January 28th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “dropped”

  1. Such a simple concept, to drop something. But what if it’s not just something? What if it’s your heart, your mind, your thoughts? What if you decide to love someone, then change your mind? Dropping someone’s heart is no small matter – dropping them is even less so. Letting someone go like that, that’s something that no one should have to endure.

    by Nicki on 01.29.2011
  2. i dropped a thousand feet that day, to the darkest deepest depths imaginable. A disastrous deception did deny me the light which did so possess my heart.

    by Kyle Keegan on 01.29.2011
  3. I dropped the pencil, on purpose. Hoping, praying that he’d pick it up and we’d brush fingers. But of course he didn’t. He didn’t even look in my direction. And it’s not because he doesn’t know I exist, it’s because he hates me. And after what I did, well, I’m not surprised. I hate me, too. I’d do anything to take it back, but I can’t, and there’s no reason to continue to hate me, right? I wish it was easier, but it’s not.

    by Miryam on 01.29.2011
  4. He dropped my heart and I hoped to die.
    He couldn’t handle all my lies.
    I said he wouldn’t. And I said he shouldn’t.
    And now he knows exactly why.

    Don’t leave me in suspense.
    Tell me soon what you think.
    I need to know if we’re okay.
    Or if we were just a mistake.

    by Mei on 01.29.2011
  5. down the falling slope i went into the dark oblivion. no one saw me except myself. funny how things go in circles i neverknow where ill end up just that i will at some point arrive where i should be.

    by Vernon on 01.29.2011
  6. I dropped the dish
    And then it broke
    But I don’t mind
    Because it was ugly

    I dropped the cat
    Down off the porch
    He landed on his feet
    Then hissed and bounced away

    I dropped the elephant
    (It was a toy)
    It bounced off the bed
    And landed on the floor

    I dropped the computer
    It hit the ground
    And now it is broken
    I mourn evermore.

  7. “Dropped? What do you mean you dropped?” she questioned.
    “I mean that I am no longer in the class. It’s over. I can’t do it anymore. I would rather just get by instead of struggle.”
    “Well if that isn’t the dumbest thing I have ever heard…”
    “Sorry mom.”

    by Alex on 01.29.2011
  8. Dropped… dropped is an emotive word. Dropped means to be careless, to pay less attention, for something to fall or become less relevant. Dropped is a sad word, a thoughtless word. People drop things every day, and rarely care. Hell, I get dropped all the time. It’s sad really. Really sad. D:

    by Hannah on 01.29.2011
  9. When I was knitting and dropped a stitcht was arealain asit took a lot of efrt tget right,I lkie it when a friend just dropped by

  10. “Wow,” Tuck said quietly.
    “Don’t be embarrassed, Tuck.”
    “I’m not…” He looked at his toes.
    “Its OK to drop a pass!”
    He made no response and began to slowly walk to his car as the rain began to fall.

    by YesNoMaybeSo on 01.29.2011
  11. i dropped that women like a bad habit she compromised my life tore me from existence only to drag me back into what i once thought was a terror of a life it was a tragic time to come back to this place but it was all i knew so i went with it

    by kyle ray on 01.29.2011
  12. you stole my heart, but during the chase it slipped through your fingers and it dropped to the ground. never have i heard such a shattering sound.

  13. He dropped out of the sky from an airplane and landed on my grandmother’s car. Today was the strangest day of her life. I shouldn’t have gone flying today.

    by Victoria on 01.29.2011
  14. to her knees. thought she was praying. she dug. she shoveled. she planted. she got back up.

    rose to watch the rose cliche bloom and falter. Rose to watch the cosmos rise taller than she.

    by MaryLisa on 01.29.2011
  15. All the little things in life are what matters. You simply can be walking down the street having a great day, but having dropped a huge stack of papers can totally ruin it.

  16. Dropped scones – dropped a bombshell – dropped a clanger I think out of these the most positive is the dropped scone. I have a fantastic electric griddle and I use it to make delicious pancakes (dropped scones) and lovely Irish soda bread both are made with butter milk which I love to drink and it is so so healthy pity that the pancakes and soda aren’t!

  17. Dropped emails, dropped relationships, I don’t want to be dropped. phone call? what a hassle. I wouldn’t ever want to be the droppER. HA ! that would be something… If I were a dropper, I’d drop fairy dust everywhere. And not the kind that’s illegal… the kind that you only find in storybooks. Peace. Love. Prince Charming.

    by Debby on 01.29.2011
  18. Like an atom bomb. She knocked on my bedroom door once, twice, three times, I didn’t answer. I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the morning. I found her dead in my kitchen.

    by Roger McFadden on 01.29.2011
  19. A ball fell out of the sky and bounced on concrete. It began bouncing across a street and in to the lap of a lady who was sitting on a bench. She was reading a book while an elderly gentleman looked on.

    by Jenna Hayes on 01.29.2011
  20. out of the sky, she dropped, a winged creature like never seen before. prowling for her prey. the skies rumbled with conversation as they spared her soul and spit her from the clouds that roamed the night sky.

  21. i feel like ive been dropped into a pit.not a dark pit.i light one.with you in it.and then it goes dark.its been taken, the light.its unbelievable.just down right wrong.and im gone.from this world.in space.with the stars among me.

    by sk8ngirl on 01.29.2011
  22. i…i dropped her. this fragile little thing beckoning love and warmth and protection…and i dropped her. no one else was in the room. she didnt cry. maybe that soft spots hardened by now. maybe shes fine. yes, shes probably fine. nothing to worry about at all…

  23. I dropped my pencil. It fell point tip down and stabbed my roommate in the leg. At first I was freaked out, but then I thought it was hilarious. Then I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I died laughing. Thanks, pencil.

    by Dailsy on 01.29.2011
  24. I dropped my school book right in front of him. He didn’t even notice. I was invisible to him. All I could do was turn and stare at his back as he walked out of my life forever. My vision blurred as tears began to well, my life in shambles, my heart torn. And to add to my humiliation, the class geek was the one who took notice and picked up my book for me.

    by Doug McIntire on 01.29.2011
  25. dropping things from heights is not usually a good idea. most of the time it breaks things and sometimes smashes into a million pieces. dropping a teddy bear wouldn’t have the same effect. dropping a person wouldn’t make them shatter but they would be very broken and dead. thats not a good thing to happen… ever… don’t do it. drop flowers instead. or water ballons, thats always fun.

    by esty on 01.29.2011
  26. china glass, breaing something. Dropping a course, giving up. Dropping out of school.

    by Rebecca on 01.29.2011
  27. the ball dropped and the crowd all cried, it wasn’t supposed to happen but it did. somebody was going to get in trouble because of that, but that would come later, which is sad. People were cursing about it, making a great evening a bad one in the end.

    by Nina on 01.29.2011
  28. She dropped the bowl and the salad flew across the floor. A baby tomato rolled to my feet. I picked it up, popped it into my mouth. The silence was astounding. Finally, she looked up at me. “What?” she said.

    by fakename on 01.29.2011
  29. I’ve lost my mind. all across the floor and I don’t want to bend down to pick it up.

    by tog on 01.29.2011