August 26th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “carbon”

  1. this is my first word and i don’t know anything about it. i am quite familiar about this word because of carbon dioxide and that’s it. do i have to elaborate this thing? but how? i am not well informed about this. i feel stupid and dumb.

    By Edward on 08.27.2012

  2. Carbon was the name of the girl I loved when I lived in Africa. We both had no room in our lives for any kind of friendship or relationship at all, but she just kept coincidentally appearing wherever I went. True coincidence. I love her. Her hair flows freely and it never looks the same. It’s the perfect amount of crazy. I love Carbon.

    By Rori on 08.27.2012

  3. carbon is in the air,at least i think it is. i know that carbon dioxide is in the air, and that we exhale it all the time.

    By mccrazy URL on 08.27.2012

  4. hi

    By Emma on 08.27.2012

  5. carbon is fun. i breathe out carbon dioxide. trees and other plants breathe carbon dioxide in. I’m so bored, this is lame. :P

    By Emma on 08.27.2012

  6. carbon. what does carbon create? it’s pretty important right? carbon. wow. it’s vital. we survive with it.. can’t live without it. it reminds me of chemistry though. i dislike chemistry. it’s one of my least favorite subjects. urgh.. i do not like today’s word of the day.

    By priya parikh on 08.27.2012

  7. Carbon dioxide. carbon monoxide. References from my favorite science class. Chemistry.. The dreaded class of my classmates. but y faverite fo some reason..

    By PhotoLace on 08.27.2012

  8. Carbon 14, basis of life, scourge of my existence. I don’t even know what to write right now. I am really lonely. So incredibly lonely and people just call me a spaz for feeling so. Isn’t that sick? I am the one hurting, and yet all people can manage to do is make me feel bad for being upset.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 08.27.2012

  9. I inhaled some carbon dioxide, so I passed out. I inhaled some nitric acid, and I died.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.27.2012

  10. Carbon was the main element in the drug he had created, suprisingly enough. The “miracle medicine” that was supposed to save thousands or lives whose hope was long lost. Little did he know the drastic and unfortunate turn the miracle drug would take.

    By carlyrenee on 08.27.2012

  11. “Diamonds are made of carbon, don’t you know,” the boy said.
    “No, so what?” the girl said.
    The boy laughed.
    “No matter how hard they may be, they will always come from something simple… Like this,” the boy kissed the girl on the cheek. The girl blushed.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.27.2012

  12. It was the taste in my mouse right at that moment that made me want to love her for eternity. That and the fact that I had been at war for far too long. Just a little bitter a little sour. We were coming off a bad streak but smooth sailing seemed a possibility. And on and on it went.

    By Bryan URL on 08.27.2012

  13. your flesh will give
    like apples
    both made of dirt
    both made
    as feast for worms
    but at least
    yours is sweetest
    adam fell
    and eve did too for
    one taste of
    the angels trapped
    in your nails.

    By isa on 08.27.2012

  14. Oh my god I can not believe I got the best word ever! It is, indeed, carbon! I have no idea why the freak am I writing this stuff instead of doing what I have to do like my homework or my fic oh my god!

    By Arthur on 08.27.2012

  15. What could one possibly say about carbon? We are all carbon-based, but what does that even mean? Carbon-based. Made from carbon? Made out of carbon? Formed from carbon?

    Is carbon the planet beneath us? The Greeks taught us that we are made from clay, the Hebrews say it’s earth (adam, in Hebrew) and they say that we shall turn back into dust. But we don’t. Not dust. Not dust as we know it. Instead, it’s carbon. All carbon.

    By TheDisquietedPen on 08.27.2012

  16. Carbon-15. What color was the dinosaur? He was opalescent greens and blues with golden highlights. His skin glinted in the sun.

    By ariel4thou on 08.27.2012

  17. chlorofluorocarbon! carbon chains! ohhh summer chemistry memories… i actually really like organic chemistry – so fun! the systematic naming was really fun – so step by step – you knew you were right. and drawing the structures – yum! the only reason i probably shouldn’t be an organic chemist: i hate biology. yuck.

    By a lemon drop on 08.27.2012

  18. carbon is the name of a chemical i suppose, al though i never paid much attention inmy high school science class to know anything about it. the only thing that i remember for a fact is that a diamond is in fact a form of crystallised carbon! how does a carbon actually look like or if it in anyway help us in our lives is a mystery….but as i mentioned earlier, it might just be the reason to make countless women especially in romantic movies happy beyond their wildest imagination.

    By Aasia Nadhira URL on 08.27.2012

  19. I don’t know what carbon is in scientifc terms. When I think of carbon i think of the phrase “carbon copy.” don’t be a carbon copy. Be yourself. There’s too many reasons to be you, don’t hide under other people’s traits. Carbon.

    By Shelby on 08.27.2012

  20. “carbon…what does that even mean? i mean it’s just stupid science word.” said the girl.
    “No. It’s different for someone who loves science and knows what the meaning is.”

    By Crazy skittle lady on 08.27.2012

  21. minas de rio escondido. carbon de mezquite negro, diamante, elemento fundamental de la vida. copia.

    By Armando Ortega URL on 08.27.2012

  22. Carbonhydrate my place went black from the fire that was locked in that tiny little red box that I had mistaken for a present. Like the apple I had received when I decided to leave the country and never look back. The following explosion brought me back from my thoughts. I had to leave immediately from everything. Rushing to the door I realised that I’d almost forgotten him in the corner, bleeding but calmly looking at me.

    By 5IslandClub on 08.27.2012

  23. funny word! when i read this word what actually came to my mid was bourbon bisciuts! but well thats for me bing random!
    isnt carbon what our hair is of! :D

    By innate on 08.27.2012

  24. wow this reminds me of biology class and how i would never do my work and how i am essentially screwed for whenever i want to take either ap chem or bio and that reminds me of physics since i was stupid enough to not take chem and do that instead and now i have so much work to do because of the summer assignments and im thinking maybe it is better to just kill myself now

    By Bpat URL on 08.27.2012

  25. diamonds are made out of carbon. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, hence carbon is a woman’s best friend. Carbon is formed when fossils are buried under the earth,

    By lionell on 08.27.2012

  26. Jim laughs as he licks the carbon blade of his favourite knife. The blood tastes coppery against his tongue, and when Sebastian glares up from the bed, it only makes the Irish man laugh. He pets the marks that he’s cut in the sniper’s flesh, stroking the jagged ‘J’ and ‘M’ and even the sloppily done heart wrapped around the letters.

    By Moriarty on 08.27.2012

  27. She took another sip of her soda and glanced at the watch on her wrist, leaning back against the window. People passed by in front of here, each one busily enveloped in their individual thoughts, friends, electronics. No one looked at her.

    By LILYhibiku on 08.27.2012

  28. It’s weird to think: we’re all going to die someday. But what happens afterwards? The law of the conservation of energy says that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Then we, as carbon based beings, can never be destroyed…

    By ankni on 08.27.2012

  29. carbon dating, how old are we? age is just a number, right? I’m cool as cucumber and you’re cray as a carrot. Not cool, man. I could be your little sister, like eight years apart. You’ve never seen anyone like this.

    By Kim on 08.27.2012