September 11th, 2013 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “reconstruction”

  1. Reconstruction always begins slowly. It’s like the seasons changing. The winter has to melt away, the sun has to start warming the Earth again. Hope has to grow and be new. Otherwise, nothing else can grow.

    By Samantha on 09.12.2013

  2. reconstruction is very in thing right now. whatever you don’t like you can reconstruct. we term this reconstruction as plastic surgery. of course you need lumpsum money to do this job.

    By Shraboni on 09.12.2013

  3. Bodies are up for sale if you could only reconstruct the world into your dream place. If body is not chiscled the way you wish you can always pay someone and perhaps the mind will follow after. Reforming the world to your wish and desire.

    By Sandie Lund on 09.12.2013

  4. It’s time to reconstruct my life,
    after all your final goodbyes,

    There are two sides of you that I now know,
    one is nice the other one cold,

    You chose the second side,
    after all of this time,

    I spent most my days,
    asking myself why,

    Now I understand,
    there was nothing I could do,

    because you were just an end,
    I had to go through.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 09.12.2013

  5. another sliver of you
    in me means
    another slot for a wound

    a few more liters of blood
    a few hours of healing skin

    but you have always been
    my armor
    bulletproof and heartsick too

    By h. b. on 09.12.2013

  6. The rebuilding of someone or something to make it better. Reconstruction can be done via counseling and therapy for people, or with bricks and mortar for buildings. God does some amazing reconstruction!

    By Kell on 09.12.2013

  7. The reconstruction surgery didn’t go quite as planned, and she was left with a hideous and unrelenting ‘thing’ on the side of her back. The doctor only apologized and siad

    By sara on 09.12.2013

  8. Sun shower.
    Cloud bursting.
    That’s how it felt…
    to me in that moment.

    By Intuition on 09.12.2013

  9. i just want to reconstruct my life. i wish i didn’t have all this baggage; i take it with me wherever i go. i want to rebuild the very foundations of my existence, but i am over-ambitious. i am a human after all

    By lottie fraser-high on 09.12.2013