January 27th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “reports”

  1. i don’t like writing reports they take a long time and i never really know what to research about them. well, i do but i procrastinate too much to write a decent report. heck, this feels like a report now but all i really wanna do is eat my cookie dough…ahem make cookies for potluck tonight anyways back to reports…

    by Lana on 01.28.2011
  2. Reports are completely pointless. Why do we have to do them? Write about this person who was important, write about this important event, write about this or that? Isn’t everyone important? Who decides what events are important? And what’s with all the grammar rules, why constrict the free flow of thought?

  3. Hmm… reminds me of school… something I never have to do again!! Unless I go to graduate school… yeah probably won’t happen…. hmmm… weather reports? which are usually so off! Reports… uhh… this is hard!

  4. I hate them. It comes with school. How can I ever make room for anything more when all I need to do is reports? I don’t know how og why to write them. I shouldn’t ever have ahd to be introduced to them. I really don’t like school either. Screw this.

    by Fay Meyer on 01.28.2011
  5. Never on time. Don’t really care. Get to it eventually. More important things. Not really feeling it today. Not in the mood. Just feel like sleeping today. I’m not even sure I know how anymore.

    How would I even begin anyway?

  6. I filed the reports
    the reports of the mind
    I reported the hole
    that no one could find

    by roya on 01.28.2011
  7. Reports are the worst part of my job. Most of them have the same information repeated different ways. My job would be less stressful without reports. I think they’d make excellent fire starter for the fireplace though. I think we rely too much on them.

  8. reports are so lame cuz u have to write and think and very boring and so they are so lame and i dont like is so stupid cuz u have to think really really hard and my hand starts hurting too. And i hate it!

    by jakob Massey on 01.28.2011
  9. how come no one reports love crimes?
    hate crimes are always reported but what about love crimes?
    what is a love crime?
    a crime out of love, or hate
    or both
    it is unclear to me
    what seperates the two

    by lea on 01.28.2011
  10. Reports are normally really long and sometimes hard to write. You normally get graded on how you write them.

  11. Reports are assigned by teachers to students. they are normally worth alot of points that can really affect your grade

  12. a report is a thing were you make it on something like coco puffs hahahahahahahahahaha.

  13. he filled out the reports on how, where, and when the murders took place.

    by sam douma on 01.28.2011