March 22nd, 2012 | 448 Entries

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448 Entries for “trunk”

  1. Junk in the trunk how obnoxious is that saying? How over used? Can we remove this phrase like all the others that jumped the shark ages ago? That’s all I’ve got today but at least I made an effort….

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 03.23.2012

  2. There is a lot of junk in her trunk and she just dont give a damn. He took a look in it and found there were cables, jumper cables, HDMI cables, and they were all soiled, the were all a mess and he didnt know why. What does she do? Where does she go? What is her job? No body knows. Shes got a lot of junk in her truck and no body knows.

    By Danielle on 03.23.2012

  3. in the trunk of an old car lies the mysteries of the past. old adventures of days gone by; both near and far. secrets. remnants of old loves.

    By Sonya URL on 03.23.2012

  4. i feel the twisted rough bark on the tree. i see the ruffled edges on the elephant’s nose. i click shut the suitcase containing all my possessions. trunk

    By amanda on 03.23.2012

  5. car trunk, dead bodies, elephants and peanuts and the circus, traveling a long distance with all your clothes not knowing when or where you will return, with just your hat and coat walking down the street without a clue where life is taking you

    By sam on 03.23.2012

  6. a big massive transport. he carry big loads of stuff. has a cabin. has a driver.

    By marko on 03.23.2012

  7. Trunk. Elephants trunk. Trunks for travel. Trunks on cars packed with camping gear. Elephants travel in cars with trunks full of camping gear. Trunks on elephants are underwater breathing apparatitus. I need help breathing on land. I’m trapped in a trunk. This camping gear is suffocating me.

    By Emily on 03.23.2012

  8. Tree trunks are the heart and soul of these amazing plants. They store and transport nutrients, are the the main structural support, and are the connection between the essential, nutrient gathering roots, and the photo-synthetic leaves. Without these amazing features, ecosystems would be vastly different.

    By Rae Fitzpatrick on 03.23.2012