August 27th, 2012 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “refuse”

  1. I had the same word last time. And I found it a hard topic to write about. It’s so negative. To refuse something. Such a strong emotionally charged word.
    I almost never use the word.
    People who use it often are maybe close minded?

    By CSE on 08.28.2012

  2. I refuse to be mediocre. I refuse to settle for less. God, I desire to give you one hundred percent. Not ninety, not even ninety-nine. For abundant peace, joy, and love is found in your presence. Why do I tarry? My flesh is still trying to find satisfaction in that which will never fill the God-shaped hole in my heart.

    By Annie URL on 08.28.2012

  3. I refuse to conform to you or your goddamn capricious narcissistic whip. All I can see is your vile and putrid maggot stricken core rotting everything around it. You are an abomination to have chosen to abandon and deserve nothing less than banishment from the luxury of coexistence and acknowledgement around which you have thrived and throbbed for so long.Be gone.

    By Saranya Iyer URL on 08.28.2012

  4. Loki refused to say sorry. Even as the the needles dug through his skin, piercing hole after hole, he refused. He was not sorry. Not in the least. He had never felt more proud of himself… of the destruction he had caused. It was all part of his plan.

    By Lex URL on 08.28.2012

  5. I must refuse the cake. He would like me more if I ate it, but I knew I had to resisit.

    By kirsty URL on 08.28.2012

  6. I hate you. I wish you and all these memories would just DISAPPEAR.
    You’re in the air. In between the cracks in the sidewalk. You’re behind the walls and the doors. You’re there, looking through every distant window.

    I will not be still and sway and bend and break as you wish. NO.
    I refuse.

    By Gianni URL on 08.28.2012

  7. I refuse to wrok any harder, it is too much for one person. She wanted me here to midnight, but that is only because she knows of my plans for later.

    By kirsty URL on 08.28.2012

  8. It’ll waste and wash away, this feeling.
    Maybe it’ll come swift, leave sorry.
    Leave behind this sorry story

    Come and go;
    It won’t be long
    It’ll fade
    A passing song

    All I have to say is no.

    By Gianni URL on 08.28.2012

  9. At first, the word was no
    No came from nothing from nowhere
    Naught was all, no was the way
    Then maybe came to being
    Never sure of it self, always in the shadow
    Of No
    One lonely night, the no and maybe met
    Made love, and created, out of their
    Doubtful negativity
    The word yes, and then
    Everything seemed possible

    By gsk URL on 08.28.2012

  10. He refused to say sorry.

    Even as the needle pierced hole after hole around his mouth, pulling his lips together and binding them in silence, he refused. He just smiled a broken, exhausted smile (as much as the strong thread would allow) at his brother who was bent over him, holding a blood-stained needle between his fingertips.

    Tears were streaming down Thor’s face. Blood streamed down Loki’s.

    “Just say that you are sorry, brother. Show some shred of remorse and Father will surely end this… punishment,” Grabbing the sides of his younger brother’s face, he begged again as he had already done countless times. His voice was not booming and reflecting his namesake. It was faltering. Loki knew that sound in his brother’s voice… He was near the edge of breaking completely. “Please, Loki.”

    “I… refuse,” was the mumbled and muffled response.

    And that was when Thor broke.

    But Loki had broken long before.

    By Lex URL on 08.28.2012

  11. I refuse.

    I refuse to let convention dictate the ways in which I love a person, a man, a woman, an in-between, an anything.

    I especially refuse anyone to dictate the way I love you. And when. And how. And how much.

    I will always go as far as I can go. I will always give as much as I can give.

    I refuse to do anything less.


    By globusgeckus URL on 08.28.2012

  12. Refuse means do not accept something either the another person views or another person things….
    To express the denial we use the word refuse…

    By josie grace on 08.28.2012

  13. I refuse to leave this place. The palace sings to me, it wants me to stay, I can feel it. it’s voice lilts anf licks at my ears every time I turn around. Its last days are numbered now, I don’t want to leave, the memories are dancing in front of me, no, I’m wading through them, so thick as they are surrounding the dancefloor where Jerry used to dazzle the girls

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  14. I was refused by my friends.I was refused by my mom,i was refused by my dad,i was refused by my bro,i was refused by my sis,i was refused by everyone.Forever alone.

    By on 08.28.2012

  15. I refuse, I refuse! I shall not succumb to the desires of a faceless multinational organization that exploits labor and the environment all for the sake of a quick buck. So no, I will not throw this piece of plastic into this McDonals recyclable trash can.

    By johnnyflashbang on 08.28.2012

  16. i refuse to write this… i am writing though :) to refuse to do something is to choose not to do it… i dont know what to write!

    By Sarah on 08.28.2012

  17. to do anything, to not want to do and to say no in a definite manner to deny to say no to say no to say no to say no to say no to not have any talent to actually write about refuse because ive refused my own talent to write and say enough about refuse.

    By dork on 08.28.2012

  18. is it just one word i have to right about? or there is anything else? refuse… fuse… muse.. excuse… re-fuse… something unbearable… Not sure I really want to write about it… I refuse. and confuse.

    By ktodakto URL on 08.28.2012

  19. i refuse to give my mom her computer back. refuse means to not do something.

    By janaye on 08.28.2012

  20. refuse. you should never refuse to do anything should you? at least try to consider it…

    By georgiamae6 URL on 08.28.2012

  21. I refuse to conform to this pathetic society’s standards of beauty, but I cannot refuse the chance to expand my mind. I refuse to be bullied into submission by the administration, but I cannot refuse the chance to heal my body and my soul in any way I can.

    Refusal is not always a choice you can make.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 08.28.2012

  22. “I refuse.”
    I told him again, “No. I’m not going to do this.” and I had the right, I said. It was simply too much. I’m drawing the line. I’m refusing. Besides, I can refuse all I want.
    That was the last time I saw him. Or the last time I saw my family, for that matter.

    By Justin URL on 08.28.2012

  23. i refuse to take refuge in my own mind. i refuse to let the one who hurt me, no destroyed me take what she gave me away. She can not have my fondness, my memories and my love, i refuse my broken heart and soul fall to her i refuse to shut her out. And i fucking refuse to forget her. its not weakness, ignoring this would be defeat. i refuse to let myself fall to contentment. i…. refuse….!

    By Riley Scranton on 08.28.2012

  24. He looked her square in the face. How could she suggest such a thing? Perhaps he was giving the wrong signals: flowers, chocolates, dinner and a movie. After she invited him up he felt a heat rush to his cheeks, “What are you, a floozy?”

    By Dave URL on 08.28.2012

  25. ‘How DARE you refuse me? Your own mother?!” You haven’t been acting like a mother much these days Mom!’ I shouted back. I could feel the tears coming , but I’d learnt a long time ago how to not let her see.

    By Mary on 08.28.2012

  26. Refuse to give up. Refuse to give in. Ignore the odds. Somebody has to win the lottery – you have as good a chance as anybody else, if you BUY A TICKET. If anyone else has done something you want to do, YOU can do it. If nobody else has accomplished it, YOU can be the first! Try anyway. Face the fear of the unknown and step through it. Be brave. There are no more saber tooth tigers roaming your territory, so the odds are you will survive, no matter what you try. But you have to try. Imagined results are scarier than the real thing. Don’t let your imagination stop you – or your fear of looking like a fool – or your worries about your age, intelligence, income, or ability. Dare to try. DARE yourself. You don’t even have to tell anyone you tried – you can be the only one who knows you did – but you WILL know it. Good luck.

    By Susanne Lukacek on 08.28.2012

  27. WTF

    By sedin URL on 08.28.2012

  28. weiger niet, weiger nooit, weiger reiger de krijger niet, want hij zal je krijgen als je weigert, je weet maar nooit waar het goed voor is, misschien word je rijk of beroemd of allebei, zeg nooit nee, beperk jezelf niet, ga op alles in en verlies jezelf

    By diederd on 08.28.2012

  29. The take was far highger this year, jonathan looked up at the mound and saw it was ready to tumble, he opened the nearby garage door and began to shovel the snow into a smaller pile. He could always sell it, but he just didn’t know how to go about those things, who did he contact, what price would he give it, why would he even want to be involved in that stuff.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  30. I refuse to believe that this is it. I know that the past few days have been harsh on me, and I know that I’m not going to do well in the tests that I’ve taken recently and /she/’s going to beat me in everything. She’s most likely going to boast about it too. But I refuse to think that I’m any worse than she is, because I’m not. I’m better. I have the potential.

    …I just need more sleep.

    By Violet URL on 08.28.2012

  31. I refuse to look myself in the eye, because it reminds of the lie I live.

    But I wonder, maybe I should refuse to live the lie.

    But then, I suppose refusing isn’t always as easy as it seems.

    By Saffron Lily URL on 08.28.2012

  32. Take that off, you look ridiculous. I don#’t know why I even let you come. Lay low will you, if they see you I’m fucking dead, or worse they ,ight take away my bonus at the end of the year. you’re pretty good looking,. what happened there, you used to be a little scrotum of a thing, ok, enough get the van and park it in front of the door, I don’t want them to be able to leave, they’ll sit through it and laugh like everyone else.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  33. To say no or disagree to participate in something.

    By Rhiannon Bromfield on 08.28.2012

  34. I don’t want to be a prude but the way she held herself just looked like she’d rather it was someone else holding her, d’you know what I mean. she just had an air of I’m better than you and have far more slaves than your family could ever wish to, about her, that was quite specific, can you tell I’m not bitter at all.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  35. He pushed her back, there was a look on her face of terror and disgust that seemed to enter through his eyes and push at his heart. In an instanct he regretted laying a finger on her, but it manifested as anger, he struck out again at himself through her, she fell to the ground, clutching her breast where his fist had found her. She looked upwards on the floor, averting his gaze

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  36. When you refuse another person you render them invalid. Why not just let them pass, but move out of the way yourself.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  37. The machine refused the card. There was a slight silence as he looked up at the man’s reflection in the screen ‘ I’ll have another go, probably just tempremental, you would be if soeone was shoving plastic up your arse all day eh….well, maybe not’ he laughed nervously and shook himself off, the knife pressed a little more encouragingly into his back

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  38. I refuse this life, it is offered to me on a plate and yet I chooose to elid this course and stumble up and down the rocky mountains, I don’t want to sit and wait for the day that I end up where I know this palce will take me, regretting that I never passed the ridge to take myself somewhere new. The world may offer me one fate but it is up to me whether I shall take it, and I don’t, I refuse, I will take what I want.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.28.2012

  39. Grease dripped along the side of the paper bag, dripping this way and that as the paper blew through the rubbish tip. Broken televisions stuck out of piles of mattresses and torn clothes and banana peels. A pile of furry green slime was stuck to the bottom of the refuse heap, a home for all the bacteria a scientist could wish for.

    By Dailenna URL on 08.28.2012

  40. I refuse to be told what to do by anyone. My boyfriend tells me what to do all the time and I do it in spite of him. I refuse to be lied to over and over again. I refuse to be treated bad by anyone. I refuse to stop caring. I refuse to stop writing.

    By Brittany shelton URL on 08.28.2012