusting toilets are and how you should never sit on them because you’re getting the germs on your ass. and when you flush the toilet youre getting residue on your toothbrush, so at school i flush the toilet with my foot. and i keep my toothbrush far far away from the toilet.

    By Sadie Emily on 03.23.2012

  3. I’m making cookies. That’s all I can do to wipe away the residue of our sticky, messy relationship. Toffe and chocolate chips wipe away the months of wishing you had loved me more.

    By Ellie on 03.23.2012

  4. It covered her. Soot was everywhere, the fire had burned the city to the ground; her world, her life, her everything, was a powdered ash that hovered in the skies.

    By Mara on 03.23.2012

  5. It dripped from the faucet. Aching in its descent to the bottom of the sink bed. One drop escaped from the whole and smacked the steel, SMACK SMACK SMACK. Each drop resounding in a definite loneliness.

    By Devin URL on 03.23.2012

  6. the residue stuck to his fingers all day. he washed his hands with soup, then alcohol, but nothing would get it off. the smell was the worst part. he knew he would hate this job.

    By T. F. Krag on 03.23.2012

  7. a kind of left over after washing yourself. I feel the residue of a kiss. One I’m afraid I will never be able to experience again. I wish I could have known how much a simple memory would mean to me. All I have left is a residue of you.

    By Kaitlin Hedberg on 03.23.2012

  8. residue. a simple and obscure meaning that has many different alias’ some that can be eluding and some that are invitatory. it is the make up of our history and traces of our future.

    By Byran on 03.23.2012

  9. Residue is gross. It is what’s left on your glasses after you walk out in the rain. It’s what’s left on your heart after a nasty break-up . It’s what is left on the tub before you fully rinse it clean. The secret about residue is that it CAN be wiped away. Change your life. Clean it up. Before you leave residue for someone else to slip on.

    By ALLY on 03.23.2012

  10. There was some oily residue on the bottom of the table. She pulled her hand back in disgust. “Ew, what is that?”
    “I don’t know.” He never knew anything. He knew his cards, he knew his drinks, but he didn’t know anything else. Except maybe how to ruin a house.

    By china URL on 03.23.2012

  11. residue. Thats what my thoughts are now. I used to have these creative captivating amazing thoughts. My mind was like a book. Now i just lay there, and there’s just residue. Sad, old, dried up remnants of things that i can’t come up with on my own anymore. That’s all that’s left. I’m sorry.

    By Anna URL on 03.23.2012

  12. sounds kinda like it is. all sticky and gooey and so on. I like the sound though whereas you might not want to find residue anywhere. There’s a lot of residue in sci fi ever notice that? tends to be white too blood or something I dunno.

    By Declan on 03.23.2012

  13. What’ you left behind. It clings to the soles of my feet and my bottom lip. Your black ashy promises Your glittering lie. I scrub at my pink flesh but your residue remains. I remain. Stained.

    By Jordyn Schara on 03.23.2012

  14. The residue that you left behind will remain with me forever. It is sticky, it is sweet, yet bitter. It is not a taste that is welcome, yet I can not remove it. Your residue, the one you forgot to take with you when you left without letting me let go. When you packed your bags, and carried on.

    By BlackmoreRemington on 03.23.2012

  15. the residue on the window slowly dripped down to the purple windowsill as I was staring out my bedroom window thinking ‘I really need to change my paint colour’.

    By Carly URL on 03.23.2012

  16. ash

    By Pam on 03.23.2012

  17. That’s all that’s left inside, just a residue of feelings, thoughts, hopes and all those tattered dreams….I can’t scrape it all away, it will always be there, regardless of how much or how often I scrape at it.

    By Debra on 03.23.2012

  18. The residue that you left behind will remain with me forever. It is sticky, it is sweet, yet bitter. It is not a taste that is welcome, yet I can not remove it. Your residue, the one you forgot to take with you when you left without letting me let go. When you packed your bags, and carried on. The residue that haunts me, that no one can see. But if anyone were to kiss me, my lips, my cheek, the back of my hand, they would taste that residue and they would notice that I marked forever. They would leave, and carry on. Quite like you, only this time they won’t have stuck themselves under my skin.

    By BlackmoreRemington URL on 03.23.2012

  19. It’s the only thing left behind once all the shampoos gone… what to do about residue? And not just shampoo, either, all the important bits in life. Ah, residue. Wherefore art thou?

    By fg on 03.23.2012

  20. i think of the leftovers on the dishes of nasty house. where everything you touch just has a grime to it and its kinda nasty. its like leftovers that no one thinks of and then just abandons and is forgotten til its to the point you are disgusted.

    By Mariah on 03.23.2012

  21. A crusty, green goo slides down my cheek to fill a cold cup, frosted on the sides. I hum despite the slime. A chill runs through the rest of my body, but I am possessed and the monster does not care.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.23.2012

  22. residue to me is when there is something left over that doesn’t need to be there its dirt os just remains of something that you were enjoying at one point but there isn’t anything good left of it. there was residue left on the dishes because the dish washer was broken. the end!!!!!!

    By molly on 03.23.2012

  23. The residues of our hearts are what keep us planted to our sorrow. It is not fair to ourselves, but necessary in order to be human. The thoughts, the regrest, the hurt. It’s all a part of the plan. Not the best plan, but a plan. Break free from it, let it go. The residues do not define you. It’s alright to move on. Just move on.

    By Madison on 03.23.2012

  24. the scent left by you on my skin, in my hair, it’s like a residue reminding me that you don’t respect me. That you never will, that you really don’t know the word “no.” it is worse than the summer rain on my skin left too long, because this is the residue that will not do. these are the traces left by your kisses. a hickky of disrespect.

    By Gloria on 03.23.2012

  25. Hmmm well, when I think of residue, I think of dew which makes me think of leaves. Then I think of the Amazon Rainforest, which leads to thinking of piranahs. Then I think of ice age which is such an adorable movie and I love it a ton because the prehistoric squirrel is the best!

    By Katie URL on 03.23.2012

  26. the filmy leavings on the cup. leftovers in my heart. crusty pain. unwanted. a memory. is it wanted? like the drops of dew on a rose bud…

    By Morgan on 03.23.2012

  27. the residue on my window, resting
    a quiet still and solemn sight
    how deeply does it move me, odd
    this lonely, silent night

    I wonder what it just might be

    By rossjb on 03.23.2012

  28. the residue on the burnt ground from the fire sent shivers through the girls spins. all her beloved tthings burnt in that fire.. her life. her love.. everything.. how could she rebuild anything after that life was over for her.. at least the old life she had known

    By alison on 03.23.2012

  29. that texture on the top of your mouth when you need to brush your teeth. it’s like they have fuzzy slippers slid right on the cap of every tooth. making me gag on the furr…

    By Vanessa URL on 03.23.2012

  30. The stuff that comes off of a building when it is wet. It’s like a mold greasy thing. A stain, opposite. When you drain a tub the stuff that is left behind. That is all I have to stay about residue.

    By Alli Drew on 03.23.2012

  31. the residue on my window sill
    sitting, resting, calmly still
    a quiet, silent, solemn sight

    By Ross B URL on 03.23.2012

  32. Residue. residue. Sometimes I feel like the residue left from a better, more driven me. The little bits left around from former successes. Like a resin hit from a bong. It gets the job done, but is no where near its former glory.

    By Hannah on 03.23.2012

  33. “come on!” she watched as he shouted to the new girl on his arm. he got a different girl every week, and he almost seemed to parade them in front of her as if he was not just content with shoving a knife into her heart; he also had to twist it deeper. this week’s girl was a beauty, her smile dazzling, her fiery hair curling behind her in wisps, as if washed by an invisible wind. she was unguarded, her beauty carved to the hilt, unaware that next week she would just be another one of the people he had used and discarded, left behind like trash littered on a dusty sidewalk.

    she knew she shouldn’t care. she knew it didn’t even matter. yet somehow she still felt lonely inside, scarred somehow, as if after he’d left her, her soul had vanished along with him, leaving only a residue of bittersweet memories.

    By Skäila URL on 03.23.2012

  34. in my lungs is to far to reclaim its health cancer is certain.

    By Lucas URL on 03.23.2012

  35. left over

    By Jessica on 03.23.2012

  36. one word. That’s all it takes to tear a person down. all it takes to obliterate and humiliate and desecrate. One word. That’s all it takes to build a person up…

    By Penny on 03.23.2012

  37. the world has many residues and i am not reffering to waste or garbage. i’m refering to all the bullshit boys say, it’s just not worth saving.

    By maria on 03.23.2012

  38. It piled up
    Dirt, filth, ashes
    It had burned to the ground
    The once righteous foundation
    That stood so glorious
    Just sat on the Earth
    Waiting to be recycled

    By Kenny H. URL on 03.23.2012

  39. residue is always unwanted. it pretty much symbolizes a failure to efficiently do something. usually its just cleaning. maybe you left streaks on the window. but sometimes its a failure to get rid of a memory, and the residue always pops into your mind when you least expect it and least want it.

    By Cat URL on 03.23.2012

  40. there are so many residue around the world, that’s why now the atmosphere is getting hot. the transportations blow out their residue and it caused so many impact for our body. nowadays

    By dinar on 03.23.2012