August 28th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “magazines”

  1. Magazines are the spreading of the media. They tell us what to do and how to do it so we all do it exactly the same way. They teach us cute little tricks to get by easier in life. They teach us what celebrities are getting divorced and which ones are adopting more kids for publicity. GO MAGAZINES

    By Mack Miller on 08.29.2012

  2. I used to get Yoga Journal magazines. I hoped to find some sort of guidance about something I was so passionate about. I liked to dissolve into the articles and poses to not have to come to terms with the emptiness in my soul. Now, I still do yoga, but no longer with the purpose of finding myself. It is a moving meditation on that which is greater than myself.

    By Annie on 08.29.2012

  3. Magazines provide information that would otherwise be unknown to the person reading it. Unless that person somehow knew a lot of things that hadn’t been published in that magazine yet. That person, probably a psychic, should begin helping the police department of some city and help solve cases.

    By Maya URL on 08.29.2012

  4. Magazines are important. They depict what we want in life, what we see, what we accept, what we think and feel.Magazines are media. Media is mind controlling. Magazines aren’t your mind, Magazines are your life manual.

    By Taylor Jenkins on 08.29.2012

  5. I want to be like what I see in the magazines-
    picture perfect life
    though instead i’m forced into a closet sized room
    a chain and ball attached to my ankle
    it isn’t fair
    all the while the rich and famous are loving life
    not a care in the world
    no worries
    hakuna matata
    sun shining
    birds singing.
    I have no light
    I have no faith
    I’ve lost it all
    forced to feed other’s mouth just to survive
    once upon a time
    I heard the birds sing
    I heard it a long while ago
    back before the world became utter chaos
    cut me open
    throw things at me
    take the few items I have in my name
    rip me from my limbs
    take my leaves
    run me over.
    see if I care
    there’s one part of me you, the man cannot take from me
    you can’t break my soul
    A girl can dream of seeing the sun
    and hearing the birds sing
    and living like the rich and famous
    can’t she?
    It may be a dream now,
    but you wait and see, Mr. Man
    I’ll get there one day.
    there will not be a chain and ball on my foot for long.
    there is no confusion about that.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 08.29.2012

  6. I think about gossip that you can read about in a lot of magazines!!

    By Emelie Gullstrand on 08.29.2012

  7. His fingers smudge the magazine’s pages; making a little face, Lincoln folds the paper over his knee and rests his face in his hand. He smears the paint over one cheek, and when Thomas comes over to ask how he’s doing, a little smile appears over his brother’s lips and he wipes away the blue covering Lincoln’s face.

    By johnm on 08.29.2012

  8. She picked up the magazine and analyzed it. “Why are these women so thin? There’s a reason clothing comes in more sizes.”

    Her friend just stared at her as if she was saying something incredulous. “Because every thing looks better in smaller packages, Jenelle.”

    “But come on, Audrey, have you seen anyone closely resembling that and doesn’t walk as if a stick is up their ass? Maybe they’re embodying the stick.”

    The girls laugh together but Audrey says, “Awh, that’s mean. Perhaps they like it that way. Perhaps that’s why the clothes they model aren’t for sale around here and cost thousands of dollars.”

    Jenelle thinks about that for a moment. “So basically you’re saying that those with more to their physique are less inclined to buy expensive things?”

    “No, I’m saying that this is just a image society has created and the designers use that image to sell their clothing. I’d still buy them; even if I had to rip the seams to fit into it.”

    By Desiree J URL on 08.29.2012

  9. They captured the history of our world, country by country, in photographs, prose, stories and insightful examination. They began no doubt with stone scrawlings that were passed around the village, evolved onto papyrus, then paper.

    By Melody on 08.29.2012

  10. Magazines are, well, for reading about interests I guess? So you can catch up on shitty celeb gossip. Or collect stuff. Or learn how to do up your garden. I don’t know. I don’t read magazines. Sometimes I’ll look at pictures in them to pretend I know about fashion. I don’t. Give me books over magazines any day.

    By Gem on 08.29.2012

  11. one word is life. everything revolves around it. make it or break it its called life. everything is in our hands but yet nothing is in control some times. one word is god. he is the greatest one energy.

    By Karan on 08.29.2012

  12. Papers fluttered in the breeze. magazines stirred from their place cast upon the sidewalk. Everyone was gone, the only trace we’d ever been was in the vivid pictures.

    By LittleMoth on 08.29.2012

  13. over-rated gossip that eats away at peoples intelligence and self confidence, or entertainment that briefly distracts you from life’s tedious nature?!

    By charlotte on 08.29.2012

  14. Daniel flipped through the vivid scenes depicted in glistening ink. He was only 12, but a camera hung loosely on a strap around his neck. He was going to make pictures like that too.

    By Pink Punch on 08.29.2012

  15. I wish that I had magazines sent to me in the mail. I can’t really afford magazines but I love looking at them. I prefer to have the magazine in hand and read it, not on the internet. But I read the magazines on the internet when I’m bored at work. when I worked at ace i use to read magazines all the time because it was always so slow. sometimes i would take the magazines and never bring them back, without paying. people is my favorite magazine but I love cosmo.

    By Samantha on 08.29.2012

  16. I have some magazines. I have some in the bathroom and some on the bookshelf out in the hall. I have some piled up in my truck. I have magazines all over the place, most of them have never been opened, or barely been read. And yet I keep these magazines around for some reason, hoping that some day I will get around to reading them all. That someday I will learn the secrets behind the headlines.

    By Karen URL on 08.29.2012

  17. is all about whats going on around you.
    it has lots of colors, pictures, mostly facts
    its always interesting to read
    basically in columns and small paragraphs

    By Leila Rashid on 08.29.2012

  18. I love porn magazines and everybody knows it.

    By I have no Name URL on 08.29.2012

  19. I love to drink tea while reading magazines and oooh over the colourful, glossy pages, even though I’m not terribly interested in interior design or gardening or makeup. Just the colours and the art design of Martha Stewart make it worth a flip-through, even though I hardly aspire to her domestic prowess. I love to smell the inner spines of magazines, even the ones without the perfume samples.

    By Tara on 08.29.2012

  20. I love the feeling of slick pages… glossy and full of promise, hinting of money and time well spent. When I was a kid, I read every magazine I could find: movie mags, home decor, you name it– there weren’t as many out there as in today’s publishing. Each one was an adventure.

    By Beverly Button on 08.29.2012

  21. There were a pile of magazines on the shelf below the glass top of the coffee table. They gave me some kind of clue about the kind of people that came to the villa….

    By Terry URL on 08.29.2012

  22. Idk whats going on but im just typing whatever going through my head I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND SO MUCH HES AMAZING CXAT DOG THIS IS lYDIAS THOUGHTS.

    By Lydia on 08.29.2012

  23. magazines have been the frill information of society, little substance but entertaining. I like magazines, especially the pictures.

    By Joe hemphill on 08.29.2012

  24. I love reading magazines and getting quick info. More pictures the better. Quick source of information and fun to read on airplanes.

    By scott gilmore on 08.29.2012

  25. Sometimes the media says really stupid things, you know?

    By A on 08.29.2012

  26. I love magazines because they give you the opportunity to read many different things. I like to flip through and look at the pictures. I read about sports, animals, cooking and entertainment news .

    By Martie Helm on 08.29.2012

  27. Una palabra, una palabra es lo que yo pienso, una palabra es lo que yo digo, una palabra es lo que yo quiero. Una palabra es lo que anhelo que salga de tus labios, una palabra es lo que deseo, una palabra lo que escucho. Una palabra lo que espero que digas, una palabra nuestros momentos. No se que escribir sobre una palabra, porque cuando pienso en una palabra pienso en ti, y cuando pienso en ti mi mente se va lejos, porque aunque no debería, lo sigo haciendo.

    By Paola URL on 08.29.2012

  28. The terrible pictures on this mornings newstands were all of my antics the evening before. It was ludicrous that anyone had the nerve to take pictures like that, and to that extreme. I ent to these private gatherings for precisely this reason. There would be hell to pay, I was fuming. My wife hadn’t called yet. Maybe she hadnt seen them. Maybe I could get pay someone off before she had the chance to. No that was pure fallacy, there would be no way to clean this up. And no doubt one of her chummy little lick-ass buddies had informed her as soon as they had seen it today.

    By Reece Webster on 08.29.2012

  29. are all about the sheen on the paper – the polished turd – excrement made appealing by muting pungence under a gloss of a relevance that was rightly digested and discarded by the broader scheme of things.

    By Eamon Bode on 08.29.2012

  30. Magazines give interesting perspectives to people on different events, Watch what you read though because the angle the article goes in is all within the author’s perspective. I’d want to write a magazine article. Everyone reading my work and learning from it.

    By Carmen URL on 08.29.2012

  31. magazines can establish a very strong precedent in the youth of today and have enormous power over how we think. the editors of magazines need to be very considerate of how they treat views of sex weight and political issues as well as how we treat others with respect to these issues

    By Daniel Plunkett on 08.29.2012

  32. turn the page of your magazine; Your life
    doesn’t have chapters. Just brief articles, filled
    with starstruck words or endless shades of
    cucumber-cool. You are forever changing, versatile;
    Short and sweet. Keep ’em coming back for
    more, baby. Each time, hope the next one
    doesnt want the new edition.

    snowball to the point where you’re
    thread-bare, dogeared, and tired. cover
    hanging off, pages torn, scattered words
    barely legible. try to remember who you
    used to be and swear it was all worth it.

    By Kim on 08.29.2012

  33. Reading magazines is fun to do and can be very informative also i like cutting them out and making colloges. I use them for making fire sometimes and I enjoy the glossy covers they have and the ones with cologne samplers because i like the smell oofo them

    By Andrew on 08.29.2012

  34. Every day Janie and I picked up magazines from the dumpster and flipped through them together. We were thankful that the neighbors threw them away so we could collect them and tear out the pictures we liked. We couldn’t read the captions but the celebrity photos were strange and colorful and made us laugh. It was nice to laugh at the rich people. I don’t want to be rich anymore, because I don’t want people to laugh at me.

    By Kelley on 08.29.2012