September 12th, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “rebound”

  1. Although she wanted to see him she new it was the wrong decision as he was on the rebound from a girlfriend in a long term relationship.

    By Alexandra on 09.12.2013

  2. Imagine: you are playing basketball and there is less than a minute left in the game. Your team is losing by two points. The other team throws the ball… and it misses. You catch the rebound, run to the other side and make the game-wining shot!

    By Victoria on 09.12.2013

  3. I’m not even sure what this Word Means. but i guess it’s about something that is re-done. i Wonder how i’ll ever be good at English, but i really hope it’ll help being in the international class.

    By laura kappel on 09.12.2013

  4. i really dont know what it is a rebound . i will guess it has something with the dating world . (?) i really dont know

    By michal on 09.12.2013

  5. She had to face the facts. The only reason that she kept her by her side was only for something to null the ache the person who had left her gave – she was only a rebound.

    By m. on 09.12.2013

  6. I was hoping to rebound from the drastic downturn of my life. Normally I would not worry about it, but time is running out. Tomorrow is a better day.

    By James on 09.12.2013

  7. I knew what she was looking for when she came to me.

    Her tears were dried by then, eyes hardened and cold. Her words were calculated; I’ve heard her close business deals with the most vicious sharks in the city with warmth than this.

    By Arethusa on 09.12.2013

  8. rebound . rebound . rebound . r-e-b-o-u-n-d-!
    is that a bird? is that superman ? NO! it’s…. REBOUND!!!!!

    i really dont know that suppose to mean

    By michal on 09.12.2013

  9. She thought she may be on the rebound, then she realized that was not true because she has been alone all her life. So she deserved this.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.12.2013

  10. what if that is all you are?
    on the back burner
    with the stove still on
    slowly drying out from all this heat
    catching fire and i don’t even care

    By Lb on 09.12.2013

  11. Nate wonders if it’s possible to be a rebound in a relationship that happened a thousand years ago- Probably not. But sometimes, when Anna shows up, her jaw steady and set, Domitius looks at her, and-

    Nate is never really sure where he stands, those first few months.

    By Aslee on 09.12.2013

  12. One word that I can write right now, is MOM… Being far away from my family especially my mom, is such a hard thing for me. I hope she knew how much I miss her right now.

    By Gustiansyah Panca Surya URL on 09.12.2013

  13. In the basketball court, the rebound was quick and no one registered. At least, no one registered the rebound but me. I registered it quickly, because I was the smartest on the team. Not the most talented, the smartest. And so I quickly grabbed back the ball and used my brain to maneuver my way around the other team players. And I shot, and I scored.

    By Sarah on 09.12.2013

  14. Getting around that time to bounce again, yo’.

    By Intuition on 09.12.2013

  15. “You know you’re just his rebound girl. He can’t go 5 minutes without having a girlfriend.”
    Kate said.
    He rolled his eyes. “Come on baby. Don’t listen to that witch,” he said, pulling me away from the others.

    By Leah on 09.12.2013

  16. it wasn’t quite enough. almost made it. it had promise and tried its best, but no cigar (or something like that). anyway…it needed help. so i put it in a basket.

    By sam URL on 09.12.2013

  17. Gordon was just a country kid, growing up in Indiana in the seventies, and the only real talent he had was his height. He could pick up any rebound the region gave him, but he just wasn’t tall enough for the college teams.

    By Rose on 09.12.2013

  18. That’s how we met. I was on the rebound, flailing haplessly through life that had been turn upside down by those simple words – ‘It’s over’.

    By Angus Rose on 09.12.2013

  19. His eyes are a lot like yours. The way he laughs & smiles always brings back memories of those late nights on your porch, pack of beer & cigarettes beside us as we laughed at everything. I lean forward & smile as well, but the uneasy feeling of deja vu doesn’t let me enjoy the other things, your own quirks.

    By Kira Lynx on 09.12.2013

  20. He was her summer rebound: a flirt with sunshine and brisk breezes. Kisses sticky with the syrup of shaved ice.

    By Kristin URL on 09.12.2013

  21. “I don’t do rebounds, Ash, you know that,” she said, looking over at her friend.
    “This is different, Jax,” the petite blonde insisted.
    She scoffed. “It’s NEVER different,”
    Ashleigh rolled her eyes. “Look, she needs this, ok? And you’re the only person I know who isn’t interested in a relationship.”
    “Rebounders are messy. They say they don’t want a relationship but what they REALLY don’t want is a relationship with YOU. They want it with whoever just dumped them.” she threw her head back to accommodate her shot. “And I don’t DO messes,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.12.2013

  22. i was on the rebound couldn’t be put down. although i didnt frown i wasnt going to dance like no clown. then i thought to myself, why is it even called a rebound, i mean i wasnt hit i wasnt thrown i dont even remember moving too violently. apart from punching through that plaster wall pazzzaa

    By joey on 09.12.2013

  23. The player ran up the court to catch the ball as his teammate missed the shot.

    Why is my first thought basketball? I hate sports…

    He ran to her when he missed me. I ran to him when I missed him. We both were sad but neither wanted to be sad together. It was time to be done. Still, I cried for 15 minutes that night before I told myself I was fine. I would be fine. And someday, no matter how much he says I hurt him, he will be fine too.

    By Hailey on 09.12.2013

  24. Who are you trying to fool? Don’t tell me your lies. I don’t mean much to you; I’m simply your rebound.

    By D'Ette Marceaux on 09.12.2013

  25. “REBOUND!” yelled Chelsea, standing up in her seat and pointing furiously at the player number 14 on Maryland’s team. “REBOUND, REBOUND!”

    Eric looked at her incredulously. Oh, how embarrassing it was to take his date to a game, and then realize that she knew more about the sport than he did.

    “That’s a CARROT!” shrieked Chelsea angrily, as the crowd chanted it along with her. “A FLYING CARROT, you dumb ref! Can’t you tell that he TOTALLY did a Potter Catch?!!”

    What in the heck? thought Eric, scratching his head. I am SO going to research the sport before I bring Chelsea somewhere again.

    Chelsea, to Eric’s great horror, turned to him and growled stormily, “That is SO unfair! WHY did the ref call a two-shard? He should’ve said flying carrot? You saw Rowlski do a Potter Catch, right?!!”

    “Er…yeah, yeah…um…yeah,” stuttered Eric, turning away and sighing inwardly. That was it. That was the last time he was taking a date to a Quidditch match.

    By Ariadne Jenkins on 09.12.2013

  26. Come back, come out (where ever you are)
    The wolf had sex with Mrs. Red’s little girl
    The good bounced back and the girl went through
    And the world kept turning
    Fantasy on one side, bound into sweets, sugar skulls
    And blood on canine teeth
    On the other, us, where we all know
    That rape isn’t nightmare;
    We permeate the truth and light fuses with twilight
    And we can’t ricochet from the cliffs we fall off

    By Saudade on 09.12.2013

  27. I was his rebound girl. It hurt to know this, but I finally realized the truth when I saw him stare at her in the mall. I got up, walked away. I would never get back together with him, he obviously had too much baggage.

    By naomi on 09.12.2013

  28. If you make a mistake during a performance, own it. Make it yours and make it good.

    By s on 09.12.2013

  29. the senoritas walk in file
    overseers of a loveless smile
    they watch as they walk past
    the wordless sighs everlasting
    they dated dreams in the fall
    a rebound reality for us all
    now that winter’s come and gone
    the fading light brings a healthy dawn.

    By Matty M. on 09.12.2013

  30. Don’t marry on the rebound. Wny not? Nothing wrong with a bounce. Rebound with a smile. Stockmarkets rebound. Shareholders hope for a rebound after a fall. Rebounds often follow falls. Not always.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.12.2013

  31. They keep saying that it takes half the time you were together to get over someone, and that anything before that is just a rebound. I was with him for five years. How can I be expected to wait three and a half years to date again? I want to be married in two!

    By Katie Wright on 09.12.2013

  32. the ball comes in play, all of a sudden i feel a sudden shock in my system. I need to get this ball show what i am made of, then right before my eyes he shoots and i reboud

    By bob. j on 09.12.2013

  33. She wishes she could rebound as quickly as a mis-thrown ball.It would make her life simpler. No, never having the gnome shove a red hot poker into her eyes and skull would be better. However, yes, she would like to rebound quicker from her daily migraines. It would give her something to look forward to.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.12.2013

  34. “I WAS JUST YOUR REBOUND!” Saetan yelled down the hall, hoping her head would pop. ”I LOVE YOU! I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU!” Saetan fell to his knees weeping. He cupped his head in his hands, sobbing, waiting for the door to slam shut. Instead of hearing the door he heard foot steps coming down the corridor. Lilli placed her hand on his back, whispering into his ear ” Saetan…you were never my rebound…you were my only…”

    By Rachel Harr on 09.12.2013

  35. The sound rebounded off of the dark stone walls, a wail of sorrow and rage. The heat of the fire rose and the sound was overridden by the sound of stones groaning and cracking from the blinding heat of the mage storm.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.12.2013

  36. I was making my rebound into this world, I was coming back. I caught it and went with it. I rolled and flew and stopped and waited. I took my time in some places and I barely looked up in others.

    By umbazachika on 09.12.2013

  37. Rebound.
    It was over for sure this time.
    I found my rebound; fun new exciting…
    yet, unknown boundaries. uncharted waters.
    fear arose.
    And once again i bounced back like a ball off the net,
    fell back into the arms of my former lover.
    re-bound to his love.
    for he forever bound in my heart.

    By Linny on 09.12.2013

  38. Rebound.
    It was over for sure this time.
    I found my rebound; fun new exciting…
    yet, unknown boundaries. uncharted waters.
    Fear arose.
    And once again,
    I bounced back like a ball off the net,
    fell back into the arms of my former lover.
    Re-bound to his love.
    For he forever bound in my heart.

    By Linny on 09.12.2013

  39. Put a ping-pong ball on a super ball, and release at the same time: on the rebound, the ping-pong ball will rocket off. That’s how I felt right now: like a ping pong ball, going for a ride, falling, no hands to grip.

    By Holden URL on 09.12.2013

  40. You never want to be the rebound date. That’s what worries me about our new rabbi. Is there such a thing as a rebound rabbi? Is this the one?

    By Chana on 09.12.2013