January 27th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “reports”

  1. Ahhh, reports. It seems like for the first 25 years of your life you spend an inordinate amount of time writing them; and then like a snowflake landing on your warm skin that initial fear you had of the cold melts away and you miss it. If only life was just writing reports but it’s so much more. Much more thanschooling and grading that schooling prepares you for.

    By Edgar URL on 01.28.2011

  2. i don’t like doing reports unless it’s fun! i hate it when it’s on a book or famous person. i just don’t like them!

    By kimmy411 on 01.28.2011

  3. police school teachers trying to embarrass me in front of cute guys . it works all the time

    By Nelle URL on 01.28.2011

  4. i like dont like reports they bore me and they always have a deadline.
    The last report i did was on a tiger shark.

    By Jpac URL on 01.28.2011

  5. They bring a sense of dread. I really dislike writing lengthy informative pieces like reports, and feel they are uninteresting and boring. I have trouble staying focused on the task of writing and feel my time could be better spent elsewhere.

    By Edward Mackenzie on 01.28.2011

  6. I hate reports they take forever, they only time I do like them is when I am writing a writing a report on something I care passionately about. That is usually in history, or my English class.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 01.28.2011

  7. hmm some eports have bad things written on them about a person but if ur going to a job interview you wana make sure u have a good report unless u dont want a job.

    By ruger13 URL on 01.28.2011

  8. I dislike reports because there a big part of your grade. And there hard!

    By josh Crean URL on 01.28.2011

  9. The reports were ridiculous. They told a story of infant babies who became monsters and destroyed the world. Instead of being good babies, they took lasers and killed all of the parents in the world. Then, they captured all of the living adults and used them as food. The end.

    By Mike Kaskiewicz on 01.28.2011

  10. well, reports are not very fun, unless it is on something funny like a girl that goes into a gas station and the man wont let her go to the bathroom so she says “silencio old man i just drank my weight in sunny D and ive gotta go pronto!”(:
    Mann thats funny like I love comedys I only wish That could actually happen(:

    By Claudia Promise(: URL on 01.28.2011

  11. Reports are sometimes boring and other time they are interesting to do. I think they suck really bad but you might think different. You might think they are the funniest thing ever. Whyyyy!!!!!

    By bananaphone URL on 01.28.2011

  12. the paper hit like a bullet on my desk. Mr. Davin dropped a DUMPTRUCKS load of reports on my desk and said i had 25 hours to finish…….. and i never did!!!!!!

    By chase Curell URL on 01.28.2011

  13. book reports are not fun. I had to do so many in elementary school. My favorite report was on the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I had to write a review of the entire book, talk about symbolism and give my opinion on what i thought of the book and how it made me feel. Once I got to collge the reports I had to do got harder for example, I had to hand in a report about my market research study on the use of alcohol amongst ungerage teens on college campuses. I learned from past expeirences how to handle reports.

    By Mira on 01.28.2011

  14. Nobody likes to do reports not even nerds. you can do reports on just about everything thats why your teachers make you do them. Teachers like giving them because they make you think. Also they make you work which is not a good thing.Uless you like reports.

    By Sam tate URL on 01.28.2011

  15. One time last year, i had a hard report to do in my english class. Then i finally got it, but it was quite hard and i ended up succeeding

    By Brittany URL on 01.28.2011

  16. teachers trying to embarrass me . they put me in the front of the room and force me to talk about something no one cares about.

    By Nelle URL on 01.28.2011

  17. Reports are very important when it comes to report cards they depict your school future.

    By devin21 URL on 01.28.2011

  18. reports really suck because usually you have to write a very long detailed report for school and you get graded on them. reports should be illegal mostly because they basically just suck. Lara love andrew!!!!!!!!!

    By Jacquie on 01.28.2011

  19. homework sucks, writing can be fun though when brought on by creativity and interest in a topic. I do like to write just have to be in the right mood, not forced.

    By Emliy on 01.28.2011

  20. דוחות לא יצא לי למלא כאלו בחיי
    אך לשלמם
    דיוויחים על שהיה

    By menakesh on 01.28.2011

  21. School. line by line the teacher’s handwriting, cursive assassinations of my character for my parents to read.

    By Nicky Bennison on 01.28.2011

  22. She had so many reports to get done on the cases that lined her desk. Most of them were cold cases and she was completely backlogged. Through it all, she was sure that out of all the things that could make it better, it would be a pineapple smoothie and a certain

    By Ellie Lynne URL on 01.28.2011

  23. I think that most of the time the reports are a waste of time. Unless this report is all about cats because gosh do I love cats. I mean their so fluffy and pretty and most of the time don’t even bit me because if one bite me I would hate cats. I think that reports should be taken with a grain of salt because you never know…

    By bob jones on 01.28.2011

  24. There were so many reports piled on her desk. Juliet was sure that it would take her all night to finish the backlogged cases. They stressed her out the the max, but she was quite certain that the two things that could make it all better would be a pineapple smoothie and a certain psychic detective with fabulous hair.

    By Ellie Lynne URL on 01.28.2011

  25. The solider walked into the dust-free brown mohagony office. “REPORT, SOLDIER!” said the general behind the desk. the soldier stood a attention “all infidels are dead, sir”

    By Allison Holmes on 01.28.2011

  26. So many today. Soon’ Ill be gone though. No more reports. No more life. No more death. No. Ha. Not suicide. Thats fuuny. Thats ridculous.Just freedom. Pure and simple. Just happiness.

    By Nick T on 01.28.2011

  27. I’d like to report a case of writer’s block. From time to time this inability plagues me just as wildly as my incapability to find the right click on this mouse pad! Damn you, mac desktop!

    By Melissa URL on 01.28.2011

  28. Reports. So many reports. I was sure I’d never get home in time to tuck my daughter in bed. There was the case with the guy in the park, the picture-happy creep, the school teacher. All of it made me sick, every day. I loved my child and I hated the people I worked with, but for some reason, work always felt like the only thing I had. How do you walk away from something that you hate when you know that you could never live without it?

    By fakename on 01.28.2011

  29. reports remind me on my studies. who I decided to become. what to make. fucking reports.
    I’ve never liked it. reports.

    By Jovana on 01.28.2011

  30. reports are very important in the world, they help people express their views, opinions and research in an intelligent manner, reports are issued in school and workplaces, they provide and clean efficient way to present a persons work.

    By Jesswob on 01.28.2011

  31. are a pain in the ass. but its what got me through highschool and made me the person that I am today. not a cliche. im being honest. i am now studying to be a journalist. why? because i love research and writing.

    By Mariana on 01.28.2011

  32. I hate making reports about my life… Well actually I do. I hate report cards with bad grades… But I love – no I am satisfied when they have straight A’s. I really love reporting about my life but only when I have something inspirational to write… Something interesting. Something awesome. Something wonderful or bad.

    By didi on 01.28.2011

  33. The private detectivehad filed reports on all aspects of his private life and they all said the same thing He was chearing on her …. again!

    By Soozi URL on 01.28.2011

  34. Reports can be fun. I enjoy writing research papers. Actually, I think I enjoy them a little too much sometimes. My speech and debate teacher said I was making my speech sound more like a report than a conversation — that was bad. But overall, reports are interesting. Except when they’re boring.

    By Amy on 01.28.2011

  35. I lost my report card in 4th grade. I remember crying and crying by the fireplace, telling my Mom that it was all my fault and that I would never get into college because of such a silly mistake. To mollify me, Mom told me to write down what happened and then toss the paper into the fire, because the Angels would take the weight off of my shoulders.

    I wonder if it worked–but I did end up finding my report card, so perhaps the Angels were on my side that day.

    By Kate URL on 01.28.2011

  36. The reports made by the dying pods were heard across the now scorched valley.
    Lex looked round and sighed one last sigh – this was not going to be easy.

    By MACKSTER on 01.28.2011

  37. people do reports. especially students. teachers give reports. reports can be fun and boring.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 01.28.2011

  38. Reports are long and tedious, some times very beneficial, howwever, to any subject that you may need information on. Reports are also ran in business type enviroments to generate documents, numbers and information. Reports can also be filed against people through firms or the police. In this case, they could cause a big problem

    By Mulysa on 01.28.2011

  39. i just did a report on a famous inventor in science. it was awesome and beautiful!!! haha

    By Summer Emond URL on 01.28.2011

  40. Reports is a list or something you tell to someone. I made some reports about science.

    By Siria Valenzuela <3 URL on 01.28.2011