March 24th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “exquisite”

  1. adams kisses. flowers lots of them that smell awesome. cuddling next to adams skin smelling him taking all of it in. food well made steak salty and steaming. dark chocolate the most perfectly made piece. pillows. fluffy pillows cold covers filled with feathers that you warm up slowly with your body hit. a gentle breeze underneath a huge tree. warm sunlight. love. peace. tranquility peace. no fighting a clean space a clean mind uncluttered. adams eyes. his smile and his eyes when directed towards me. late night walks and phone calls and jamie and emily and jake and kisses. neverending kisses. soft kisses passionate kisses hungry kisses and family that loves me. contentment. confidence. enlightenment. eureka moments. taking a power nap after a long day. finishing the last page of a great book. having my own room. owning a house. feeling accepted among my peers. getting great grades. meeting a stranger who feels like a best friend. turning down temptation and walking away. choosing to keep silent about your bad opinion of someone. meditating. reaching your goals. a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. justice. love. peace. abstract ideals lived out everyday. no regrets. being spontaneous. knowing what youre good at. accepting your strengths and weaknesses. playing an instrument playing music that exactly describes the way you feel and conveying that to others. crying. tears of sadness and tears of joy and yelling obscenities to no one in particular. exploring interests. the first kiss. opportunity. doing your makeup well. feeling beautiful . solving a problem. driving aimlessly. music blasted. danncing, getting lost in the music and the atmosphere and aroma. writing on a blank page. exquisite.

    By Giselle URL on 03.25.2012

  2. I was living in a house full of flowers. Even my dog was a flower. I ate flowers, and kissed flowers. Each day was wonderful and with no problems. I never did like dirt though. So that was a problem.

    By Miles Baker on 03.25.2012