March 23rd, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “residue”

  1. This world is made out of snippets and traces of things long gone and unremembered. There’s a ring on the table from some old cup of tea that I forgot I had, and a crusty residue desperately clinging to the counter from a snack so many hours ago, about to be obliterated by a damp napkin without a second thought. This world is made out of faded marks. That bruise from the desk, that cut from the knife, that book flung into the corner with resigned hopelessness and mounting anger at anything at all. In a minute, hour, week, someone will pick it up, shake out the pages, , and never even wonder why the cover is bent. An unnoticed zero in the grade book for missing assignment, kept in the folder with your letter, and the salty residue of a tear that dries as I finally sleep.

    By Ellius, Warrior Lord of the Panda Bears URL on 03.23.2012

  2. the left overs stuck to the plate, the bowl. No matter how hard you scrub, it sticks, it stinks, it leaves a mark that taunts forever more. But a soak, a complete bath, with warm, sometime scalding water, a baptism, will clear it. Forever the mark is gone

    By Mo on 03.23.2012

  3. My fingers were sticky with sap from the tree. Dammit, why wouldn’t they just leave me alone? I thought as the rubbed my scared finger tips, trying to remember what brought me to be in this pine tree, hiding, while my so-called friends hurled rocks at me, as if I was the target and this was a simple game.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 03.23.2012

  4. That sounds gross. It’s the kind of slick on your thighs from too much lovemaking. My mind is in the gutter terribly; I’m sorry. I see mold and wax and unwanted things, sticky and creeping and destitute. Some sort of crawling creature, like a snail, leaving behind a trail of slime.

    By Bailey URL on 03.23.2012

  5. the sticky residue resides on daniel’s jacket. I am afraid to ruin the leather, so I stopped trying to remove the strong tape that creates this residue.

    By Shannon on 03.23.2012

  6. I feel the residue of failure still… Infused within the marrow in my bones. I was never scared of failure.. It was the success.

    By Analytique on 03.23.2012

  7. residue stuff left over. For example “look at the residue from the rain on that leaf”. Droplets or substance left over. Stuff. Im not thinking. PEACE OEACE PEACE PESACE PEAVE ccomo hugargyg

    By Aly C on 03.23.2012

  8. wet residue leaking fluid from the depth of the can poring out left behind sad and alone. all that remains sticky residue subsides and is all left behind within the mind.

    By Daisy Young on 03.23.2012

  9. Ressssiiiiddduuuuee… idk what that is . actually i sortaq know know but i don’t really know how to describe or use it in a sentence… i don’t know…. hmmmm….

    By Roooonnniie URL on 03.23.2012

  10. The residue on the knife looked so much like blood it made her skin crawl. She shivered at the thought. Where had be been? What happened? He acted funny , nervous when she asked him,told the knife wasn’t his.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.23.2012

  11. Most people today in society are residue compared to the good souls I call my friends. The general public are all ignorant idiotic fools who deserve less than dirt. But for some reason our government will accept any little low life and help the survive on our tax money. Residue.

    By TheMetaWolf URL on 03.23.2012

  12. I see the residue of the ways the tears have left your skin. And I realise what I have done.
    For Ill always blame myself.
    No longer will you live faithfully to yourself.

    By Kaitlin on 03.23.2012

  13. Jamie’s fingers smell like lighter fluid, or was it gasoline? Either way, the residue is hanging heavy in the air between them. Conrad feels sick from it or maybe just from what they just had to do. The cab of Jamie’s car is too small. The world feels too small.

    By Cassie URL on 03.23.2012

  14. Trash, left over, nasty, gross, despicable, disgusting, gunk.

    By Jenna on 03.23.2012

  15. I was cleaning my bedroom on tuesday. While doing so my mother asked if I could also clean the bathroom. I agreed and went on to clean the shower. In the bottom of the shower there was left over RESDUE. It was despicably disgusting. I was utterly traumatized. Next time I don’t think I will agree to clean the bathroom…

    By gucci URL on 03.23.2012

  16. leftover. sticky. dirty. annoying.

    By chantruong on 03.23.2012

  17. Every morning your eyes open. Scruff is left from yesterday. And I am reminded.

    By Van on 03.23.2012

  18. it’s residue. of what? I have know IDEA. I could be poetic about this word and say something about the residue of a broken heart. I could be less cliche and write about the residue of

    By Electrickal on 03.23.2012

  19. The residue of you still sits on my skin
    I have not bathed for fear it wash away
    what I have left of you
    the memories will slip down the drain
    follow the sewer pipes and land
    where it belongs
    piled on top

    By MsWrite URL on 03.23.2012

  20. nothing left, just the ash, my life burnt well.

    By gadi URL on 03.23.2012

  21. Nothing left. White, chalky, can’t remove it without scrubbing with steel wool. It’s still there, just go away.

    By Mike on 03.23.2012

  22. I fill out the application form, knowing how momentous this is. I can’t turn back from this now. This is the first moment that is utterly irrevocable. I can’t fix this if I get it wrong, but somehow I know that I’ve made the right choice.

    By Judy Summer on 03.23.2012

  23. residue. residue. tis a silly word, residue. there seems to be an oily residue on my iPad screen, stupid teenage skin…

    By Emily T. on 03.23.2012

  24. A greyish powder lined the test tube – it had not been cleaned after the previous experiment.
    Residue is like mess… something left over when you don’t want it to be. The remains of something.

    By 123 on 03.23.2012

  25. When I think of this word I think about my nasty shower curtain that has fungus on it. Its such a gross word. Or something at the end bottom of a cup of juice. Not an attractive word I believe.

    By Brenna on 03.23.2012

  26. fuck you nasty muddy residue
    you leave me hanging by my shoe
    wiping that shit off the bottom
    always hoping shits not rotted
    in the cracks of my shoe
    i hate you stupid residue

    By alexis jo URL on 03.23.2012

  27. Today I went into the shower and slipped on some slimy, stinky, green residue. I was so angry, and screamed at the top of my lungs. I proceeded to go back to my room, fuming, and wondering why these mad men could not simply clean up for themselves!

    By Britt on 03.23.2012

  28. the residue of the semen is all over the bed and eww some is in my hair ugghhh blaahhhh blaarrrggghhhh sorry i mean what is the residue i don’t even know what that word means.

    By Martin URL on 03.23.2012

  29. your love left this saddening residue on my soul. the light takes it in, recoils, feeds it to darkness. if the residue wasn’t there, i’d be content. nothing more then that.

    By tas on 03.23.2012

  30. Today I slipped on some slimy , stinky green residue. I was appalled, not only because this goo was now on the bottom of my foot, but also because none of the men decided to clean it up. Needless to say i was horrified!

    By Britt URL on 03.23.2012

  31. the residue she found on her sheets was becoming sticky as it dried. looking over to her left she saw the love of her life sleeping peacefully beside her. she now knew what that mysterious residue left on her sheets was. laying back down she looked back on the memories from the night before. She hadn’t know exactly how lovely it could be to be that close to someone.
    a slight russling of the sheets warned her that he was moving again. his arm wrapped around her bare waist and pulled her as close as possible.

    By Emi URL on 03.23.2012

  32. When I think of residue, I just think of mess. I hate messes especially when a cold drink leaves that horrible wet residue on the counter or side table. Then you find yourself sweeping your sleeve through it. What are you left with? Water on your sleeve. You don’t notice it until you can feel the cold wetness touching your skin. If you’re like me, you roll up your sleeve but now you have to roll up the other one. Then your sleeves are stretched out. It’s horrible..horrible..horrible.

    By EMutt on 03.23.2012

  33. The thick substance had just planted itself in my mind as a nasty reminder of all that the past had given me in it’s hands of wax. The wax of forged relationships, upon lies and deceit. She cheated, lied, and never truly accepted me.

    By jackson on 03.23.2012

  34. There is a residue on my body. The remaining sweat on my face dissipated into a thin layer of salt as I drove home in the hot driver’s seat. Damn I need a shower. A really good one.

    By Kristin URL on 03.23.2012

  35. The thick substance had just planted itself in my mind as a nasty reminder of all that the past had given me in it’s hands of wax. The wax of forged relationships, upon lies and deceit. She cheated, lied, and never truly accepted me. Our relationship became a scam and a sham upon which we lied often.

    By Jackson URL on 03.23.2012

  36. it’s crap. i associate nothing good with it. i think of a tub, a ring of dead skin cells. gross.

    By Jordan on 03.23.2012

  37. the residue hid on the greasy window pain that wiped away my tears of hope.
    It killed the weakness and love the made my heart beat.

    By FINN on 03.23.2012

  38. “Wait! Grab a map!” Jensen shouted to the Ninja Babe. She quickly grabbed the iPad unit and they both, hand in hand, fled the accident scene. the mental residue of the the crash and the decisions they made in its aftermath quickly faded away as they ran through the empty streets.

    By chole URL on 03.23.2012

  39. _He had the scent._ The world blurred around him, as he inhaled slowly, something that was more than just an aroma finding specialized receptors, triggering a response that was as visceral as it was pleasant.

    By Jen Sullivan on 03.23.2012

  40. i saw all this black residue on the backseat of my car and i couldn’t help but think it was from the god damned fucking alien that shit all over my car the night before. the fucker came down from the light and looked in my eyes, smiled, and literally, fucking shit all over the hood of my car. i thought the first encounter with aliens would be a bit more life altering, but instead it was just me cleaning shit off my car.

    By TW on 03.23.2012