September 13th, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “seldom”

  1. I wish I could say I seldom catch myself staring after him, hoping, wishing. But then again, I try my best to be honest.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.14.2013

  2. The wise monk on the mountain seldom came down to give advice, but when he did, the people listened. One day he came down and he said to me:

    “Listen, my son. Never eat dragon eggs on Sunday. The Green Gopher will scratch up your socks.”

    And that was the last day anyone called him wise.

    By diuumbra on 09.14.2013

  3. Seldom have I the opportunity to welcome such a distinguished guest, such as yourself. Please, step into my parlor and tell me the tales of your travels. I am sure they are the height of entertainment and class.

    Oh, where are my manners? Would you care for a class of cordial? I’ve only a humble berry cordial, hardly fitting for a Lord such as yourself, but it would honor me and my house if you were to accept.

    Yes, yes, right away. No, you shouldn’t worry about bandits in this area. No one would dare to come upon my land. Which is why I am surprised by your visit My Lord. It is a welcome surprise however, I am so very hungry and you are so very lean. I imagine an apple will fill your mouth nicely.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.14.2013

  4. I seldom say this out loud, but I really like marshmallows when they go all mushy on your face. The more, the better. Look, a pink cloud is floating by! Let’s jump on it, I think it’ll take us on a journey through soft pink dreams. Taste it, it must be so sweet that at the end you will throw up. But sink into it now, it’ll naturally melt down under your heat. Nothing to fear.

    By annamartta on 09.14.2013

  5. i seldom know what to write when the guys at oneword give random words like seldom. seriously………………………..

    By Leroy Ndlovu on 09.14.2013

  6. I seldom have a bad day when cricket and football are on all day, it’s the ultimate in relaxation and magically removes all your problems and negative feelings!

    By toquenbrew on 09.14.2013

  7. I seldom think about writing for one word until I get here and am presented with that one word. Today’s word – seldom – is one I seldom use. Why? Because it’s seldom needed. Today is one of those days that comes less than seldom. It’s one time per year. Yom Kippur is the day of atonement when we seldom think about food. Don’t eat for a whole day and atone.

    By michaelbuzz on 09.14.2013

  8. We seldom that into consideration the fact that our lives are in the master’s hand. Life is worth living, but we take for granted that all will be well, and tomorrow will come again as it did the day before.

    By victor URL on 09.14.2013

  9. I seldom feel happy after I lost my daughter !!!!!!

    By nada on 09.14.2013

  10. conflicts with desire, seldom is not happening, it’s ..or is it a place where we sel things? I know it’s spelled wrong..but wth. I mean really Okay, back on course now, And that’s how I wrap Seldom up becaues I’m

    By Tag Dawg on 09.14.2013

  11. Seldom did he enjoy himself at school; he was always bullied, so it wasn’t easy for him to have fun. However, after years of loneliness, he finally had a friend. He alone understood him and his complexities; it was just too that existed only in his notebook.

    By Nico S. on 09.14.2013

  12. Seldom did he enjoy himself at school; he was always bullied, so it wasn’t easy for him to have fun. However, after years of loneliness, he finally had a friend. He alone understood him and his complexities; it was just too sad that existed only in his notebook.

    By Nico S. on 09.14.2013

  13. seldom do I stick to a commitment. I truly wish I could commit to myself and my goals and stick, stick, stick, to it. I am a weak willed person who seems to succumb to my inner demons on a regular basis. Damn my weakness. Damn my faults. Dear God, please help me overcome.

    By tory sun on 09.14.2013

  14. I seldom seem to take the time to spend with my family and friends because I seem to think that making ends meet so they can have a better life is important to me

    By Gertie on 09.14.2013

  15. Barely ever, not any more.
    But even as I think of
    How I don’t think about you-
    I realize I do.
    But I don’t…
    Think about you I mean.
    Seldom. Barely ever.
    Almost tending to never.
    It will always tend to never.

    By Abhineeta on 09.14.2013

  16. She was very lonely. Looking after her mother in her latter years she seldom had time for herself and found it difficult to make friends.

    By Alexandra on 09.14.2013

  17. Seldom do I cease my thinking, my process of drinking, or lack of speaking- for fear I may never be able to do either three again. A seldom notion of beer spilt on the floor while I seldom ask for anyone, anymore.

    By Colton on 09.14.2013

  18. Seldom had he seen such a bright light, her smile radiated. He seldom did this. But he walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She was if made of electricity. He knew. It was love. He knew, because it happened seldom.

    By Edda on 09.14.2013

  19. She seldom finds the need to seek out others for her needs in company for she is quite content on her own, happy to be in her own world.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.14.2013

  20. Rain was a rare occurence in this part of the world. Hal decided to enjoy it as much as he could. He didn’t have an umbrella like most people in these arid parts, and that was fine by him since he would have left it behind anyway. He hurried outside and raised his arms under the dissembling silken sheet of rainwater, looking for that magic that he saw possess his desert-dried schoolmates who had never lived in pouring Seattle like him.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 09.14.2013

  21. She seldom thought of herself in terms of endearment, and yet as she stared at her reflection in the grand mirror in front of her, she found it difficult not to. Her face looked soft, and yet severe. A small smile played on her lips, contrasted by her high cheek bones and angry eyes. She looked powerful with her shoulders pushed back, and her hair tied away from her face. And instead of thinking of herself as an insignificant being, she saw herself as unstoppable.

    By Ender on 09.14.2013

  22. your smile is the thinning ozone
    but i can’t stop lighting fires

    my hair will smell like smoke in the end
    and so will yours

    your fingertips, charred
    my lips, blackened
    from trying to suck the ashes off them

    i will gladly line my insides with dust
    if it’s the dead skin you’ve shed

    this isn’t healthy
    this is a candle next to a curtain
    hung from an open window on a windy night

    this is you and me burnt
    beyond recognition
    if but for the arrangement of our teeth

    the papercut quality of your grin.

    By h. b. on 09.14.2013

  23. He would seldom look at other children, he never cared much about playing with others.

    By Alice on 09.14.2013

  24. He talked very seldom but when he did, it had been always a joy listening to him. Although none of his words made any sense at all.

    By Alice on 09.14.2013

  25. It doesn’t happen very often. But when it does it is tipping on the edge of divine. Ecstasy grips my body and shivers consume me. That cheese! It is just so good!

    By Kammy on 09.14.2013

  26. Seldom do I think about that day. I feel the heat on my
    skin. I taste the salt spray on my tongue. But do I actually THINK
    about that day, remember the memories on purpose? No. Why would I
    do that? Why would I go back to that moment when my world collapsed
    around me?

    By AndriaR on 09.14.2013

  27. I seldom had a chance to sit down and think anymore. Being a mom was busy work. But today, the kids were gone at school, and John was off at work. I sat down next to the window and exhaled a sigh of relief. It was calm outside, and there was work to be done, but that could wait. I just needed a moment of peace to myself.

    By Kristina on 09.14.2013

  28. Seldom do you see me not in deep thought. Im breaking bad
    behaviors today. No more hoot-n-nanny. Live in the moment. Be one
    with the one who makes it all real. The one nearest to you. The one
    you can hear above the rest.

    By ElPresident URL on 09.14.2013

  29. People are born destined for greatness. Seldom, however, do we actually achieve what we’ve come for.

    By Serafina URL on 09.14.2013

  30. I seldom imagine myself being below average. Whenever I dream, I dream of being higher. I dream of having some lofty purpose, being some role model to kids all over the country. I seldom dream of sitting alone, not relating to the people around me. I seldom dream of being wrong, of being broken, of being lost.

    By Archori on 09.14.2013

  31. seldom come the people we really choose to cherish
    seldom come the people who chose to cherish us back
    seldom come
    seldom come

    By Lauren S. Piazza URL on 09.14.2013

  32. its a unusual thing – a thing not pick up or put down – not felt on your tongue or kissed very often – it is more isn’t than is.

    By cez on 09.14.2013

  33. there was a girl who seldom went out of her apartment. every day, she had the same old routine: wake up, read, eat, sleep. every day. until she heard a knock at her door. a knock that changed everything.

    By Evelynn on 09.14.2013

  34. we seldom think
    we seldom stop
    we seldom we seldom look at the beauty around us –
    we always rush

    By Evelynn on 09.14.2013

  35. There are quite a few things that I don’t do as often as I’d like, I think.
    Like curling up on my bed and reading a book that I actually want to read.
    Eating out with my friends and making so much noise the staff glare at us.
    Talking to someone until the sun rises.
    Telling my parents I love them.
    Hugging my siblings.
    Convince myself I’m good enough.
    Small things like those, which I seldom ever do.

    By Rio on 09.14.2013